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  1. I think anyone using the word diaper is a contributor, doesn't matter which side of the changing table you are on. So, I think it would be a great idea for all of us to give each other a great big huggie, right? Then take some time for ourselves, maybe a little pamper-ing or a good workout? I like push-ups and pull-ups myself. :)
  2. From a practical point of view, I do not think Jen was in the dark about the actual renewal and party. It required in my opinion a larger crew and more equipment that usual so she would of known. Also, that little exchange about the pager going off was about the worst acting I have ever seen. I do however think she was genuinely surprised to see the dress designer show up and that her aunt was there. The party seemed laid back and nice, not at all pretentious. But, I do agree that Jen made it all about her, when it was really just as much about Bill. I am glad it was t
  3. Remember the set up before we find out Will doesn't like pickles? Bill was scripted to make it sound like someone choked on their food.
  4. Hope the food was fresh and not out in the sun. If guests gets food poisoning it turns into a bowel renewal. :)
  5. What I should of added is.....that Jens bouquet is on the table, but no Jen. Did Will knock her out?
  6. All he will probably say is .......keck, big keck.
  7. Working title: Screw Jen, I want keck !! and I want it now !!
  8. Yep, that is correct. Thanks for the refresher. :)
  9. Except she did it before she had the port which was the first day she was adopted and screaming. Jen held her away from her, except one time she held her against her in the hotel bedroom.
  10. I go with the bone too, everyone is different. Yet, you can easily see that Bill is naturally affectionate, bonded deeply with those kids. I am sure they got asked hundreds of times why Jen holds Zoey away from her. Obviously they didn't answer that particular question during that show. I would love to know why. Its so unnatural and strange. Once again, if this is such an educational show, why not answer?
  11. I say a lot of dubbing too, plus there are times they mute too. For instance when Will is having his keck meltdown at the table, they muted him at one point.
  12. Exactly and the kids are working. As another poster pointed out it can take days to get a few minutes of useable tape. All that goes into doing just that is a constant interruption to everyday life, especially that of a child.
  13. The finished dress looked really pretty and great on Jen.
  14. I agree. There is no way Will would of gone back to Houston without eating that cake either. He would end up on "Snapped". :)
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