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  1. I don't know if there are words to describe how much pleasure I got out of watching Steven be so crestfallen that he couldn't get away with his gas lighting bullshit. You could see it despite the mask he was wearing. I hope she puts on her sharpest stillettos, stomps on his heart and then goes back to Russia. Oh, and I hope she's brutal to him at the Tell-All.
  2. No, it totally was a typo! But I'm delighted if I was unintentionally funny.
  3. "Come on, baby. Are you serious? You know I love you!" is on page 1 of the Manipulative Asshole Manual. Unless Alina wants a lifetime of gaslighting like, "Her wanting me to delete my social media is more about her insecurities than about strengthening our relationship," she'll pack her stuff and head home to Russia.
  4. Fuckin' Steven is such a twat! "I only promised to do what she asked because I thought I could weasel out of keeping yet another one of my promises." Alina is too smart for that utter goober. Speaking of twats, Ari has some nerve trying to play victim. Evidently, she requires Bini to stay home alone & be accessible 24/7 when she's not there. Jenny is dumb. Fool her once, shame on Sumit. Fool her dozens of times into subjecting herself to humiliation and abuse? Shame on dumb Jenny. Wake me up when the Evil-in and Snorey segments are over. They're just stunningly tedious.
  5. I'm a big fan of Alina & her mom. Huge. Steven-not-a-v is a Class A creep. The only way this lunch gets better is if both Alina and her mom start screaming at Steven, "Who TF do you think you are, trying to convert either one of us when YOU aren't even upholding the beliefs you claim are so important to you??"
  6. Alina is way too smart to let Steven get away with his bullshit. I just keep looking for any redeeming quality she finds in him and I keep coming up empty. Everybody is so excited about her response to him when he asked if she'd just drank the wine, But I could see where it was going the minute she took the mouthful of wine and swallowed it looking directly at him. I've never seen a sip of wine be such a sweet "fuck you" before. I applauded. I would like nothing more than for this storyline to end with her going back to Russia and Steven sitting alone in that stupid apartment. Corey i
  7. Ari is a sadistic cunt. I despise her. Why did the family take Hannah dress shopping at night? Steven is a malignant sociopath. He had every opportunity to tell Alina the truth, but instead, he continued to gaslight her & downplay the fact that he's deliberately misled her/perpetuated her misunderstanding that he's saved himself for marriage. Also, the whole Masha trap plot line is clearly the producer's doing. Alina isn't a schemer like Steven is. Thank you lord Jeebus for sparing us the stunningly tedious Evil-en and Snorey this week.
  8. OF COURSE Sumit's asshole parents wear their masks wrong..
  9. Not-a-V Steven's nervous forced laugh after every sentence would be a deal breaker for me. There aren't enough redeeming qualities in the world to make up for that. And he doesn't have any anyway. I adore a good weirdo, but Steven is just too much of a lost cause. Why a watermelon?
  10. I can totally relate to Alina realizing that this guy she thought she was in love with is a complete goof. When I was 18, I was convinced I was in love with my pen pal of 2 years, so I went to England to meet him. He was my first... everything. But he said/did some things while I was with him that absolutely mortified me. I am unfortunately all-too familiar with the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that comes with the realization that you're embarrassed of your boyfriend. And she seems to be a smart girl. She responded with perfect poise to his religious bullshit (and it is clearly
  11. If Sumit resisted getting into an arranged marriage even a fraction as much as he's resisting voluntarily marrying Jenny, we all could've been spared 3 seasons of these two ridiculous people.
  12. Oh, that's right! Stacey sure is high-horsing about Georgi, given how many giant, glaring red flags she's managed to sweep under the rug about Florian. The biggest flies in the ointment here are these so-called friends, Lisa(?) & Reina. Why are they all up in Darcey's relationship? Were they equally anti-Florian during BedroomSelfieGate? (I don't remember if they chimed in about it, but I do remember that his explanation was sketchy AF.) I don't see any rings on either of their fingers, so maybe they're not the relationship experts they pretend to be & they aughta butt TF out of
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