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  1. You know somewhere in the hoarde, Trish has a set of pigs dressed as Pilgrims. She just didn't break them out for the Thanksgiving feast. The Pyrex may be her Sunday best, since her cooking cup was from Domino's. No cranberry sauce. No pies. How can that be Thanksgiving? I rewatched on Sunday. I couldn't stop staring at it. I hadn't noticed it before your post!
  2. 90daythemelanatedway reports that the cast is in NYC now, filming the tell-all.
  3. Next week, Yara cries, Kalani gripes, and Angela throws a violent tantrum. Only the Family Libby Highway to Hell is new. Thank you all for making this show enjoyable each week! I can't watch it without you. See you in the threads until next week.
  4. Here is where I would kick Mike in the balls - for singing One Kitty, Soft Kitty. I fear an Etsy shop.
  5. I still think that Mike & Natalie had already broken up before this trip, and Trish is lashing out for what Natalie did to her baby boy.
  6. Did they drive to Starbucks with Natalie pouting in the backseat, giving them the silent treatment? Trish washes down the Venti Frappucino with a nuclear-green soft drink.
  7. You know he is in the "playroom" or whatever she called it.
  8. Asuelo gets more repulsive every scene, especially when he flips back and forth between idiot and stud.
  9. If he stays in VA, Asuelo won't eat him. And Mike won't grab him.
  10. They didn't even get gifts at that party, it looks like.
  11. The intro showed Petersburg on the town clock. I thought Julia would announce, "I go Russia."
  12. Hypnosis isn't a one-&-done thing. And, you're relaxed after. You're not cackling and hee-hawing. I hate Angela.
  13. She could be renting the RV for the roadtrip to SnarkCon.
  14. Becky was just about to sell the property that DoubleChuck were seeing for the first time.
  15. So, Asuelo afforded all this on his yogurt salary, of course.
  16. Is her father Cuban and her mother Columbian? Or, is it the other way around?
  17. Tiffany argues with every dumb reason for why she's making her bad decision. (All her decisions are bad.) Then, she does her talking-head to cry that she's the victim and martyr. It's so repetitive that it's boring.
  18. Where's the abuelita, creating the traditional Christmas? This looks and sound like every other visit to Tiffany's mother's house. Also, Daniel looks even more unfortunate this week.
  19. So, Cold-Shoulders cashed in her plane tickets for the down payment, told Ronald to buy the tickets, needs a co-sponsor for his visa, but can fly the family to South Africa in peak times.
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