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  1. The incessant drumming thing, MAKE IT STOP. Besides distracting and annoying they actually drown out the dialogue in some scenes. Is that by design? Ok that's my post. As you were everyone. Back to your summer. Oops sorry one more thing. Iggy driving the RV while the unrestrained children performed circus moves in the back complete with one hanging from the bunk above him. Add my mother chain smoking in the front seat and you have my childhood car trips from the 1970s.
  2. Legit thought the old boy band guys were a parody group. When I saw how crushed they were I was like oh god they're serious. Simon was basically just stop. Lol
  3. Watching the format of this show play out reminded me of my senior year math class where I sat there thinking what's even happening right now. People coming and going, then coming back out, crying and goodbying, saving, more voting and goodbying and a wildcard or something. All we're missing is a dart board and fire.
  4. I tuned in kind of late and didn't recognize Caleb sans hat sitting in the back. Figuring more AI trickery my last pandemic nerve was triggered. Who the f**k is...what are they....oh wait.... Yep. Nope. Shrug. Glare. It will be amazing.
  5. I like his voice and country music and all that but for me it's how he looks like at any given moment he's about 10 seconds from flipping everybody off.
  6. One time I came downstairs to a naked Barbie swinging from the rafters. Neither of my brothers would fess up and the really creepy part was I never owned a Barbie so apparently they kidnapped her as well.
  7. The magic had to leave. You know it's bad when even the reverse mortage scammers are like nah.
  8. He was in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. And yes I'm the one who watched it.
  9. Agreed. I liked when Katy was trying to get him to smile and he was having none of it. He's my fave because he can live without this. He also slightly scares me. Lol Reality was hitting her hard in that moment. Admitedly I don't know how song choice works with the duets but she should have done a ballad imo. Softened up her image, toned down the tude, and added a touch of humility and she might have gone through. And Katy could have helped her with this earlier but chose to play it up instead.
  10. I understand everyone's point about the tickets and the Conner's cycle of poverty, but Molly's dying wish was for Darlene to use those tickets to have some fun and live for the moment because you may not get the future. Molly didn't. Also, Jesus take the wheel because I'm way beyond tired with respect to Ben.
  11. Might have been an attempt to soften Dan up a bit because he's been kind of a dick at times and a pandemic nod to all the dog adoption that's gone on. Either way a dog is an easy win.
  12. Brilliant! That would explain how they shot that scene. I was trying to figure it out.
  13. Caleb Kennedy is 16 but sings like he's 40 so maybe that's why they were meh about his original song. They forgot. I thought it was good. Love his voice. Hannah needs her own show where she just walks around commenting on life. I understand why she grates for AI with some people but she's funny. Maybe I grate. Lol
  14. Literally the least likely way I could ever catch Covid would be being at a pool, falling asleep by that pool, and waking up surrounded by 20 something year olds.
  15. And then he goes "she reacted to you the way people usually react to me." Lol I genuinely enjoyed tonight. This season has finally found its footing. Strong night for PowerPoint. They're using this in grade four?? Damn I was still tracing my hand and watching another kid eat glue. I think the second Savanna is sleeper voice of the show if Blake wants to invest the time. Some beautiful qualities. Surprised Kelly didn't turn. Maybe she was still recovering from definitely not you Jordan.
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