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  1. Apparently it's ladies' night and I am here for it XD
  2. Ok, there's a hill in the middle of the skateboarding park that looks like a giant butt. Was that intentional?
  3. Yes, they finished in 6th (Jessica) and 7th (Jennifer).
  4. I've been enjoying OBS' "integrated" track and field feed, where they show you a little bit of everything happening in a given session. It's a team of one American (John Anderson) and several Australians/New Zealanders (sorry, I don't know which they are because I don't know their names - except I know the woman's first name is Jane). They have an easy banter among them, with a lot of wry humor and genuine enthusiasm when something exciting happens, and they cut back and forth between the simultaneous track and field events without leaving you feeling like you're missing anything.
  5. Javelin thrower Maria Andrejczyk of Poland. I like her hair 😊
  6. True! A nice change from the ubiquitous pulled back bun/high ponytail.
  7. I just watched the replay of women's floor/medal ceremony, and I would recommend focusing attention on Mai Murakami during the ceremony. She's a giddy delight and there are a lot of cute moments, including: Not being sure of when exactly to get up onto the podium as they were announcing her name Giving Angelina her bouquet (with Angelina of course returning the favor) Almost falling off the top of the podium as they crowd onto it for photos Waving and acknowledging pretty much everyone in the arena as they walk around the edge, while the rest are mostly just walking str
  8. My cable guide shows a 2 hour rerun of the hats episode and the floating brick episode.
  9. Let's talk table tennis. Specifically, let's talk Brazil's Bruna Takahashi.
  10. In the 1956 Melbourne games, the Equestrian events were held in Stockholm because of Australia's quarantine requirements, so it's not like they haven't done this sort of thing before.
  11. Some of the profile pics of the athletes on NBC's site look like mug shots or factory ID badges. But not Greek shooter Anna Korakaki! Also her:
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