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  1. The outfits this episode were OUTSTANDING! First, there's Tiff, sporting a cold shoulder lacey smock over camo pants, Charlie attempting to hobknob with the socialite yacht crowd by tying a jaunty cardigan over his shoulders, and poor old Andrrrrrei with what appeared to be his wife's flowery pullover. Did I miss anyone?
  2. Now THAT is what I would call entertainment. I'd pay to watch that action!
  3. Ok, in what universe is a Ukrainian Translator a high demand job, enough to warrant pushing someone into? That was one of THE most ridiculous expectations that I've ever seen on this show and we all know ridiculous runs rampant. There's probably one or two needed in various areas; no doubt some kind of contractor deal. Again, not much of a market. Does Oklahoma have all these want ads for Ukrainians or something? Where the hell did Momma Mullet come up with this shit? Bizarre.
  4. Yeah, didn't they show Darcey without her hair extensions and short bristly hair?
  5. Damn it, now I want a McD's chocolate shake.
  6. Kalani's dress looks like an old nightie I have.
  7. Wow, what great advice. Lie to your husband about child care, yikes!
  8. These idiots and their conspiracy theories!
  9. I can relate to Angela - I had a boob job and couldn't pull my pants down to pee lol
  10. Yeah, Trish, it's 2021. Girls have career aspirations. She can fuck off.
  11. Julia needs to take some lessons from Yara. Yara knows her worth and owns whatever room she enters. She's outright savage if something pisses her off, but seems to be polite in public. Claim a headache or something, anything to get out of a bad situation graciously. Julia just keeps knocking herself down when she acts like a jealous teenager. Brandon and his friend were beyond rude as well. You don't sit there and have a conversation that no one else has a chance of participating in. I don't blame Julia for getting gas lit, she just needs some maturity in how to handle it. Howdie Doodi
  12. OMG I shudder as I picture that! LOL There was something like that on Big Bang one episode; this lady physicist trying to role play with Raj and Howard, she playing the customer with no money to pay the delivery boy...
  13. I couldn't imagine a worse job than working for that family. Yikes.
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