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  1. ranchgirl

    S08.E05: 'Til Mud Do Us Part

    I wish Kate would have put on one of her "not ready for beach waves" bathing suits and left the room, went out to the beach/pool/bar, flirted with guys and enjoyed a cigarette. That guy she is married to is abusive and a loser. Poor, poor baby, didn't get his way on "Married at First Sight". I was glad she put on her sunglasses and didn't have much to say to him as they were packing up to leave.
  2. ranchgirl

    S09.E10: Confronting Meri

    This makes the most sense after watching the birth show and then this one and listening to all the comments. Mary keeps asking her sister-wives, "Why should I be guarded?" She wants them to admit that they talk bad about her to Kody and want her relationship with Kody to not be healthy.
  3. ranchgirl

    S22.E11: Week 10

    Why would Becca even show up tonight or tomorrow night? I'm losing respect for them all.
  4. ranchgirl

    S22.E11: Week 10

    I guess that will be tomorrow night. Two more hours.
  5. ranchgirl

    S22.E11: Week 10

    Does he not want to leave until she gives him her blessing? Asshole.
  6. ranchgirl

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Derick's use of "wifey" in the "omelet to go" post felt like he was making fun of Jill. It read like he was mad at her and was taunting her. Just seemed disrespectful to me. #weird
  7. ranchgirl

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    University of Arkansas. The Razorbacks.
  8. ranchgirl

    Joe & Kendra: Looking Forward To Side Hugs

    Didn't Joe say in that Newlywed game they played on the last episode of this season that he was afraid of the water? And then he and his bride chooses to have their Bachelor/Bachelorette party at the lake? Interesting. It also appeared to me like they almost spilled the beans regarding when the wedding was, but then remembered they were being filmed for the show and change up what they were saying.
  9. ranchgirl

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I agree. I don't even care now. The only good news about them finally getting food from friends is that maybe Jana can have a night or two off. Cause don't even try to sell it to me that she hasn't been over there helping this whole time.
  10. ranchgirl

    All Episodes Talk: Small World, Big Lives

    I didn't really understand Matt's reasoning that Amy had to help pay for the cabin he wanted to build for himself. She shouldn't have to pay one dime for the structure or the things inside the structure, but she would have to agree that the land it sits on would not be farm land anymore but a residence. If Jer and Aud want to move back to the farm, then build a house. The main house is taken. Why don't they just move back to the town closest to the farm and live in town. They don't need to be "on the farm" to help work the farm. Amy should not have to give up her home to go live in a double wide so that everyone else can be accommodated. Jer was so jealous of Zach having the first grandchild. Haha. Go Zach! Matt giving "advice" to Zach about becoming a dad made me so mad. I hate it when someone tried to overwhelm someone else. Matt has 4 kids and has had years to gain all his "wisdom" on parenting. Seemed like to me he was trying to scare him. Zach is about to become a parent to one baby. Let him learn how to be a dad/parent as the baby grows and if/when their family expands. I do hope we get to see Molly's wedding. She's my favorite.
  11. ranchgirl

    Season 5 Discussion

    I remember watching a BUB episode awhile back where Nathan was messing around with wrestling and wanted to beat his father on the mat. I think it was mentioned that Gil won state in wrestling when he was in high school. (Or went to state.) I can tell Nathan is an natural athlete, as is Trace and Zach probably was too. (Lawson is too, but he also has that creative side so he has his guitar and singing as a hobby.) After I watched that episode, I wished that Nathan had had the experience to play organized sports, even if with a homeschooling group. He would have really excelled at that. The younger boys (Jackson, Isiah and Warden) got to go to a basketball camp this past summer, only because Bobby was a counselor, but still. I bet Nathan wished he had been able to do something like that.
  12. ranchgirl

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Obviously, I don't know what goes on behind closed doors but during 19 Kids & Counting, the show usually showed Jill leading and being in charge of the younger siblings and the household. I remember an episode where the kids made snacks to deliver to local fire stations and Jill headed that up. She oversaw the baking and packaging and then she was the spokesperson when they arrived at the station etc. I remember when the rumors of Jessa courting first surfaced and the Duggars did an interview with some TV show and they elected Jill to be the spokesperson about courtships. I remember how I thought Jessa was so shy and would never be able to really speak about a courtship, much less, be in one. And look at Jessa now! (This was the interview where one of the littles exposed that Jill was in a courtship too.) The Jill that is shown now is meek, timid, unsure of herself, and doesn't want to be left alone. I remember an episode not long after she was married and she was saying how she wanted Derick to quit his job and stay home with her. Derick reminded her that he had to make money and then she said something like, "Well, we will talk about it more." Here is what Jill said when asked what she thought the gender of Jessa and Ben's baby was in last weeks episode: While looking up to the left with her eyes as if trying to recall a conversation a long time ago .... "I think Derick said he thought maybe they were having a girl or somethin, so, I said 'well, I'm gonna pick what you pick cause your always right and I'm always wrong'." (The baby is either a girl or a boy, so the bolded words above really threw me off.) The way she phrased this answer to such a simple question made me sad. Its like she isn't allowed a thought or she doesn't want a thought. Maybe since Derick was wrong on this baby, she will feel she could make a guess on her own next time. I had such high hopes for Derick and Jill. By the way she was portrayed in the series and how she ran that household, I really thought she was strong and would be independent after marriage. It seemed like she made decisions for the household all the time. I thought she would be an excellent house cleaner, cook, and baby mamma. But once married and into her own household, its like she reverted into a little girl.
  13. ranchgirl

    Alyssa and John: Lunch with Lurch

    Alyssa had her second baby girl: Lexi Mae Webster, 6lbs 2oz, 20inches, 01.26.2017, 7:20pm
  14. ranchgirl

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    What I found interesting is that Jechelle said in 2010 that Jill was studying Spanish. Yet, when she went to the "mission field" in '15-'16, she was taking in house Spanish lessons and still didn't seem to know many words.
  15. ranchgirl

    S03.E02: It's Official!

    Poor Jordan ... does she even have a chair? Not to take away from Boob holding Josie, but I thought maybe he was holding her so she could see Izzy, Jill and Derick on that small computer screen. (But no idea why Jeremy had to hold her.) Interesting that Jessa and Ben had enough ice cream sitting around for the "courting celebration news" that they knew nothing about. Hmmmm. It is interesting that Anna and her kids have just disappeared from the house. We know from the "babyproofing" episode that "Joshua" is back, but no update on where the family is living etc. The Duggars love to pick and choose what they want us to know and see. I also want to thank everyone for posting thoughts on these forums. I love reading what everyone has to say about what they saw. I love reading other viewpoints and what others think.