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  1. Same. And after all that shit that Quinn talked about Brooke walking up into people's spaces and jacking her jaws she'd have a little more self-awareness. But this is Quinn so very unlikely. That slap that she gave Brooke deserves some serious payback, Brooke should honestly break her nose(I thought Brooke was a fighter?). I know if I was Brooke I would stomp Quinn out every time I saw her on principle for what she did to Hope & Liam. Or has everyone conveniently forgotten that? Ridge can come off it any day who cares about the history between Brooke and Bill? It's the present everyone should be more concerned about. Brooke still left Bill FOR RIDGE and expresses no regrets. Unlike with the recent kiss which she does regret. Meanwhile Ridge was a fake ass enabler regarding Tomass and running his dirty, cheating mouth to Shauna about it. Not one care. Fuck this show. Someone needs to tell Brad & the other writers that stalking Logan hater forums and going so far to please them(ignoring/revising history) isn't going make this soap last any longer than it's supposed to. Eric should dump Quinn not even because of her slightly unwarranted hatred for Brooke, but because she's a unempathic, hateful, psychopath who can't be told a damn thing, who should be in jail and always has to have her way. Eric you can do better and if you can't, BE SINGLE.
  2. Surprisingly, I was able to (somewhat) stomach the Bridge Reunion. What I couldn't stomach was Whyatt playing the "good boyfriend" to Sally that guy is such a douche, he deserves a humiliating comeuppance just like Tomass got. But he won't get it because he's "the good guy" smh..... THIS. Tbh I just FF trough that mess, Quinn is such a hypocritical, biach didn't she get busted for Lip-locking with Ridge before? Didn't she encourage Shauna's stank ass to pursue Ridge (or at least was passive about Ridge making out with Shauna while married) to Not to mention she's a violent, psycho rapist. I couldn't stand to listen to her shit on Brooke cos she has absolutely NO ROOM TO TALK ABOUT ANYONE LIKE SHUT UP ALREADY!!! Brooke isn't gloating but even if she was And? So? Tomass was going after her daughter she has a right to be happy that he was exposed you friggin twat. If a psycho was going after Whyatt and was exposed she actually would be gloating, in speaking of which. Check your son and his wack ass crew for tricking a dying woman and patting themselves on the back for it. I hate Quinn so much. (God listening to Quinn drag Brooke was almost as annoying as hearing Kristen's un-holy holier-than-thou ass on DOOL ragging on other people like her shit don't stink.) What is it with Soaps nowadays "redeeming" nonredeemable people and shoving them in our faces as "heroines" pls make it stop. At this point the Brill kiss barely makes Brooke and Ridge even, how many times did he tongue bathe Shauna? 10? 20? more? It was one kiss and she still took him back, if Ridge doesn't get over it then hopefully that will be the sign that Brooke needs to understand that Ridge will never play fair or grow up. And then promptly dumps his ass. That would awesome and too good a punishment for those two.
  3. I still maintain that Dope and Waffles shouldn't raise Douglas (based on the pure belief that once he is SORA'd it will bite them both in the ass, Dope especially) the boy has two grandmothers who would be a much better fit to raise him than anyone in LA. Or just bring Caroline back from the dead so we can end this "Hope = Mommy" crap once and for all. I'm glad Dope is a little less Dopey but I'm still not convinced she's not an idiot or a doormat. "I'm done being victimized" until next time Hope. You always fall for it, sometimes you walk straight into it with your eyes wide open! At the end of the day she still left her infant child with the man who let her believe she was dead not even a solid year ago! I'm starting to think she can't help herself.... The only way I'd take her seriously now is if she killed(or hired someone to do it) Tomass and framed Felony Flo for it. THAT is good Soap SL used to be about! And the only one who'd know is Bill and he would protect Hope(or she could blackmail him into protecting her) and Brooke would find out later (which could pave the way for a Brill reunion, I'm not a Brill fan but they do have chemistry.) That way Hope would have revenge on Tomass and Felony Flo and for once we could get a character driven story instead of a plot driven one. But asking too much from writers these days smh........
  4. I'm glad Sonny said what he said to Gabi because she needed to hear it, and hear it from someone who cares about her and her daughter. And Sonny is the only one in a position to say what he said to her anyway(Will too if he was there). It was so great watching those two! Great scenes and A+ acting! Ciara it was so embarrassing to watch you Friday, good god almighty one of the women Ben killed was Rafe's (half) sister (I didn't expect Rafe or the writers to remember that though) this is not the guy you want to reason with for Ben's life. At least he turned himself in now maybe she will whine a little bit less.....Who am I kidding? No she won't. Will you are being stupid Maggie may be sweet but she's not your daughter you are not responsible for her happiness or peace of mind you are responsible for Ari's, poor girl....Sonny is the real MVP Gabi.......that was fucked up and hardcore lmao......DOOL really wants her to be the Phyllis Newman of Salem huh...... 🙄 I can't imagine an uglier fate for one of my faves.
