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  1. Pathetica

    S16.E15: Finale

    Well darn. I was so sure Sarah (who I really took a dislike to early on) was going to win, I didn't even finish watching the finale. So happy to come here and read this!
  2. Pathetica

    S15.E14: Finale

    I liked Joe and all, but was anyone, anywhere surprised that he won?
  3. Pathetica

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I thought the pageant lady was adorable and found myself smiling about her big feet and no common sense. This is odd cause I pretty much start shows disliking the hunters and proceed to hating and wishing bad things on them. O.K. Liked the couple with widower and 4 kids. And thought daughter buying dad a puppy was cute... I may be going soft and losing my edge. ACK
  4. Pathetica

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    Couple in LA. Real problem with an island because the sink doesn't face the living room. Are they unaware that their heads kinda swivel and they can turn and look into living room? It seems there are some things that even the smallest smidgen of self-respect would have one telling the director: No. I cannot do that. I do not want to appear an idiot on TV.
  5. Pathetica

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    For once the daughter in Philly chose the one I would have chosen, but all my warm fuzzies for her poofed when she spooned out store bought guacamole. Because anybody who can't make freaking guacamole is suspect in my world.
  6. Pathetica

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    As usual I am days behind. But the woman chiropractor - the one who is a single mother of a seven year old who needed separate space from her daughter. For gawds sake single mom needs private space from 7 year old. I really could not get past that so thought her decision stupid and comments moronic.
  7. Pathetica

    Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

    Loved the spider bit, too, plus how much Jack enjoyed knowing her fear. Love this show, but probably a good thing for me ended when it did before I chopped my hair into a Bob and stocked up on fire engine red lipstick.
  8. Pathetica

    Love It Or List It

    Well yeah. I read they gave 140,000 bucks and got less than 100,000 worth of work done. I rather doubt (!) I would consider that a good thing reality show or not.
  9. Pathetica

    Cooks Vs. Cons

    The biggest con here fails! Geoffrey does not have a personality.
  10. Pathetica

    S15.E12: 7 Chefs Compete

  11. Pathetica

    S05.E16: The Miseducation Of Susan Ross

    I am a generally peaceful easy-going person who seldom gets too involved in tv shows. But tonight is an exception. I want Olivia to die.
  12. Pathetica

    S13.E15: Finale

    I did not want the guy who came back to win. I did not like Jeremy at all - he just sorta hit a lot of the notes I dislike in people. I did like Marjorie a lot. I have known "punchy" women and find that type of social awkwardness kinda cute. That said. Not watching this anymore. When I watch weeks of a show and then have to force myself to hit play on the finale it doesn't seem like a good use of my time.
  13. Pathetica

    S05.E12: Wild Card

    In what world are we supposed to care about one single person on this show? They are not even fun to hate. Blech. And let's have one of the "stars" of the show orchestrate a mass shooting? And who thought oh let's write a show about a strong woman and came up with this? Because no. Olivia is pathetic. I mean yeah I can see being attracted to a hot guy, but one who kills people by the dozens would seem to be resistable? Blech. Oh. I quit this show.
  14. Pathetica

    House Hunters Renovation

    /scream /scream So they walk into a kitchen that is probably from the 80's with white tiles. Tiles in O.K. condition, but she just can't have them because "they will be stained in a second." /scream 40 years tiles survive, but she can stain them in a second. What a dirty, messy lady she must be. One second. One.
  15. Pathetica

    Love It Or List It

    I loved the mid century modern before and after. You could tell they both loved the house and probably tossed a coin and loser had to want to move. She was a darned good actress to say she loved loved that hideous Grandma's (and I am a grandma who still thought Granny decor) condo without giggling uncontrollably.