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  1. Zoey’s been trying to out run/ignore her grief. Like healing would mean her dad is really gone..she breaks my heart... Both Max and Simon need to friend-zone themselves for the duration. That child aint in no position to be dating or making relationship decisions. She’s still neck deep in grief. I too remember the nightmares after my mom died, waking up in tears because, yes,she’s really dead. For realz. Right now, I’m team Zoey. No Max, no Simon. Just...her learn to live in a world where her dad is dead. This episode hit different. Brough up a lot of feelings I thought were dealt with...excuse me while I go watch funny videos and not-cry...
  2. Re: Shadow’s dreams... I was thinking thunderbird with the thunder and the stuff with the Slavic goddess whose name I won’t even attempt to spell (let alone pronounce) and whiskey jack stuff...then...thunder...and...pea...cock? Wha...? this season is so weird. Hinzleman is a middle aged woman instead of an ancient old guy. The purple car is a pink car and not an suv. He borrowed it and not bought it. But I do love his apartment. So far? I find it...confusing...can’t tell if I like it or not. Too many plot threads to untangle.
  3. They got me wondering what in the world they're gonna do next since, ya know, they have like 80 to 90% strayed from the original...we are in adaptation territory now...
  4. Good, I’m not the only one. I change the channel or mute when she’s on. Can’t put my finger on why but I jut don’t like her
  5. This show is starting to feel like The Voice...a show I now despise and refuse to watch. I get so angry when they poop all over the really good acts , say no or call back to the meh acts. They seem to love the act, love the choreography, etc. but in the critique for the cameras? They poop all over the act and say no. Making me hate them all. I’m beginning to think that this is another season one, a pre-determined winner with pre-determined acts. Having the judging start this early just doesn’t work for me. They’re so narcissistic as is, and getting them in on the ground floor like this guarantees a season I don’t think I’ll be able to stomach. Darn it. I really loved this show. [past tense]
  6. I keep trying to watch this show. I keep feeling guilty for thinking it's trash. Maybe there's something I'm missing? Let's give it one more week. Nope. Its not me. This show IS trash. it sucks like a damn black hole and its past time I quit pretending it's in any ways good. It's not. At all. I WANT it to be good. I NEED it to be good. I still watch and freaking OWN the originals. This ain't it Chief.
  7. Question: what happened to Mark. the gay teen son? He kinda disappeared from the show. Did they pull a Mom and he's living with dad now?
  8. Who would’ve thought I’d be agreeing with KODY??? Sheesh.... From my viewpoint, Robyn is soooooo used to getting any and everything she wants when she wants it, HOW she wants it, even if it meant destroying the lives of 10-plus kids, costing the family multiple millions of unnecessary dollars, that she just cannot fathom not getting her way in this too. She just will. Not. Let. This. Go! Damn show....making me feel pity for KODY. KODY!
  9. The more I think about it, and with the sad hot mess that is AGT? I think there is a LOOOOT of in-fighting, back-biting, etc. on this show. I'm beginning to seriously wonder if Adam "left" the show or acted the way he did on purpose so that he could be "asked" to leave the show. This s**t don't make no sense anymore. Used to be my favorite, but now, this year, I didn't even make it through the blinds. I'm done. AGT? Oh hell no. I'd rather watch the Bachelor (yeah, I said it).
  10. Well whattaya know...I expected to be "through" with This show. I thought I was "over it" after five seasons. Sat down to watch one - ONE episode, just to see...damn near burned the kitchen down (literally, need a new stove now) I got so absorbed. This show just gets better and better and better every season...how they do that????
  11. Next season: 1. MORE EPISODES!!!! At least 20! 2. Like others have said, make it fairer for the newbies. Once relationships are formed, there's nothing there for the new arrivals. Ex. Sean (is that her name?) getting voted out even though everyone LOVED her. She' wasn't OG so she had to go... 3. Please don't let the viewers EVER get involved. I want them to continue to forget they're being watched. We get involved they'll remember and it won't be as fun to watch. I love that they DO stuff. Like read. Actually read books. And puzzles. And art. That is so cool. 4. More more more of their chats w/each other. I wanna see MORE of that. This season was so good. SO good. And like everyone else, the finale...no...just...no. Why can't they split that up? The voted out crowd one day, and the final 5 the next day. I found the UK version on my favorite (shhhh) site so I'm gonna go watch it now.
  12. Can't say I was enjoying this one but it was less awful than the other episodes. That is. Until. We're on Earth They're what's left of humanity and the icing on the cake, the death knell of this stupid season....(drum roll please)... Global. Warming. KMN
  13. I love this show! LOVE. This show! Who knew? Joey (yeaaaahhh BUDDY) is quickly winning my heart away from Shooby. LOVE me some Shooby but there's just something so REAL about Joey. Melted (and had to fan myself a bit) when he asked PERMISSION to go in for the kiss (and what a kiss!). This show though! SO GOOD! Karyn/Mercedeze...Should've just played as herself and to hell with what others think. She was so FUN, so SMART, so intuitive that it disappointed the heck out of me when she flubbed it all up. Alex/Adam gotta GO. He's gross. And the dude who didn't come alone???? Um...wut?
  14. Glad I’m not the only one. That was BAD. All around awful. I think I’m gonna skip this series for the first time ever. Lord, that was bad. And can someone please explain how missy not only regenerated from a non-regenerate-able kill shot but got off that ship with no tardis??? I keep saying it but Jesus Lord in heaven, that. Was. Bad. wake me up when 14 comes.
  15. I think sad is the point, tennisgurl. If we felt any way but bittersweet or sad then Esmail didn't' do it right. We grew to love MasterMindElliot even though he was seriously messed up inside and out, and wanted a better life for him. When we found out he was just another construct of a broken mind, we were okay with that. For the first time in forever, I got a series finale I can be proud of and not annoyed by. This is/was one smart show. I always had to watch it with captions on so I wouldn't miss a thing. RIGHT???? ESPECIALLY NOW that we KNOW she knew that wasn't her brother she was talking to all that time but another personality. The woman played this role incredibly well.
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