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  1. hnygrl

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    I didn’t think I would be. But I’m quite satisfied with that ending. All of it. Well done show. Nice save. I’m probably in the minority, but I didn’t have a horse In this race so I’m satisfied with the way they chose to end things. I can live with it withou being disappointed or angry about it.
  2. I’m of two minds. On the one hand, are you kidding me??? Twelve damn years and it’s STILL THE SHELDON SHOW???? That’s all we get. Really. Talk about anti-climatic. I’m so disappointed. Screw you show. However... On the other hand? Sheldon’s speech made me cry. Ugh. What’s one more disappointing series ending among the peat bog that is the disappointing endings we’ve gotten thus far? Why be surprised at this one?
  3. hnygrl

    S08.E05: The Bells

    What. the HELL. Did I. Just. Watch? I think the word I'm looking for here is "numb." I'm numb. One thing's for sure (I think): This totally changed Jon's mind about Danys' ruling the 7 kingdoms. He may not have 'wanted' the throne, but after watching her burn not only the enemy, the innocent but HER OWN SOLDIERS? I think he's gonna take it. And although Sansa came up under Littlefinger? She is so not the one. Sorry sweetie, but stay your cute self in the North where you belong. I don't know if I'm angry, disgusted, sad, confused... Do you think maybe that was BRAN wered into the horse for his big sis?
  4. hnygrl

    Season 16 Discussion

    Want to hear something sad? I honestly, with a clear conscience, thought The Voice had ENDED last week. Seriously! Says a lot about this season when I can't be bothered to remember when it begins and ends doesn't it? I'm so over this season I don't even care who (on team Blake) wins... This show needs a complete refurbishment, from top to bottom. It's halfway over that shark.
  5. hnygrl

    Season 16 Discussion

    To be fair, Adam's team members were AWFUL. Just...AWFUL. They lost 'on their own merit' as it were, and not simply because they chose Team Adam. Man, they looked so DEFEATED last night, didn't they? Kinda felt sorry for them. Then they sang for their lives. And stunk up the place. Again. The girl is beautiful though...
  6. hnygrl

    Season 16 Discussion

    Shawn and Jej. Not necessarily in that order. Which means, one of the Country singers will win. Again. As usual. Dang it. Didn't really take a shine to any of them, they all could've done better. But Jej... Jej is an anomaly. You hear that Motown sound coming out of that cute Asian face and go "What's happening here???" The man has a voice! As does Shawn. That man can SANG. I hope he gets to stick around long enough to pick his own song...but... Probably won't make it past last night. The country singers seem to have the votes on lock this year. Seriously. My last season. I'm not even sure I'm watching AGT at this point.
  7. hnygrl

    S08.E04: The Last of the Starks

    I JUST realized something important. If it's been stated already, I'm sorry (gotta get outta here). Euron JUST FOUND OUT Cersi was preggers. JUST. Found out. HOW THE HELL DID TYRION KNOW ALREADY???????? Uh Oh.... I think Euron's gonna kill Cersi...
  8. hnygrl

    Season 16 Discussion

    I think it was that stupid battle before the lives that screwed everything up. It's just soooo boring now. I felt so sad for Team Adam. it appears that nobody voted for them and they all had to suffer, even though some of his singers were really good... They won't, but they really need to not-show this show for a season or two. And AGT should be airing soon. I'm sure they're almost done shooting now...oh come on! Y'all know what "live" means by now. Not that excited about that one either to be honest. NBC is losing me really quickly as a viewer...
  9. hnygrl

    Season 16 Discussion

    Eh, I'm over it. This is officially my last season watching.
  10. hnygrl

    World Of Dance

    Dear Jlo: Please, for the love of sweet baby Jesus....STOP TRYING TO MAKE GOOSIES HAPPEN!
  11. hnygrl

    World Of Dance

    Ever since night one I've said it's gonna be either The Kings or VPeepz. Still say that. One of the two is gonna win the money. Hope it's the Kings. They rock. Seriously. Although I did give a literal Standing O for Unity LA. That routine was FIRE!
  12. hnygrl

    S08.E03: The Long Night

    OMG. Cerci and Jamie. Jamie is a changed man. Cerci is the same evil queen she always been. I'm officially making a prediction. JAMIE will kill Cerci. Up close and personal.
  13. hnygrl

    S08.E03: The Long Night

    I just realized just now...12 hours later (west coast), where the night king went wrong. He got cocky. He felt himself to be undefeatable. So when Our Girl Arya....? He was like, "this yo' knight?!?!?" Until she pulled that Rae thing with the dagger. Would've lived if he didn't cockily play with his food... Oh man...I'm still pumped... I think that after this? Those that fought and lived? Will have nooooooo problem wiping Cerci's ass off the map. Easy Peasy after this. Man...Cerci don't even KNOW... AND THAT WAS JUST EPISODE THREE!!!! EEEK!
  14. hnygrl

    S02.E08: Moon Shadow

    Unpopular opinion: Liked it. It wrapped up this and last seasons’ storylines nicely. And As soon as he was on the bus? My first thought was “So Mike Ainsel finally makes his way to Lakeside...” And sure enough. I was kinda worried we wouldn’t see Lakeside in this iteration but it looks like we are. Not sure, but it appears Shadow put two and two together and got dad. Next season should be very interesting. And the Mad Sweeney/DeadWife saga...continues...? What did we think of tech boy 2.0? I was not impressed.
  15. hnygrl

    S10:13 Tell All: Part 2

    I still think they need a sister wife, the next generation, Mykelti and Spouse are probably pegged as the next gen. Poor kid. Bet they're throwing a boatload of money at them to do it too. I predict by probably the end of next season? what-his-face is gonna be taking another wife. They kinda have to, to keep the TLC money coming cause let's face it: these fools are on their very last season.