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  1. I agree so much. I work with alot of child actors and this casting was brilliant. She has such a strong expressive face and captivated me from the first moment we saw her.
  2. So much this. I appreciate people like Tiffany, Evvie & Bashir who are enjoying tribals and appreciating being on the jury even if they are personally disappointed. Shan's "I'm not happy face" and then the "Oh no not my bestie Liana's face" are not a good look for her. It's still somehow all about Shan even when she's on the jury. Also this new Do or Die twist is super stupid Jeff. Survivor has lasted as long as it has because of it's classic elements. The stupid things clutter up the game and make me happy I can Fast forward. I hope he read all the reviews last week that were
  3. That was awesome! Excellent game play. I enjoyed that immensely. Buh Bye Shan. I am happy to see you exit stage left. I think I need to rewatch this now that I can relax and not feel so tense. What a nice Thanksgiving surprise. And Xander still has his idol. Love that!
  4. I sooooooooo dislike Shan. I'm so tired of hearing her talk. I will miss Tiffany. I'm seeing alot of posts like this so I know I'm not alone. I didn't like her much in the beginning but she grew on me. I'm glad she made jury and hopefully had a good time on Survivor.
  5. I love your line - "the purpliest edit". She really does. If she and Erika would stop & think instead of just going with the flow, they would immediately form an alliance with Xander's group. I mean Erika surely knows she is on the bottom of that group. Since we have barely seen Heather it's hard to know what she is thinking. I am just so very tired of Shan so anything connected with her, I want to crash and burn.
  6. That was a terrific tribal council to watch even though there was so much whispering. Just an awesome play Xander. I love watching smart idol play and that was well done so bravo to all 3 of them - Xander, Evvie & Tiffany for playing well. And for Xander keeping his idol throughout it all also. Fun to watch after all this boring trek time & the avalanche of advantages.
  7. Add me to the people not enjoying this season of Survivor and it's silly advantages/changes much at all. I miss shelter building and idol hunting (which we saw a little of tonight) instead of getting advantages hand delivered to them. I miss reward challenges ahead of immunity challenges. I miss the things I fell in love with on Survivor and loved watching. Who okayed this confusing mess? I want to get to know the players but it's very clear at this point that we're going to get alot of Shan and alot of Tiffany (who I can barely watch as she annoys me so much) and alot more of confusing a
  8. I love this show. I really felt that the right person was chosen as the winner. Going into the finale I felt like it could be either of them but the final challenge for me clearly showed one stronger than the other. I really enjoy this series. Both seasons I've enjoyed immensely, I like the changes they instituted this season and felt it played out more fairly than season 1. And I really felt so, so happy for the winner.
  9. I clicked on this with no idea what to expect. The young actor playing Gus is doing a wonderful job, very charming. And kudos to the ear movement. I'm in the middle of the 3rd ep right now and I'm enjoying it all so far. Though I'd love to see more of Aimee (is that her name), the woman at the zoo. So far I'm intrigued and interested.
  10. I agree. I rewatched it and they were always so sweet & thankful to everyone in the various countries. They enjoyed themselves and were so thrilled to be there. I simply do not get the hate for them on this forum at all. And I watched numerous other teams ask for help along the way. And H&C & the Beard Bros were very vocal against the Football players so I simply do not get it. So yea for another team enjoying Will & James. Except for thinking the final leg was far too easy - I love the memory challenges - I was very happy!
  11. Oh I agree 100%. Make them drive more, make the challenges difficult. It's one reason I love Canada's TAR so much more. Their challenges are so difficult & exciting. And TAR used to be that way too but for awhile now it's been jump in a cab & do something easy. Which is boring to watch. I miss the airport drama too. It was always so exciting and could change things up so much.
  12. I'm very happy the Boyfriends won. I've seen every season and listening to Flo moan & whine and want to quit (during a season when there was a Get the Twins alliance), remembering the Mary & the Chos alliance, watching Eric & Danielle my least favorite team ever win the Allstar season, watching the horrible Big Brother teams on the race, remembering the nonstop shrieking of the Twinnies in their alliance - there have been alot of seasons worse than this. TBH the Beards were far too confident that they were going to win and while Hung & Chee were nice, they didn't really move
  13. I've been binge watching GBBO and enjoying it very much but this season was very difficult to watch. I intensely dislike the new cohost (Is his name Matt? And I'm curious, is he supposed to be funny? Seriously is he? Is it British humor and I'm just not getting it?) and miss Sandy alot. I mean the humor was still juvenile between her and Noel but at least they had decent chemistry. And just from binge watching the past seasons, the challenges seemed so easy this season and nothing like challenges in previous seasons. And Laura getting pass after pass for her flavors when her presentati
  14. I'm not really enjoying people's comments here so I think I'm going to exit stage left. Probably a mistake to have commented in the first place. I like the Boyfriends. People make comments about races all the time. I've seen every single episode and most of the international versions. Producers encourage this type of thing. They ask leading questions. So for me the Boyfriends are having fun & enjoying the race. And hey - just because people react differently than you do, it doesn't make them a bad person. Anyway, I'm just going to keep enjoying the race.
  15. So I like the Boyfriends. I know that's not a popular topic on this forum. But they're playing the game. And they love the game and love each other and for me? I love that. This episode was so beautiful. We've had alot of India eps and most of them paint India as a pretty terrible country. This felt more like a love letter to India to me and I was happy to see that. There's always so much good & so much bad everywhere so for me, it was nice to see the upside. I do think the Beards are probably going to win this but I'm going to enjoy the Boyfriends as long as they are there.
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