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  1. Tiffany did say the joking bit about carrying the team, but that was in a confessional. I think Jobiska is referring to something she said with the tribe during their faux recap, which was something like “and since Tiffany’s main motivator is food…”, i.e. that’s why she did so well in the reward challenge.
  2. I wonder if they've clarified the rules on that and spelled them out to contestants after the incident during Game Changers, where Sarah gave Cirie her advantage to hold, and Cirie tried to use it and was denied. Ricard very specifically asked Shan if JD gave the advantage to her (as opposed to her stealing it), but there didn't seem to be any question that him giving it to her meant it was hers to use.
  3. Food Network is currently airing a marathon of Season 4, which was the season Lyndsy won. It's one of my favorites, because of how scared John seemed to be of her, even though (or because) she was so calm and quiet XD
  4. I mean, I don't think Sydney is actually a sweetheart, and I have no doubt that she has a very favorable opinion of herself, but from the way she delivers lines like "I'm super savvy, good-looking, they hate me cuz they ain't me" and so on, I just don't think those are literal expressions of how she feels. I think it's an attempt at Tyson-like humor: big statements delivered in a lowkey way (e.g. "I'm still awesome"). I totally get that it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea (I didn't care for Tyson's humor, after all) and she could easily tip the scales into inexcusable hatefulness and I'l
  5. Well in fairness, their options were limited. Erika couldn't sit out because she sat out the reward challenge, Deshawn and Danny wouldn't have wanted to sit out because they were trying to throw it, and Naseer was apparently super psyched for this one XD
  6. "Hello! My name is Genie Chen. You voted out my ally. Prepare to die [because I'm not keeping the cooking fire going anymore]." "Stop saying that!"
  7. There are fewer things less entertaining on Survivor than watching people throw a challenge, but it's at least somewhat amusing when they fail. Deshawn was losing me when he wanted to throw it, but he got me back a little with his good-natured reaction to Naseer powering through. The more Sydney talked, the more I could imagine people hating her XD. I'm guessing most of her spiel is tongue-in-cheek, but we'll see. I have no issue with what Shan and Ricard are doing, but their smugness is not a good look. The villain theme isn't that cute, Shan.
  8. I was kind of worried about her too, not because I'm especially rooting for her (though I'm also not rooting against her!), but because when they showed her realizing her mistakes, she just seemed kind of wobbly and out of it and I thought she was going to say she was ill.
  9. For sure, and Carla mentioned food coloring with someone else. But if that's what Stephanie meant in this specific instance, it was lost in the editing (at least to my ears). She just seemed to be talking about the look of it, which...red colored goop coming out of a donut is not exactly a new, mind-blowing thing. That's where I'm scratching my head.
  10. Now I'm imagining the crew going "Nooooooooo" and reaching out in slow motion as he throws it away.
  11. I can only imagine the judges watching the show last night and reacting in horror as their detailed, informed, insightful critiques were edited down to "ew color gross" XD
  12. I think in this case it seemed that the issue was visual. Carla did say something about food coloring affecting taste in someone else's product, but Stephanie seemed to be talking about the look of it in Megan's donut filling. I'm going to also assume it made more sense in real time and the editors butchered the comment for time. I think Zac also took issue with the orange color in someone's cake going all the way to the center??? The judges were in a color snit this week.
  13. Trying to figure out what Stephanie meant when she said Megan's red coloring in her donut filling was "distracting". That was a head-scratcher. Still rooting for Adina. I suppose some might find her attitude bitchy, but I think she's funny XD. If I had to use black garlic and candy corns in past challenges, I might be expressing relief at being able to do my own thing, too. Plus, she's really talented and would be a good winner (though this is a pretty good top 5 overall).
  14. It's not obvious to me. I think she looks perfectly fine, weight-wise. I wasn't wild about what she was wearing, especially the color, but I'm not seeing the disaster that others are. At least she and Shinmin are trying, as opposed to Eddie, who gets to just show up in whatever basic shirt and pants he has lying around and escape unscathed.
  15. Thanks for adding the spoiler tag! With all the viewing options out there anymore, it's hard to keep track of when it's "safe" to either comment or read comments.
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