  5. I was able to tolerate today's show. In a manner of speaking. CB and CM were the highlights for me. Julie shut your stupid ass up, yes Gabi totally went too far rigging the pacemaker but don't rewrite history regarding Nick, he was an ass and that's putting it mildly. Thank you for reminding me why you deserve even less sympathy than Gabi and even Lani. She got on my nerves real bad with her "Abby had nothing to be sorry for" attitude. I liked Abby's character for a hot second and then she had to claim herself for "protecting" Gabi. Bitch please, you give yourself way too much credit, if you pressed charges on her, she could have and would have pressed some right back because last time I checked, framing someone for murder is hella illegal. A Federal offense at that. I'm half-convinced that the writers are stalking some DOOL threads because what Gabi said sounded really familiar(and accurate). I chuckled when she said "Abigail and her merry band of alters" Oh Lani if only you had did all of this a year ago, could've spared me the sight of Gabi and Eli getting together in the first place....Must you make things so hard? 🤣🤣 I'm gonna miss JJ count me in that table as well. Random, but I really liked Jennifer's shirt today! It was very cute IMO
  6. Thank God! This pacemaker SL is almost over! (Bonus; I don't have to put up with GabixEli anymore) Ciara is annoying with her endless Ben defending, but I did like the very true point she made. That Chad does/would do the same thing for his batshit significant other. (He doesn't even deny it lmao). Also I'm glad at least one person doesn't have selective memory when it comes to Abby's misdeeds. Me at the Kristen/Brady scenes: 🤮🤮🤮 🤮🤮🤮
  7. The big push in the Diversity category is likely due to Social Media and everyone having a voice, and the push is valid since our real lives are diverse so why not our television and movies? It's a topic that comes up frequently among my Media classes, however I will say that I notice that whenever a cast is diverse the writing is shit(not always) and makes you wonder is it even worth it? Perfect example that Anna Yolei mentioned Star Wars had a black male lead in the first movie and when it got backlash what did Disney do? They buckled and sidelined him for the rest of the trilogy (A bit of a broad explanation but that's the gist). Then there is Black Panther which was wildly successful on a global scale. Crazy Rich Asians etc. There is money to be made in diverse casting and not doing so Hollywood is missing out on bags and bags of money. Because People of Color watch T.V/Movies too and Hollywood is slowly catching up to this. As for B&B there is Detective Sanchez who they never use I was so hoping they would do something more with him after the Phobeth story came to an end, and possibly could've put an end to the DopeSteamless love triangle once and for all, Carter who's a joke, and Maya who's also never there. I think there needs to be more diverse writers at the helm before they cast people of color onto the screen because without that aspect you get characters like the former mentioned above. Or Lani on DOOL. In speaking of DOOL is diverse-ish but their POC are written terribly, I'm black too and I cannot stand Lani. The nicest thing I could say about her is her hair always looks good. And as much as I love Gabi her writing is shitty too but Camila Banus carries it for me. I don't watch soaps for racial sensitivity either but can appreciate when it's (rarely) done right. Lol The cancer story for Sharon is being handled well but the fact that it's paving the way for more Sharon/Prick it turned sour for me real quick. I've almost always hated that pairing. The fact that Taylor found the nerve to shoot Bill but not Quinn is just further proof that she's crazy.
  8. Thank You Boes. Abby ain't sorry for shit and it could be the actress(Kate Mansi) that gives off this impression tbh...Who knows? It doesn't matter that much cos either way like you said Abs excused herself and more or less wanted everyone else to do the same. I stuck my neck out for Lani a while ago but that was a one time deal. I couldn't care less about her now. She hasn't become likable since. 🤣🤣🤣 This is soooo true OMG!!!! Kristen why are you calling Nicole a dishrag like you aren't one yourself? Girl, sit down somewhere... Lol she's becoming more desperate than Phyllis on Y&R which holy crap that is not good if I'm making that comparison. I suspect that Nicole vs. Kristen will give me some genuine laughs mostly due to Nicole egging Kristen on(she better watch out tho Kris is psycho af). Nicole's hair did not look right to me, liked her dress though. It was so refreshing(and surprising) to see Ciara do something unrelated to Ben for once. The character has been painfully one note for too long. I wonder how long will it take for it to sink in for Will that he's innocent. Since he is so thoroughly convinced that he's guilty.
