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  1. Good for her, looking happy and cute! Her DCC journey has had highs and lows, but she has my respect and well-wishes. Love the cute pics she takes with her boyfriend, especially that cute one with them and Amy and her hubby in uniform on the field with their guys holding them on their shoulders, since people confuse them, apparently.
  2. Was prepared to watch, scroll on, and smh at folks being judgemental and nitpicky. BUT, I watched all four videos and I was almost immediately struck at the performance and technique difference between VK and the other three performers. I even went back and watched hers again, just to make sure I wasn't unknowingly drinking the kool-aid. Even if I just go on facial expressions alone, she came across insipid and immature. I presume she's a sweet girl, but like so many have said-if TPTB hadn't put so much sustained effort into putting her in the spotlight, I probably wouldn't have even noticed her much.
  3. I agree. I'm not offended by people doing necessary things while following proper protocols.
  4. Some good info in there! Another new platform for me, lol.
  5. That always bugs me, too, just like nailing them on the field entry on the first night or two.
  6. I'm still peeved that they're calling these videos "Then & Now", but there is no "Now". Admittedly, I've only watched Brooke's. To gain my interest, the video needs to fill in the gap from when the cheerleader retired to where she is now in life. I shared my thoughts about missing the updated part of the story on a Facebook post and Brooke was kind enough to comment and say what she's done since DCC. Thanks to this forum, I was already aware of the info she shared, of course, lol. My point is THAT'S the (missing) part of the video that I want to see.
  7. You raise some fair points that I haven't seen worded the way that you did, @kalibean.
  8. I like how they're posting free content. I see where they have this, something from a DCRB, and a football drill.
  9. @Kitkatkitty The pics that you shared are the look that I thought we were discussing. As you said, the Sasha and Robin curls could be on any of the white DCC.
  10. Sasha has curly hair and Robin wore curls. I thought we were talking about afros or truly kinky hair of a different texture.
  11. Have we seen any since Jerry Jones bought the team?
  12. Seeing that pinky ring pic instantly made me wonder if they did Thunderstruck!
  13. And those accolades! Wow! Big props to her!
  14. Please share the link so I can laugh! I went to their DCC page, but I couldn't find it.
  15. Same! I was less than a day late and still missed it. Holding out hope that someone can share it with me.
  16. In the Mother's Day Just 4 Kicks podcast, Sam said that she enjoys dancing, but that it's not her passion and that her flexibility isn't there, since she hasn't been training for years. She went on to say that she would never put K/J/C through having to tell her no when she knows that she's not DCC-ready. I'm paraphrasing, of course. Hayley basically echoed that sentiment.
  17. Sorry if I missed this, but was Kristin on WW this season, or is your comment speculation? I try to give her a pass because I'm impressed by her as a person, but she came back looking soft to me, even though I don't recall K, J, or C being dissatisfied with her figure.
  18. @Kitkatkitty strikes again! You are amazing at compiling potential candidates!
  19. Same! I think making TC last year was huge for her and I hope that she used her experience to truly prepare to come back and make the squad. Genuine is the perfect word for her and I'm pulling for her right beside you.
  20. I'm pulling for Savvy to get some sort of accolade, too. She seems to be reliable, selfless, genuine, and sweet.
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