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  1. This. This is how I feel as well. I’m not happy about how they seem to have hand-waved away her soul crushing, gut wrenching, paralyzing grief. What? One day she’s having nightmares and can’t sleep then next day poof, she’s all better? Simon is IN love with her. All the way in...and she’s so damn distant! And how she got time to do this stuff when supposedly she’s freakin running the entire freaking show at work??? I’m sorry but, if this on-the-bubble-show pops? I will not be sad. Hate to say it but this season sucks. Works better when it’s not-so-many side-plots. It’s dragging the e
  2. Things I liked in this episode: 1. Simon is all the way in love with Zoey. In. Love..Kid with the voice (damn!) sang "Love on the brain." Simon is sprung. The way he looks at her! Oh my lord... I want a man to look at me like that. I buy this relationship a lot more than the Max one... way better chemistry. Shared past pain, he just gets her in ways Max never could. When she was crazy hurting? Max was all ‘what bout ME?’ While Simon was ‘you feel what you feel, don’t run from it.’ He just gets it. And that matters. A lot. Please show. Don’t mess with this... 2. It just works better
  3. Like I said before; I’ve always been team Simon...so I’m kinda loving them together - right now... Truth is, Zoey’s so messed up emotionally she needs to be single for a couple of years...well...actually, she desperately needs grief counseling before she’s ready to be anyone’s girlfriend/significant other. Hot fire inspector has the sexist baritone singing voice. I like him and Mo together. He makes him/her better. Golly gee willikers there were a lot of hide behind the cushions awkward moments in this episode! How the heck are Max & Zoey gonna have any kind of anything wh
  4. I don’t think Maximo’s DID the plating etc. ZOEY did. Max took one look at that mess and said no. Zoey went back and put it together herself (since, you know, this was all her idea/fault).
  5. Another unpopular opinion: I was always team Simon. Sorry guys...🤷🏽‍♀️ I always thought Simon and Zoey made more sense..they actually have things in common, they have real conversations, better chemistry, and actually [in my opinion anyway] make each other better. Simon just gets Zoey like Max doesn’t. But him not knowing about her power? Deal breaker. They can never be. Doomed to the friend zone forever.
  6. THANK YOU GOD! MY SHOW IS BAAAACK!!! That made me cry! YAY! So happy right now!
  7. Ricky Whittle is nice to look at. Seriously. Yum. And when whey were ‘anointing’ him with oil? Swoon. He was wearing a breechcloth though...not ‘nakey-nakey’ ...I checked...😊 What the new gods don’t comprehend is that technical boy has evolved. And all Mr. World’s bossiness is gonna do is piss him off and wreck the shard app. T. B. Is almost there too. How times did he ask, "who are you?" to world? And imprisoning him? Are you serious? Rumor has it they’re shooting S04 as we speak. Well....type...please be true!
  8. Soooo...there’s definitely going to be a season 4. otherwise I may do prison time. wooo Chile....they stopped right at the good part. Annoyed me no end Shadow’s hubris...my daddy a god and now I am too...all bow to the NEW all father. Boy if you don’t sit down somewhere... Please don’t tell me Shadow’s soulmate/other half is freaking LAURA. I veto that
  9. All that stuff is brand new, so I’m clueless too.
  10. Vigil. And if it stays true to the book? He dead. But He’s a god So....dead...is relative.
  11. Loki is a shape shifter. Think about that. How many times has world shifted? And part of the deal of Shadow working for Wednesday is that he do that when Wednesday dies (tied to the world Tree)
  12. Since this is a spoiler thread, think long con. Mr. World in the book is LOKI. He and Odin were working together to ensure war happened. No matter which side "wins", the God of War gets allllllllll that power from all those dead gods. And with chernabog there to witness odin's death and all fired up and read to fight? Oh, it's on. Think Shadow is gonna be tied to the world Tree?
  13. Oh, I wanna talk about it so badly but I can't! Not even one word...but kid? You're on the right track.
  14. World Tree. Back to the book. And one of The Best parts of the book hands down. I honestly and truly hope they stick to the book's resolution because that was/is brilliant. I think Wednesday wanted this to happen. Notice one of the oldest of the old gods did nothing to stop HIS SPEAR from killing HIM? He wanted it to happen. They underestimate technical boy, who is a real live man now and is (probably) in no way going to help them with their app. Bilquis saw to that. This sincerely feels like a series finale. I really pray they stick to the book! Overall, this seas
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