  9. Welp Brooke you have really done it. You've pissed off Quinn. Not even Stephanie's ghost can save you now lol. But I'm all seriousness Quinn is a several times attempted murderer, a rapist, and hypocritical elitist trash. I've longed for her brutal exit for years now but looks like I will have to wait cos Brooke haters just need to see her pay for her crimes before and more than anyone else, apparently. Brooke. Stephanie knew how to fight sneakily and when to get in a bitch's face. You don't have that down yet. Learn how fight(like punching people. Hard) cos judging by that slap Quinn gave you, you aren't strong enough. You are still a padawan young Skywalker(wouldn't it be hilarious is Stephanie came back as a force ghost to teach Brooke the ways of the force?) LMAO I agree that the aggressive leeches known as Shauna and Quinn should get the steppin and not let the door knob hit them on the way out. But there is a way to do things and this ain't it chief. Quinn is gonna fight dirty and my only hope and wish is that the writers can have someone match her blow for blow(doesn't have to be Brooke but someone) if I have to hear Queen Quinn one more MF time I'm gonna break something Lol
  10. ^^^Same! GabiXJJ was my OTP for a little bit once upon a time. And I still like him sorta.
  11. I and other people have said this, but I will repeat myself Abby having mental illness does NOT let her off the hook. Period. I knew Abby had a mental illness when I said what I said and I still feel that way. It provides explanation and maybe even insight but not an excuse she's an adult, not a 12 year old girl. She was still wrong as hell and her misdeeds cannot be swept under rug with "oops I'm sick in the head so if you hold me accountable for my actions then you're a monster lol" Yeah, no. People get this when it comes to Ben but not Abby and I have no idea why. Gabi could have trauma after almost getting raped and beaten within an inch of her life but since it's Gabi no one cares. Abby is not that sorry since not too long ago she said Gabi lashes out when she "gets her feeling hurt" completely and utterly invaliding any pain she or anyone else may have caused Gabi in the past. So idc what sob story Abby has she can keep it. Won't faze me one bit. I also already said that JJ sticking up for his sister was fine he probably should even if she is obnoxious. What I don't like is Abby being made out to be this poor little victim who did nothing wrong ever. She is not without blame. Makes me wonder that if Gabi turned up with a mental illness and said it was her alter "Abbi" and put on a wig would she given the same amount coddling and excuses? Would Julie and Lani be made to feel that they had to get over what Gabi did to them? I wonder...... I chalk up the whole Stabi thing as rushed writing they really could've handled it better(ya know like everything else lol) and she doesn't have to forgive Abby if she doesn't want to. Just like Abby doesn't have to forgive Gabi for what she did. I don't care if she stays mad forever, she's within her right to as much as Gabi is. I know Gabi has done bad things however I'm not down for dogging her out like she's the only person ever on DOOL to do shitty things to people. Or that this is the worst thing that any character on DOOL has ever, ever done in the history of soap opera television. I'm sorry if some Gabi fans annoy you I keep to myself mostly and do my thing, but maybe keep scrolling next time if certain posts bother you that much. For the forums sake. 🙂 Have a Great Night! 👍
  12. True. Be that as it may however, JJ should know his sister is not infallible she provoked Gabi by sending her to prison for a crime she didn't commit if Abby didn't want to be gaslighted then maybe she shouldn't have gone around framing people for murder and being an all around judgmental twat, if JJ wants to stick up for his sister fine. But don't enable her or make excuses he knows what she did. Like he knows what Gabi did in response. As for Lani this is the chick he cheated on Gabi with, maybe he should stay out of it even if he doesn't agree. They both did her wrong. But if JJ is the one that put this storyline to rest, then so be it they just need to hurry it up before I start disliking him the way I dislike the rest of his family. I really don't want to do that.
  13. @CountryGirl came through with the recap!! Thank you! Now I don't have to watch it myself! And wow motherfuck Quinn. I've never not hated her she is such a useless character just like her son. She doesn't have a single humanizing quality she is so evil! Eric the sex can't be that good wake up and smell the bitch coffee! In speaking of Eric; Brooke's request of him is not all that ridiculous the way she is going about is though. Eric never should've married Quinn begin with and harboring her granddaughter's accessory kidnapper on his property after everything they've been through is a punch in the gut. So what if Hope has her baby back? That doesn't make up for the time lost or Tomass ruining her life and marriage as a result of her continued lies. Not to mention as a result of that trauma Hope feels a very unhealthy obligation to Douglas who is not her child.
  14. I saw someone on a different site make the excellent point that Gabi saved JJ's life and asked for nothing in return but Lani stopped JJ from shooting Kristen(the woman who killed his girlfriend over nothing, much like how his other girlfriend died) and is now asking for a favor. Like are the writers sure Lani is the one we are supposed to be rooting for? I think this is ass backwards. When I think about it, Lani has more or less sabotaged every relationship Gabi has had Eli, JJ and then Stefan(I would say he's the luckiest cos he didn't have to live in order to get fucked by Lani) so I don't feel that sorry for her. Not saying Gabi is 100% justified in dragging Julie into her beef with Lani but It's understandable since Julie was an ass to Gabi for so long. So two birds with one stone, but good grief there had to have been a better way than some stupid pacemaker app. I will go to my grave calling this story line stupid. Also Gabi x Eli does nothing for me they can't break up soon enough.
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