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  1. I loved checking out the wedding party pics and photo gallery. I know there are mixed feelings about a DCC-heavy bridal party, but my nostalgic heart adores seeing them together. Daniel is so cute rocking a high ponytail and like some of you mentioned, it's so sweet seeing that she and Jasmine are still besties.
  2. If we're talking about the Cassie and __ teaming up on "I don't like my haircut" Taylor, then that was Ally Trainor, not Mia Greenhouse.
  3. I remember it also being said that their routines typically have more moves. For example, another team's choreo may have one move on every count, whereas a DCC routine may have a move on the half-beat, too.
  4. The fact that we both thought that was her, definitely makes me think that we could be on to something.
  5. @lemonbus230 @Jennv Are y'all here to spill the tea, or just clutch your pearls and chum the waters?? Curious to hear which other cheerleaders you mean and the nature of their fraternizing. 🙂
  6. Jaycie and...(I can't identify the blonde). Maybe she's a friend who wasn't a DCC? She reminds me of the Courtney/Bring It On girl, but that's probably unlikely.
  7. Sounds like the mass exodus that was threatened if Victoria returned for another year...
  8. Cool find about a former DCC! I didn't start following the cheerleaders until I discovered MTT, so I don't know anything about Terra. Hoping someone can fill us in because she seems amazing! I also prefer those shorts over the current ones.
  9. Good for her, looking happy and cute! Her DCC journey has had highs and lows, but she has my respect and well-wishes. Love the cute pics she takes with her boyfriend, especially that cute one with them and Amy and her hubby in uniform on the field with their guys holding them on their shoulders, since people confuse them, apparently.
  10. Was prepared to watch, scroll on, and smh at folks being judgemental and nitpicky. BUT, I watched all four videos and I was almost immediately struck at the performance and technique difference between VK and the other three performers. I even went back and watched hers again, just to make sure I wasn't unknowingly drinking the kool-aid. Even if I just go on facial expressions alone, she came across insipid and immature. I presume she's a sweet girl, but like so many have said-if TPTB hadn't put so much sustained effort into putting her in the spotlight, I probably wouldn't have even noticed her much.
  11. I agree. I'm not offended by people doing necessary things while following proper protocols.
  12. Some good info in there! Another new platform for me, lol.
  13. That always bugs me, too, just like nailing them on the field entry on the first night or two.
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