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  1. Several years ago why did they keep Kat, Morgan, or the Samantha who couldn’t directions and tanned the night before cameos when emailed not to do so several days before, and who had suspect memories. And Merideth, beautiful technique, but suspect memory. Kat, who I really like, suspect memory. Couple of years ago they cut Hannah for her weight, and she was an amazing dancer, yet gave others more time. Not that they shouldn’t have given others more time, but why not Hannah also. They also gave Danielle, Jennifer C, Veronica a chance to lose weight. Kashara and Holly were weight warned also. If they do like they did Danielle and those ladies, they will pull them from appearances. I get that your animosity isn’t against Victoria, and I like most of the ladies I mentioned (couple aren’t my favs), but my point being Kelli and Judy confuse me. I believe they want the bet team, but I don’t believe they are always consistent. And I will shut up now. 😉
  2. It seems allot of folks aren’t big fans of Victoria, but I like her. She may not be the absolute best dancer in the room, but, in my opinion, she is a very good dancer, bright, beautiful and fun to watch. I remember previous years when they kept people who weren’t a fraction as good and couldn’t follow directions. My favorite DCC is Rachel W. She beautiful and an amazing dancer. And every time I’ve heard her interviewed she comes across as very sweet, real and honest.
  3. LRCH

    S14.E09: Field Ready

    Victoria has been given less screen time, but to me, Merideth has too much.
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