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  1. I heard someone say "I don't think it was worth it" in response to "it better be worth it" (referring to the reveal of Dorit's dinner outfit after the long wait) and that laid me out laughing. I am pretty sure that came from Garcelle.
  2. Invasion of the Champions is on Pluto TV right now (July 8th at 9:00 PM PDT).
  3. "I'm not going to throw Nelson's name under the bus." Oh, Cory. Can the phrase "under the bus" be retired now, please and thank you? This show ran it into the ground a long time ago but that pretty much sealed it as deader than dead. (It did make me cackle, tho.)
  4. The Wicks got on my absolute last nerve so Belou going in and letting have on them was everything. One of my favorite scenes from all of the Challenges.
  5. Someone posted that Pauly D and Vinny got more airtime than Dee during this episode and I legit cackled.
  6. If you ever told me before tonight that I would actually think kindly of Johnny in all the years I have been watching the Challenge, I would have died laughing. He still works my absolute last nerve but I did appreciate how he spoke to a clearly devastated Wes at the end. (Not going to lie, though, my first thought when he won was the words of John Lydon: "Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?")
  7. Yes, it was Jenna's father who was in prison.
  8. That is Sam Bird, Kailah's new boyfriend. He was on Love Island in the UK and most recently on Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love here in the US (Georgia's ex, they met while competing on Love Island).
  9. Looks like Callum and Georgia may have called off their engagement.
  10. Issa's costume was from the Spike Lee movie School Daze.
  11. The names of the episodes are the person being catfished and the online name of the person doing the catfishing -- that would be why you didn't see Ashley's name for that season.
  12. The scenes in Shane's bar were filmed at The Semi-Tropic.
  13. That Laurel GIF goes right up there with the Johnny Bananas backpack clip of things that give me great joy every time I see them,
  14. Not much of a Zach fan but he does seem to have become a more devoted partner to Jenna since they reunited (from what we can see of them through the show, anyway). Good for them.
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