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  1. hnygrl

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    Count me into the 'quit the show' group. She's a 24-year-old hot mess of a female who wants what she knows is bad for her (Luke) and only ends up with the (glaringly obvious, hell he TOLD HER SO) player by default. I may be in the minority but I HATE this season. SO much. I can't stomach watching it. AND AGAIN, the minority but BIG MIKE FOR BACHELOR!!!
  2. hnygrl


    Really not a Jonas Bro. Fan. At all. I do not like either them, their music, or their musicality. But the song they chose is really really good, and what they did with it? Really good. The other song, Crowded Places? I really hope it gets produced. It's really good. This is a really good show.
  3. hnygrl

     S14.E04: Auditions 4 - June 18, 2019

    Overall? Pretty meh. Voices of service? I work with the Army so that hit me where I live. I see firsthand what they’re talking/singing about. That golden buzzer act made me ugly cry.
  4. hnygrl

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    I think the whole problem with this clusterf**k of a season is that the lead is just too damn young. She's 20-freaking-FOUR. At that age, a lot of us old-heads were hip deep in our ho-phase. And today, we thank God and sweet baby JESUS that there was no internet or social media when we were out there doing the things we did. No evidence. Today, your every move is recorded for all eternity, never to be forgotten. It's annoying and a bit sad to hear a 24 year old all excited about having recreational sex with FOUR MEN, back to back, one after the other. All I could do was cringe and PRAY HER DADDY wasn't watching this. She's just too young. The lead, in my opinion, should be older than her. She's just too young. And I still think there is no way they are still together after the way the powers that be showed her this season. If she's not engaged to the douche canoe? Whomever she picked has already pretty much dumped her by now. NO MAN wants to see the woman he's marrying be this into another dude. Call me old, call me a prude, etc. but if I were on this show? I and whomever I chose would have to make a pact to NOT WATCH THE SEASON AT ALL. EVER.
  5. hnygrl

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    I think they were keeping the Lukes for the dreaded 2-on-1 date where she leaves S on a frozen tundra somewhere. I'm 100% positive she was told to keep both, and with him slipping out last minute like that? They had to take a rose away since the "battle of the Lukes" was over. Personally? I want BIG MIKE for Bachelor. Tall, dark, handsome with a smile that lights up a room. When he smiles? I smile. PERFECT for a first black bachelor.
  6. hnygrl

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    Here's the thing: She is so not picking Luke. He's not the endgame. So whoever is? He's gonna have to sit down and watch the woman he's in love with (heh) and took a knee for, get all horny and twitterpated for that asshat. Wanting him, lusting after him, keeping him around when it's plain as a white piece of paper that he's not only not there for her, but he's bat-crap-cray-cray and should've been eliminated long ago but her...ladyparts want him soooooo badly. Do you really think this 'relationship' is gonna last past the 'final rose' episode? Think they're still together even now? I don't. She's invested so much into Luke that by the time the real guy proposes, and watches the season back, and his family, friends, and total strangers keep hitting him up on social media, he's not gonna want her anymore. It's humiliating the watch the woman you love drool all over an asshat. And damn if JPJ didn't grow on me...I'd watch a season of that goofball.
  7. hnygrl

    S16.E02: Auditions 2

    I just can’t get past that set so closely mirroring World of Dance’s set! It’s got to be the same building! It’s really distracting. And no, the new show doesn’t work. I suppose either the judges are getting too old to traipse from town to town or Kat is sick of it and wants to stay with her new family. Either way, with it being only one hour a week and this dry? Last season. Shark jumped. Nowadays I just record it and watch bits and pieces when I’m bored during the week. Seriously, it’s bad.
  8. hnygrl

    S14.E02: Auditions 2 - June 4, 2019

    🤭 Oops! Y'all know what/who I mean! See where my brain kicked in? I totally forgot about the other acts before that one. Too funny!😁😁😁
  9. hnygrl


