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  1. Yeah, there is something kinda rude about how it comes off, even though she says best 3 years. I agree with you. Granted I don’t dislike her, but I’m not a huge fan of Christina. But WOW, did you retire or did you get cut? Seriously. That’s harsh and totally rude. Why would you ask that, and especially to her?
  2. That would be great! I guess it’s more of why do then/now on rookie. Why not at least start with someone who has been there longer or at least more recently retired, like, as you suggest Kashara (Love Kashara).
  3. I’m thinking Charlotte’s dress is a tad short.....but that may just be me....color looks good on her though.
  4. I just can’t even watch that. I don’t hate Meredith, but I’m not a fan, her whining bothered me, and I watched them people in previous years for her memory. And why do then & now for rookies. (I haven’t watched any of them). I mean, do a then & now for, say, Mackenzie Lee, or Nicole Bulcher, or Ashton Torres.....or go further back to Alice Williams.....
  5. I hope it’s just an anniversary gift! I know that Victoria posted a picture with Kelsey congratulating her on ROTY.
  6. I like a lot of those, but Alexis is retiring? Darn, I like her!
  7. Yes, she’s in those and the recent one posted she’s got amazing lines, is elegant, emotional and is just a beautiful dancer.
  8. Rachel W’s hair is so beautiful, then again she is stunning anyway. I’d love to know how it’s cut also, since it looks so great straight also. I know they had Kat do a makeup tutorial, but I’d love for Rachel W to do one also, her makeup here is is great, and her eyeshadow blends so well. Yes, I know, #girlcrush. Amen sister!
  9. God bless her, I feel so bad for her and hope she finds happiness now. 🙏
  10. She’s stunning! You’re right, I don’t think it’s possible for her to take a bad picture. She got just a bit of attention on MTT cause of being 1st runner up to Miss America. #girlcrush
  11. Nothing against her, but I think she could be cut. She pretty, though I’m not as enamored of her as TPTB are...; and they cut several that I thought were better dancers and had the choreography better. But that’s just me.....
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