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  1. Viki's double-hands-to-the-face, horrified "Clint!" XD I was just a tad late to the show so JVD is the only Clint I knew, and he was one of my favorites. He + Natalie was always good stuff.
  2. Wasn't David vs. Goliath the last season Lynne did the casting for? That was fairly diverse, again relatively speaking, with Davie, Carl, Natalie, Natalia, Jeremy, Angelina, Lyrsa, Bi, Mike, and I think Gabby.
  3. Fair enough. You said it wasn't sensitive or appropriate, not that it was offensive. And I said I yielded, but here I am responding again. But it's only to say I give up. Maybe it's too hot and my brain isn't working, but speculating about whether or not the incidents were filmed doesn't really seem to relate to the specific conversation you and I were having (and obviously they don't air Ponderosa on the show; that was just another example of the kind of behavior under discussion).
  4. We are clearly working under different interpretations of "no problem". I've explained my interpretation but you're not seeing it. And I don't have an issue with you saying A and B are very different; I was just trying to understand why you are saying they are so different (and yet draw a parallel between them yourself) that it is offensive to compare them even a little bit. Whatever racism the show has aired is not the kind of direct, in-your-face usage of terms that people like Julia, Sabrina and Jolanda have mentioned. I was under the impression that that was what was under discussion here. I certainly am not pretending there hasn't been racism on 40 seasons, and nothing I've said has indicated that. But this discussion is going sour, so I yield.
  5. I don't think the phrase "had no problem" should be taken literally. The point is they did air it - with Zeke's permission, yes, but they were willing to air it rather than hide it. That's how I read "had no problem" in this case. I really don't think anyone is saying the two situations are equal, or "the same thing", other than that they are both examples of contestants' horrible behavior related to other contestants' identity. So I'm having trouble understanding why you object to the point. You yourself are drawing a comparison between the two situations: you're saying that airing Varner's outing of Zeke should only have been done with Zeke's permission, and airing racists' comments should only be done with the victims' permission. So maybe I'm being dim here, but I'm just not getting the problem. But it's not your job to make sure I get it, so ignore me if you like.
  6. I think Kelseynikki's parallel use of "outing" led you to misinterpret their point. If I'm reading their post correctly, their point was not to equate being racist with being trans, or outing a racist with outing a trans person. I believe they were equating being racist with being the kind of jackass who thinks it's cool to out a trans person. In other words, if they can show Varner being a POS, why not show Joe or Tarzan or whoever doing the same?
  7. Are there really "so many" people who say both? I haven't seen that particular argument, but I tend to zone out when it comes to hardcore game-play talk. I think, if anything, the main difference between the two situations has less to do with Natalie and Laurel, and more to do with Russell and Wendell/Dom. A big argument against Russell isn't just that he wasn't nice, but that he was also a terrible player who didn't understand or acknowledge the basic concept of the endgame, whereas Wendell and Dom were generally seen as good players (Dom just perhaps got a little too "dom"inating, har har, at the end). Both Russell and Wendell/Dom ate the edits of their seasons, but perhaps people feel that was more justified in the latter case and are therefore less compelled to defend Laurel, whereas they feel that Natalie's game was shafted, edit-wise. Despite my use of "whereas" and "therefore", I am not a lawyer. Just pretentious, apparently.
  8. I didn't think she looked that different but she must have just had her lips done or something because she had them pursed/in a pout the entire time and it was so distracting lol. I would just chalk this up to the difference between "at home, made-up for the public" and "on an island for weeks without worrying about it". I checked out Lauren's Instagram back when her season was on, and she looked very different in many of the pre-Survivor photos, too. So I think it's just her trying hard vs. not trying hard...and go figure, not trying hard looks way better!
  9. Also a little tone-deaf to share a photo of yourself on the ground while an armed person in uniform kneels on you.
  10. I have no principles in terms of my views on repeat players. It's all about whether or not I like them. Rob/Sandra/Andrea back for the 10th time? Awesome! Russell/James/Ozzy? Go away! With that said: Yes please!
  11. Poor Sophie 😞 It warms my heart that Amber was on to Tony from the get go. Too bad no one listened to her XD All these tidbits kind of make me sad though, because it puts in my head that there could have been an alliance of Rob, Amber, Sophie and Parvati. That Final 4 with Sophie winning would have been amazing. Oh well!
  12. One of the great editing mysteries of all time, that scene was. I don't think Tyson specifically mentioned Adam, did he? Just made some vague comments about how EoE might be too tough for some people, over footage of Adam wandering around the white flag at some indeterminate time. And yet Natalie seems to have missed that memo. Thanks for posting these tidbits. Sounds like Tony really thought things through. Props to him.
  13. Miss Alli said this in her recap at Television Without Pity back in the day. Not sure how she knew, but she was personally acquainted with several racers of that era, so probably got it from them. http://www.brilliantbutcancelled.com/show/the-amazing-race-1/five-continents-25-cities-and/21/ From that link (emphasis mine): 'Uchenna, incidentally, makes a comment about "we can't just run in; we have to make sure this man is covered," and what they don't tell you is that this is not altruism -- they were apparently told that they couldn't check in at the finish line when they hadn't paid their driver, which makes perfect sense, because you have to finish the race, and that means having money for your cab, unless you can get your cab to accept less, which, really, why should he?'
  14. Oof, I don't remember hearing about that part. It did show them scraping together money from bystanders and ultimately paying the guy before running in.
  15. I also liked Ross surveying Rachel's purchases: "You got the ornamental birdcage: large!"
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