    Like others have said, after the first episode I was so not impressed. At all. But I gave it another shot. And I'm glad I did. LOVED IT. And yeah, Be Nice was always going to be picked, especially after he cleaned it up so nicely. LOVE that song now. It was so neat of him to choose to buy all three. Good on ya Will.I.am. Good on ya. I like it. Legit songwriters. Legit producers. Legit stars looking for legit songs to perform/buy. It's really fascinating to watch them work.
  10. hnygrl

    S14.E02: Auditions 2 - June 4, 2019

    First act only got through because they're all so freaking HOT. The act itself has been done and done well, season after season, again and again, but they're great to look upon with no clothes on so...yes... Last act? In my never-to-be-humble opinion, he EARNED that G.B. Seriously. He's that good. I pray this show opens doors for him. The boy is GOOD at what he does. The middle? Eh. But that weirdo doll/chair/ghostie thingie was interesting. Would love to know how they did that.
  11. hnygrl

    S15.E04: Week 4: Boston, Massachusetts

    I finally figured out what it is I dislike so heartily about HannaB. Her lady stiffie for Luke (Soon to be the only one so why bother with the) P. Come on, y'all know she's sending the other one home next week. COME ON, he came against her sweetie! He must go! I predict this asshat will make it allll the way to overnights before she finally wakes up and sends him packing ("I've had sex and Jesus still loves me" HAS TO BE about LUKE!!! HAS to be!!!) He's a (supposedly) devout Christian and is against sex before marriage. What do you think is going to happen when he finds out he's probably the ONLY GUY she's not screwing during the overnights? He's gonna judge the hell (heh) out of her and she's gonna finally see that lady stiffie deflate and send him home. Sorry but I have zero respect for a little girl who thinks with her genitals. The same way I have no respect for a little BOY who thinks with HIS. She's only keeping him through all this drama and red flags because she's hot for him and at 24? That's right up there with soul mate status. (Apologies to the more mature, rational 24-year-olds on the board...)
  12. hnygrl

    S15.E04: Week 4: Boston, Massachusetts

    Unpopular opinion (I think). I cannot STAND her VOICE!!!! UGH. Smile smile giggle giggle dumb as a stump. GOOD LORD I can't STAND HER when she opens her MOUTH. She's pretty, but when she speaks? God Help me. I watch her mostly on mute. With subtitles. It's tolerable then.
  13. hnygrl

    S16.E01: Auditions 1

    Good. I'm not the only one who saw World of Dance. All they needed was the scoring system and the transformation would be complete. Not impressed.
  14. hnygrl

    S14.E01: Auditions 1

    I only watched the first hour or so. Not at all impressed. Gabrielle changed outfits (and hairstyles) waaaaay too often. And too drastically. Sister girl ain't never done this before and it shows. The Mumbai troop reminded me of The Kings who won World of Dance recently. Same thing, EXACT same thing. Seriously. it was like watching the Kings perform again. Either they win or place very highly. Best act of the night. Overall, same old same old. Pity votes for folks who are not that good and should've been sent home; now all psyched they made it through, little knowing they all (and I do mean ALL) will be cruelly cut the next round without even performing. Changing the girls around didn't do anything for the show (Although I still love me some Terry Crews. He's awesome squared). Still sucks. Still boring. Still couldn't make it through the second hour. Dang it. Oh yeah, Asian card trick guy. Yawn. After Champion's Asian card trick guy? Y'all need to let that go. I knew his vest was gonna change. I called it. Why else would it be so colorful and sure enough "it's all black now....wonder how long before anyone notices?" So...do we really need a whole season of this? I'd be okay with AGT skipping a year or two.
  15. hnygrl

    The Bachelor in the Media

    I only ever watched it for the snark, to be honest. I am 100% positive that there is not one human on the planet that takes this tripe seriously. How can you? It's ridiculous, and interesting to see what lengths these guys and gals will go to for 5 more minutes of "fame" When in reality, we (well I) totally forget all about them 2 seconds after the show is over.