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  1. CyberJawa1986

    S06.E10 Leap

    So... I guess this kinda confirms it. I'm going to agree with my fellow poster, who in one of the previous episode threads mentioned Sarge will become a resurrected, tastes great, less filling, brand spanking new Coulson. Sarge was only interesting the last few episodes after Izel popped up. Not my favorite season, but I'll take it over the first chunk of last season.
  2. CyberJawa1986

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    Can you explain that for me please? I'm not stanning anyone currently in any of these Housewives franchises. Knowing the somewhat lowbrow entertainment that comes along with this franchise, and it's an addiction for me, but I don't get the for outrage one, jumping for joy for everyone else. I hope you don't take it like I'm coming after you.
  3. CyberJawa1986

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    Slowly catching up on the season... I'm not LVP's biggest fan... but I enjoy the show with, minimal amounts of her, and without her... I think the show will do fine. I view the show for an ensemble, not for a singular entity, so I had no problem with the season. On the issue of ganging up, it comes with the territory... it's standard for this genre... the HWs should expect, the viewers should expect it. I wasn't surprised. Doesn't matter who it was/would be... it's expected. If it wasn't LVP... it'd be someone else. What I will say though regarding that is, this season, while I actually enjoyed it, the first BH season I've enjoyed in years, the fanbase, the internet, the social media outrage over the situation soured me a bit. Put anyone else in LVPs shoes, no one would care. If LVP was leading the charge against someone, no one would bat an eyelash. Over the years we've had other HWs across the franchise with tragedies on the show and it was business as usual, we've had HWs and castmembers experience multitudes of things, and the show is business as usual. I don't get why this season someone needed deferential treatment, or kid gloves, or say it however you'd say it. The castmembers know... or should by now, the viewers know the type of show they're signed up for. I'm just saying, what happened to LVP this season, if the same happens to Kyle, Rinna, whoever I want to see the same level of outrage over the next gang ups. From what I recall, across the franchise, I don't recall there being this type of outrage in the past, and I think it's going to be hypocritical when viewers and stans turn a blind eye in the future.
  4. CyberJawa1986

    S03.E02: AKA You're Welcome

    Love them or hate them, I just love so many different takes on strong women in one show. I'm a guy who always loved female characters in all forms of media... so I love this show for this. As selfish as Trish's journey I'm enjoying seeing it unfold... more likely unravel.
  5. CyberJawa1986

    S03.E01: AKA The Perfect Burger

    I take it the new guy will turn out to be someone right? Right? I know I started this one a little late. His wager with Jessica about the guys in the bar, was he using an ability, right? Right? Or is what is too obviously obvious... too obvious? Loved getting back into the show, even if this episode was mostly setup.
  6. CyberJawa1986

    Evine: Be Good

    I'm a guy who gives jewelry as gifts and I've never gone wrong with Gems en Vogue. I think one thing Evine has excellent quality with is their jewelry, and I'm not just talking amongst the shopping channels. Side note, a few relatives can't wait for Christmas or their birthdays because they know what they're getting from me. Additional side note, I've actually caved and started buying from Evine again, I had my issue with them, which I mentioned way back, but so far everything's been fine with the few orders I've placed.
  7. CyberJawa1986

    S06.E09: Collision Course (Part II)

    May's a swerve, and something actually happened to Davis. I don't know, because both are reeking of obvious choice is obviously obvious... and if I recall, May's already been used as a compromised character, hasn't she? Or the other characters' thought she was, hasn't she? I'm going with something more is going on with Davis. I actually really enjoyed the episode. I need more Deke and Fitz. I'm still in the Not Coulson wasn't interesting at all. His banter with Izel this episode was the extent of it, and his rogues were the only "cool" thing about him.
  8. CyberJawa1986

    S06.E08: Collision Course (Part 1)

    I'm sad because I'm just not feeling this season, but I'm with this show until the end. I do like show playing with the expectation of Sarge and Izel... who should the gang really be afraid of?
  9. CyberJawa1986

    Unpopular Opinions

    As I do a rewatch... I love Sassoon. I felt bad for Sassoon. I like writing, typing, texting, saying Sassoon. I don't think she knew what show she signed up for. She spent most of the season in Sassoon, Fix My Life mode. And with that, I felt bad when she'd pop up on screen where after a certain point on the show, she'd turn up just so the other ladies can giggle about her behind her back. Honestly, I'd trade the current cast for Joyce, Carlton, and Eden, and maybe Kathryn, IDK, I love my one and dones.
  10. CyberJawa1986

    S06.E06: Inescapable

    And Ward... whether Good Ward... Bad Ward... Squid Ward... my favorite character, I would have totally been okay with it. Hands down, favorite episode. Not feeling the overall story. I'll take the Chronicom's over Not Coulson, but is interesting the pieces are now woven closer together.
  11. CyberJawa1986

    RHoBH in the Media

    Let’s Discuss: Is Lisa Vanderpump A Hypocrite For Her Criticism of Adrienne Maloof After Adrienne Stopped Filming S3 and Didn’t Attend the Reunion? Is she a hypocrite about the reunion? Yes. And before anyone tells me Lisa's situation is far worse, I don't think so. From what we're given as the viewers, as a storyline for the season, I think Adrienne's situation was worse. Adrienne's situation hit her family. Her kids, kids who were never a presence on the show in the level of Kyle, LVP, Rinna... were dragged into it. LVP and Ken sat back and let Brandi spread misinformation about the entire ordeal. They defended Brandi when she lied about Adrienne suing her. Camille has a free pass from me for defending Adrienne and clarifying Brandi's mistruths that season.
  12. CyberJawa1986

    S02.E10: Level Up

    A lot I liked, a lot I didn't. I loved Season One, wasn't too big on this one. It (the season) felt a bit meandering, but the closing moments (of the finale) salvaged it for me.
  13. CyberJawa1986

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    This is why I can't stand Nene. She's one of those HW's (hell, that's all of them) who takes the viewers for fools. From a show narrative perspective, she didn't know Phaedra in Phaedra's debut season, they allied in Nene's final season/first exit, Nene thought Phaedra/Porsha should be fired during that issue, and now she wants her back. Kenya might be back, I'll be glad is Twirl comes back, but Phae, I don't know if Twirl can keep me back if Phaedra came back.
  14. CyberJawa1986

    S06.E02: Window of Opportunity

    Not feeling the main story with Not Coulson but he has an interesting group of rogues, but I'm here for Fitz and Enoch's Misadventures in Space. And of course, Simmons and co arrive just as Fitz leaves.
  15. CyberJawa1986

    S02.E05: Alignment Chart

    A little late but... I figured either Lia or Andre were going to be part of the trafficking.