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  1. Maybe. I think it's more like she has always been a bit insecure about not meeting her family and friend's expectations of an "ideal conservative woman," having been fat-shamed on conservative television since she was 19, growing up "nerdy", and marrying later than most of her friends. I think this was part of her resentment towards Abby: Abby fits all the expectations to an almost scary degree (skinny, tall, pretty, polite, popular, married in college; the whole mormon dream). Her father was dying when she had her wedding, so she couldn't have her "perfect" wedding. This pregnancy was supposed to be her moment to get to indulge in the same instagram-perfect moments as Abby and have a "normal" conservative family, but that's been ruined by COVID-19. So now she's breaking down over not being able to have these idealized experiences like crib shopping that she feels so entitled to, even though she literally could just go online and buy one like most people do nowadays.
  2. Meghan probably felt the need to bring it up because she herself was just called out for her racism when she blamed Obama for causing a culture war. Even when the conversation isn't about her, Meghan still can't help but think of herself.
  3. And the look after the smile is her realizing "Oh wait, I'm not on Fox News, I can't actually just say the racist thoughts out loud anymore."
  4. So I'm pretty sure Meghan just straight up hates Ana at this point. She's been liking all the tweets shitting on Ana for this tweet: The whole thing seems blown out of proportion, but then again, what isn't with Meghan? I hope TPTB at The View for once forces the two of them to be on the show together tomorrow, for the pure schadenfreude of seeing Meghan be irritated and Ana remain completely unbothered.
  5. I remember a couple of months ago Meghan was calling Trump's racist rhetoric "effective" and now she's blaming Obama for a culture war that 1) far predates him, and 2) was undeniably linked to his status as the first black president. So I guess today made it clear she does not have an issue with appeals to racism for political purposes as long as it's in support of her political identity.
  6. I've noticed that she'll contradict herself on twitter too. One second she retweets something about how the lockdowns are useless, then retweet something else about how we all need to stay inside. 🙄 Also noticed that 99% of her "thoughts" on the view are just things she saw on twitter the day before. Imagine getting paid millions to just talk about whatever you just saw on twitter 🙄🙄🙄
  7. Honestly, there's been a lot Meghan has done that was annoying, but at least I could chalk it up to just being selfish and not willfully ignorant in the face of death. But here we are! Her quarantine skepticism has been the worst opinion she has probably promoted ever, and she should feel unending shame about how she's reacted after this is all "over". Putting quotes because if people like Meghan get their way, "this" will never be over.
  8. Meghan out here being like: "Won't someone think of the rich old people!"
  9. Yes, because clearly people like Jeremy Lin are clearly just part of the PC mafia! What would someone like Jeremy Lin know about racism? To be clear, I am being sarcastic. This isn't just the "PC" or the "Left", it's actual Asian people who have already dealt with this racist BS and now see it being said by the President. For Meghan to fail to see this shows that she clearly needs to expand her circle of friends.
  10. From The Daily Beast Really? She actually SAID this? Meghan's the type of person that requires being affected personally by an issue to care about it (See: LGBT rights, COVID19, etc.) However, I didn't know her capacity for empathy was so limited that she can't understand why the President dog-whistling to racists is A BAD THING. Many people already experience racism and bullying in America on a regular basis, and it's only gotten worse lately with the disgusting discourse coming from the White House.
  11. Given the choice between "Dr. Phil" and Dr. Oz to give COVID19 advice on The View, Dr. Oz is leagues ahead the better choice. At least he's an actual doctor. I liked today's episode. I'm glad they're prioritizing the hosts health by having them stay six feet apart. At the end of the day, their health is more important than keeping up appearances just for the audience at home. I'm sure eventually they will not be able to gather anymore as it gets worse, but I imagine it is giving people a sense of normalcy while in quarantine to see The View everyday. I thought what Dr. Oz said about politicians having to balance both medical opinion and public opinion was very interesting, that unless you can sway public opinion, government actions will likely not be effective. It's just sad that more people will likely die just because of other people's false perceptions.
  12. I've heard Jed has gotten WAY crazier than Meghan AND Elizabeth, and that she's a complete mess on Twitter (according to the Deja The View podcast). Hard to admit, but out of the three Meghan is probably the best.
  13. Now what does that statement remind me of? I feel like someone very famous sometime ago said something very similar...
  14. This whole thread about Sunny being homophobic or not has been headspinning. At this point, I'm probably going to guess that Sunny is your typical liberal Gen Xer. In general, they're respectful of gay people, but when they were young in the 80s, they probably believed some ignorant stuff about them, and maybe they are still working on deconstructing some of those toxic beliefs. Nothing too shocking about that.
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