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  1. Lola43

    S15.E03: Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Kourtney's hair always looks dirty.
  2. Literally. Between Sonja and Luann last episode. Literally.
  3. Lola43


    My father is Black and my mom is Mexican American and I look Mexican. Genetics work in weird ways. btw, I call my dog mama or mamita. Not her name but she responds to it as well.
  4. Lola43

    S05.E11: Second Thoughts

    Did no one watch the episode? Molly and Luis were married.
  5. Lola43

    S05.E10: Breaking Point

    I don't blame Ashley for speaking her peace. I had the same kind of father. Except mine worked and didn't need anyone to support him. Anyway, five kids with different women and then raised someone else's kids while ignoring his own. I had a conversation with him about it and all he did was shrug his shoulders. I hope she feels better letting that out but it will change nothing. I don't feel bad for Annie. She needed to hear that.
  6. I might agree with this if his mother lived in the United States. I'm not sure what life is like in the Dominican Republic but as many posters have previously stated, the American dollar goes further there. It might be one of those countries where people make 1.50 for a full day's work. I read his mom is an attorney. I don't know what their story is but his mom, sister and Chantel seem very materialistic. Nothing wrong with an efficiency in my opinion. My first apartment was an efficiency.
  7. Not really seeing what the big deal is about the small apartment. It's not like they have any kids. How much room do you need? Maybe they do a lot of entertaining?? I don't like Anfisa but Jorge saying he couldn't hang with his friends is kinda fucked up. The girl doesn't know anyone here, why would he think it's ok to leave her at home and hang with his friends? I don't think it's an issue for Pedro to send his mom money and gifts as long as it doesn't take away from what needs to be done at home. Not sure how much he sends home but would it be enough to pay to not sleep by the stove or whatever? Sorry, my mom is my mom and if she lived in a 3rd world country I would definitely be sending money back home.
  8. #teamnoneofthesemf's
  9. I'm 47 and I love tights and Mary Jane's. Usually wear them the two days of winter we get in Texas.
  10. Lola43

    S04.E11: Boys Gone Wild

    Craig piling on Shep was not a big deal. Shep has been shitty to Craig, he had it coming.
  11. Lola43

    S04.E10: The Hangover

    I see plenty of nice cars in the drive thru when I'm getting my coffee. What should they have eaten?
  12. Lola43

    S02.E05: Double Trouble

    She's young and single and if she wants to kiss two guys go ahead. But I'm not sure she wanted to kiss Adam. He came off kinda rapey.
  13. That was awful. Loved it!!
  14. I send texts. I live in Texas. Texts and Texas. Two very different things.
  15. Lola43

    S04.E07: Fowl Play

    Me. I sleep on my decorative shams?