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  1. As others have said, Steffy has slapped Sheila at least twice. Sheila made Lauren's life a living hell for the better part of a decade over less. The only reason I can come up with for the swerve on attention is that Bell wants to ramp up Brooke hate, because there's just no excuse for any of this. They want to make Steffy a heroine, Sheila's right there to stir up trouble in HER life IIRC, Sheila torturing Lauren was the first time a lot of people felt bad for her after her reign as the Head Bitch of Genoa City in the 80s and Steffy is inexplicably popular as it is. Fanfic writers
  2. Dickvon: "I didn't know what else to do" oh...I don't know maybe back the fuck off and/or start your own family? I can't believe he had the nerve to claim he didn't want to get lawyers involved ever. With Amanda sitting right there! (and lawyers were there from the start you idiot but whatever). I was happy with Abby calling him out, and I wished she went in a bit harder. If he's worried about Chance's mental state then he's got a piss poor way of showing it, since he's willing to put a man with PTSD on the stand. I hate that TIIC made Chance so understanding & agreeing to this bullshit, b
  3. Even if Douchevon turns on Amanda he should still be a social pariah/outcast. Although, I have a bad feeling there will be no shortage of enablers. The only people that won't stand for it besides Chance/Abby is their immediate family. He might hate being ostracized but he should've thought of that shit before he started pissing & moaning about not seeing Dominic enough. The knife is already in Abby/Chance's backs. And Amanda might've handed him the knife, but ultimately, he was the one who stuck it in. He took what Chance, a man struggling with PTSD, told him privately in confidence &
  4. ^^^This! Seriously how long did this simple bitch think a relationship with Lame would last anyway when 1)She was only hounding him to torture Hope & ruin her life. Whether the writers ever make her admit that or not. And 2) Had to compromise his autonomy(tho he was the indecisive dipshit moron that made it so easy) to make an informed decision 99% of the time? IMO Steamless was doomed from the start or at least way before Stallion night. Tbh Steffy deserved just as much, if not more shit from Lame for being duplicitous and manipulative all those years, than she did for Stallion night. Alt
  5. Devon is a passive aggressive asshole wishing that he wasn't "forced" to sue for custody for Dominic and hiding behind Amanda, yeah she's giving him trash advice, but he's willingly soaking it all up. And he was the one that was all mopey about Dom going home when Chance/Abby got back in the first place. This dickhead was all too eager to ambush Abby by herself & didn't want to wait for Chance to get back. I'm glad Abby stood her ground & made his bitch ass wait. At least he was partially honest when he said he was making this decision for himself, so much for being on the same team as
  6. All of this gets worse once you realize a whole team of people, plus Brad got paid too much money to write (and edit!) this trash and it still got aired. Amazing. Steffy was raised to be a "good human" you know what? She actually was, by Brooke & Ridge however Steffy is anything but thanks to Tayloon's poison. Poison, that Steffy has been old enough to spurn, but won't. So alot of fucking good that did. Oh Steffy, it's upside down world? I think It's far worse than that. It's a fucking Marvel/DC multiverse, alternate timeline in this bitch. With all the retold, revised history being s
  7. I like the idea of Johnny's love for Chanel being real enough not to do that, if it weren't then that just vindicates Allie. IMO she doesn't deserve to be vindicated about her brother, I think she needs to be humbled & proven wrong. So far, Allie has kind of proven herself to be the antagonist of that age group or at least she has the attitude of one. Hopefully she can mellow out after Johnny is saved(if that happens).
  8. I'm so glad that Paris' mother wasn't drinking the "Carter is so amazing" Kool-Aid! I was living for the shade and side-eye's she was giving him. I didn't even care it was mostly on Zoe's behalf, because that's how much Carter sucks to me now. I hope she keeps it up and drags him for trying to come between Zende/Paris if/when she finds out.
  9. We're only 12 days into the New Year and Victoria is already angling for "Worst sister of the year" award. Also great job Jill for selling ChanceComm to Newman/Locke!(the writers really don't give a fuck). And How nice of her to leave out the fact that she sided with and encouraged her dumbass, holier-than-thou ex-husband to trick Adam out of Newman Media to further her bullshit agenda. I could not take Lily seriously, her walking around town with NotBilly's self-righteous chip on her shoulder was cringeworthy. She was condescending to Adam(to Ashland as well) and I wished he went in o
  10. This is most beautiful sentence I've seen this week. Lmao I also agree with prior comments about how Hope went about this the wrong way. She shouldn't have gone to their turf and if she really had to then she should've cast stones at Steffy's head when the hypocritical bitch started going on about Brooke being in a disgusting scandal(to the product of said scandal as if she doesn't know like the idiot Steffy is). Says the high horsing heifer who had to have paternity tests run for both her kids in less than 3 years. Yeah dummy, you know a thing or two about being in disguising scandals y
  11. So they drop CLB but think we want to see the likes of Phyllis and Billy every other day(or at all tbh). Wow....😒 Booo Devon and Amanda, I wish they would both shut up. It's normal that Devon is having regrets about giving away his firstborn but, it's also tough shit. He should've realized & reconciled with that before he opened his big mouth to volunteer being a donor and signed legal documents. Plus, Abby could have and should have just said no to Devon donating, but at least she set clear boundaries early on maintains them. There is no evidence to Chance/Abby being unfit parents an
  12. So TIIC have added even more cringe to the show as if Brooke being Ridge's doormat, Ridge running off to tongue bathe his halo wearing ex-wife, Steffy ever the hypocrite trashing Brooke, and pushing for a reunion between her tired ass parents, and Sheila being a Forrester/Marone bootlicker instead of a free for all villain like she used to be, wasn't bad enough. The writers are trying to make fetch happen with this nasty ass Paris/Carter bullshit. Great... I like you but Hope please get a grip. If she were a kid or a teen I would understand the "it's my fault" angle a bit more, but this
  13. Today's show was amazing, and it went by kind of fast! I find that even when I fast forward through the crappy moments the episode still feels so long. I forgot how it used to be when Soaps were truly good, an hour didn't feel long enough back then. Also, Christan LeBlanc was/is even better looking than I remember! Lauren and Michael have really come along way from their hell raising 90's days, and I felt happy they were happy. I give today's episode a 10/10 which is truly amazing since I rate them -10/10 most days.
  14. Same. I thought Amanda was decent, her forced friendship with Phyllis not withstanding, but thanks to Devoid (lol good one!), I still found her kind of boring at times. Not quite as boring as Elena or Nate, but still. And I kind of resented that the TIIC created her instead of just resurrecting Hilary as MM seemed to have more fun/passion playing Hilary. Either way Amanda was relatively okay and I was just going to keep passively ignoring her, and Devon until the writers came up with this dumb as shit baby SL. But as much as a clusterfuck that SL is, three characters I could give a shit
  15. Ridge and Lame deserve better? It's one thing for her to have rose colored glasses when it comes to her ogre dad. But it's entirely another for her to spew such BS about Lame's waffling, cheating ass even if she's usually beneficiary of his shitty, fickle behavior. Steffy's called him out before but she only cared about Lame's bullshit behavior when it negatively impacted her for once. Steffy's not a clown, she's the whole circus now. And she's dressed for the occasion anyway. I liked that Brooke went to an AA meeting, instead of just sulking and suffering in silence. But she really need
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