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  1. That Laurel GIF goes right up there with the Johnny Bananas backpack clip of things that give me great joy every time I see them,
  2. Not much of a Zach fan but he does seem to have become a more devoted partner to Jenna since they reunited (from what we can see of them through the show, anyway). Good for them.
  3. This is an interview from 2017: https://medium.com/@lexieduranyoung/q-a-with-katie-doyle-cooley-d63bb36e7f97
  4. Paulie and Cara Maria are taking a break from Challenges. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/cara-maria-paulie-calafiore-are-taking-a-break-from-challenges/
  5. I saw the proposal coming from a mile away with all of the schmoopy interviews with Tori and Jordan throughout the episode. I got absolutely nothing against schmoopy but I cosign on 1) giving a side eye to public proposals and 2) not really caring about Jordan and Tori all that much. Nice to see that they are happy and I don't wish them ill but great, thank you, bye on them getting married.
  6. I LIVE for that scene in BotS when Belou was reading the Wicks to filth. Thank you SO MUCH for reviving that memory.
  7. I would be happy to never, ever hear Tamra say anything about a train ever again. Pulling one, running one, catching one -- it has been run under the ground at this point, much less into the ground. I also want to slap the taste out of the mouth of the editor at Bravo who felt the need to show the flashback of Vicki with the penis lollipop. I an not even remotely close to a prude but there is not enough holy water to cleanse my eyes from having to see that moment again.
  8. To paraphrase Arsenio Hall in Coming to America: his mama named him Stephen. His last name is Bear.
  9. Yep, if I recall correctly (without going back to watch), Teege never said explicitly that the pegs had to go in the brackets, only that they had to use all of the pegs. Laurel even started climbing again at one point after Natalie pointed out the empty bracket so Laurel knew something was up. I think the botch was blowing the horn and telling Laurel she had won without confirmation that all of the pegs were properly placed, especially since the check that apparently happened by production was edited out.
  10. I nearly laughed myself into a hernia at Laurel's celebration thinking that she won. I knew the minute she stuck the bar into the truss around the top of the tree that she was doomed. All that whooping and hollering and carrying on for nothing. Production doesn't get a pass, though -- I think there should have been a do-over given that both Laurel and Natalie missed the hole at the bottom but I am wondering if that wasn't somehow deliberate given where it was placed.
  11. Ninja can have a stadium full of seats. I get being heated in a moment of frustration and lashing out but Turbo was not obligated to accept her apology.
  12. Cara Maria can go sit her entire ass down somewhere. I could even understand her being salty with Zach because of what she overheard, but that display was entirely too much.
  13. That was his father, Joe Jackson, who said that.
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