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  1. You put this so much better than me. This. I feel NOTHING. Just that I’m watching another Eteri assembly line skating-bot.
  2. Right or wrong I can never get jazzed about most of the Russian skaters. Elizaveta and Alena, maybe. Anna S bores me to tears, and Trusova is the one I like the least. Her jump drills hold absolutely no interest for me.
  3. “Tear It Up,” from the album The Works. It played when Jamie came back to the team and walked out on the field. Closed the ep. I screamed.
  4. I am a complete SATC-head myself, and it did not escape my attention that the ep they were watching also ended with the song “By Your Side” by Sade. Carrie tells Aiden she needs some time to herself when she gets home, and while she’s weirdly spending 30 seconds by herself in a separate space, that is the song playing. Clever for this show to have that as the soundtrack when Roy gives Keeley her moment. Except that Carrie and Aiden were awful and Roy and Keeley are 😍. Between this reference and the Queen deep cut that ended episode 2, I feel like someone I know is scoring this show
  5. carrier76


    Who is Martha?
  6. John Baldwin always creeped me out for some reason. He acted like Rena was his hostage.
  7. Have all of the big Russian skaters had it? I only ask because when I think of people not following directions/rules, I immediately think of them. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  8. Wasn’t Mr Big supposed to die in the 3rd movie? I wonder if they will go in that direction.
  9. I’m listening to the podcast version at work and am about to start hyperventilating.
  10. What does “full blade assist” mean?
  11. I suppose Plushenko will keep encouraging her to bamoboozle us with her hands instead of performing with any artistry.
  12. When did Denney and Frazier split?
  13. Yes, I ffwded through the recording was some ice dancing and men’s long. I had just watched the men at home on DVR, and I looked up and saw Alexei Bychenko amd realized I had JUST seen that.
  14. So I was just at a nail salon, and they had NBC on. It was supposed to be Skate Canada, but they were replaying the men’s long program from Skate America? Wtf?
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