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  1. I can totally relate to Alina realizing that this guy she thought she was in love with is a complete goof. When I was 18, I was convinced I was in love with my pen pal of 2 years, so I went to England to meet him. He was my first... everything. But he said/did some things while I was with him that absolutely mortified me. I am unfortunately all-too familiar with the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that comes with the realization that you're embarrassed of your boyfriend. And she seems to be a smart girl. She responded with perfect poise to his religious bullshit (and it is clearly
  2. If Sumit resisted getting into an arranged marriage even a fraction as much as he's resisting voluntarily marrying Jenny, we all could've been spared 3 seasons of these two ridiculous people.
  3. Oh, that's right! Stacey sure is high-horsing about Georgi, given how many giant, glaring red flags she's managed to sweep under the rug about Florian. The biggest flies in the ointment here are these so-called friends, Lisa(?) & Reina. Why are they all up in Darcey's relationship? Were they equally anti-Florian during BedroomSelfieGate? (I don't remember if they chimed in about it, but I do remember that his explanation was sketchy AF.) I don't see any rings on either of their fingers, so maybe they're not the relationship experts they pretend to be & they aughta butt TF out of
  4. That's doting? Florian seems so dispassionate and removed. Florian isn't buying Stacey 100s of roses or gazing lovingly into her eyes. He rarely makes eye contact with her (this has been bothering me since Darcey & Tom went to Albania to meet up with Stacey & Florian). Here's what I really don't get: Florian & Georgi are on equal footing. Neither of them appear to have jobs, both appear to be interested only superficially in their respective relationships, both appear to enjoy the bougie lifestyle the Silvas live and neither seems to be contributing anything to the financial s
  5. Darcey is chasing Georgi away with her sister and their friend's paranoia. He proved he was divorced, which makes what Octavia told Darcey highly suspect. I think Tavia also made up the sugar mama website thing, too. Just because she came off as helpful & nice doesn't mean she's not a secretly seething saboteur. Georgi puts up with Darcey's constant bullshit.. what more does he need to prove before she stops questioning him? It will never end. He either needs to accept a life of being a perpetual suspect or he needs to cut bait. Florian seems way more sus than Georgi does to me, und
  6. Libby & Andrrrei had to cut Charlie out of their lives lest Ellie's first word was "bro."
  7. What TrashcAngela did is what is known as "outrageous overshadowing." That's when the person she's arguing with points out her double standards & she goes apeshit bonkers acting all offended. She was caught doing exactly what she constantly accuses Mykul of doing, and to distract and overshadow that, she acted a complete fool. And then after flashing her gross new tits for no reason, she has the gaslighting audacity to call Mykul and Lydia the disrespectful ones. I did love that Mykul stayed and had a good time after the warthog stormed out so she wouldn't have to answer any more que
  8. Asuelu's mom is only sad to lose a potential source of money, not a son. Tammy is the snake in that family. Tammy is that family's Charlie. Charlie. Bro. Bro. Dudebro. Bro.
  9. Are Tiffany, Kalani and Libby being paid to defend the warthog and her vile Jerry Springer behavior? She's just so disgusting and that was a waste of my 20 minutes.
  10. Reina & Lisa (?) are toxic, boozy losers. W the AF with "I heard 3rd hand that Georgi said..." Sorry, what? And Darcey doesn't even consider that it's 3rd hand gossip, she just jumps with both feet into her overreaction. That scene in the car on the way home had me really wishing Darce would stop going to surgeons and start investing that money in behavioral therapy. She's a scary mess. Darcey and Stacey will forever be chasing their lovers away with their high-maintenance/low reward antics. Seeing them try to literally contort themselves into what they think will attract true
  11. Jovi is so happy! He never thought he'd get see silicone bewbies again, then Ang whipped 'em out at the Jerry Springer Yell-All.
  12. Michael's the asshole, Angela? For calling out YOUR hypocritical assholery? I don't think that's how it works. She's nothing but rotting trash, inside & out.
  13. Skyla looks like she was stuffed into a sausage casing. I'm looking forward to seeing Tiffany slimmed down, post procedure.
  14. Ang's new "hot" body is the same shape as the past year has turned my decidedly not hot body into. More potato shaped than pear shaped. Mm.. potatoes.. She's so proud to show off the same body I'm over here wearing ponchos & leggings to conceal!
  15. Truly one of the funniest/weirdest/cringiest scenes in 90DF history
  16. Did anyone else catch Charlie's sad air-punch? What a doofus.
  17. Wow, was that exchange awkward AF. Julia really overstepped and then made it worse with the unwanted hug. Hoo boy, it's gonna take me a minute to shake off the ick from that cringe.
  18. After the tenor of Ronald's arguments to Tiffany, I can't fathom how she could still be on the fence. Ronald is the bad guy. She's a bitch, but he's a sexist bully.
  19. Chuck Potthast is a terrible actor. The face touching to indicate crying is a very school play technique. Second only to nodding his fists next to his eyes while puffing out his lower lip.
  20. I thought Kolini said that Tammy only has one kid (in a voice over during the argument) and was curious why Tammy isn't being pressured to push out more babies. Also, I shudder to think of Tammy as a mother.
  21. Kudos to Yara for trying to use the term "banana hammock." Jovi is a moron.
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