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  1. Just watching last night's episode now. I'm laughing at Tiffany allowing herself to be filmed with bed hair, but she's fully made up. Angela saying "clitorious" makes my weird rhymey brain think of Oscar Pistorious and now I'm convinced Angela's clitorious is gonna shoot Michael to death through the bathroom door.
  2. Oy vey, with these people, already! Natalie & Mike's story was so contrived! Do the producers think we're stupid? What are the odds that Mike would take that tiny-peen-compensation roller skate truck out of the hospital parking lot, drive around for hours thinking only to return to the parking lot and park in the exact same space? Natalie's behavior is erratic and reminiscent of a bipolar girl I once rented to. Brandon's parents are such weirdos. How can they expect him not to want to move out? Why are they foisting their choice of farm life on him? Brandon's dad assuming that th
  3. HAHAHAHA! Finally, a MAGA I can fully support!
  4. Thank you Jebeb for delivering us from another Kalani/Asuelu episode! Tiffany talks to Ronald like I have to talk to my idiot roommate. I'm starting to dislike both of them. Like, a lot. Angela remains skanky. Julia & Brandon should have just done their one season and dipped. They're the opposite of watchable. I think I just had the same surgery Natalie had for sleep apnea. Insurance covers the functional procedure for turbinate reduction and septoplasty. What makes it pricy is adding a cosmetic rhinoplasty. Now I'm gonna pay extra attention to Natalie's nose.
  5. This shameless attention whore has been trying to become famous for being a smoldering dumpster for decades
  6. Hands down, Veronica is my favorite PTer. I could watch her feed her husky tortilla chips from out of her mouth for hours. Plus, she says what I'm thinking most of the time. What ever became of Tim's gf?
  7. Angela is so vile. She won't wear a mask to protect herself and others from covid spreading, but she'll wear a mask out of vanity when her nasty mouth ends up with an ulcer from sucking on cancer sticks that she blames her lifelong addiction to on the husband she met 5 years ago. She also really drives the point home why service people and people in retail should be paid so much more for having to deal with the insanity of people like her. That poor phone guy. Libby's sisters are so completely unlikable in every way. I can only imagine that people join their OF to hate-fap.
  8. Not only that, but people who haven't even been proposed to can be on 90 Day Fiance. Darcey, Steph-who-has-a-disease & Erika, Steph-who-has-a-pills-and-booze problem & every Belizean cabin boy willing to schtupp her & accept her money, Pedro's awful sister & what's-his-face...
  9. I don't understand why Natalie didn't confront Trish about the hooker comment. Was it a lie? Was she expecting Mike to confront Trish about it? She was given the opportunity to say something and she didn't. That is highly suspect.
  10. Dear TLC: PLEASE stop making me think about Asuelu having sex. Or a penis. He talks about sex the way little kids do. Donuts and sausages and pussy cats. It's just icky.
  11. I thought Libby was saying "your bitch husband" & I wondered why that didn't get more of a reaction from Beckzilla.
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