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  1. Oh I could so do without those faces Maddie was making in Jen Colvin's video. Who told her they were cute? I just wanna talk...
  2. So it seems Holly Powell has been hired as a dancer in a burlesque show. Guess it fits for her
  3. Josie liked someone's comment on Lauren Duggar's photo of snark, Lauren had the almost the exact same photo of Bella under the tree as Josie did with Willow and the outfit was spot on. Someone commented that they liked the aesthetic so much that they copied her and Josie liked it.
  4. I think this season was my favorite. I was always the person who didn't want to watch what everyone else was raving about, but I finally decided to give it a try. I binged all 3 seasons in like 2 weeks and now I'm obsessed. I was glad they touched on the culture surrounding females in the work place in the 80's especially in a newsroom surrounded by guys. It was funny how the guys turned out to be flayed in the end. The addition of Robin was great and I loved her character. It was nice for Steve to have a bigger role in this season as well. Sad to say I fell for the chemistry between Robin and Steve and was surprised when they had Robin come out to him. It'll be nice for him to have a partner in crime though. I accidentally spoiled myself with Hopper's death trying to figure out who exactly Murray was and why he kept cropping up in the last two seasons.
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