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  1. I am hoping JJ was being sarcastic when she told this fool she was intelligent- clearly she's not. This woman I think suffers from the "formerly cute syndrome" coupled with the toxic "smarter than everyone in the room disease". I kept waiting for JJ to go for the throat, but for some reason she didn't -maybe she just had a delicious lunch. The landlord seemed like a nice woman- kind of gives me pause though- she didn't see through this woman- from a therapist's perspective. I was about 30 seconds in on this woman, and new she was bad news.
  2. Watched it. Not a sixteen year old. Wait til the new Mom and Dad get the treatment. I think she came clean to the people who left her the apartment, but grifting is easier than getting a job. I do not watch Dr. Phil as a rule because I find him to be a revolting human being. He did not change my opinion of him, today.
  3. I like the supermarket cashier, I think he is a model; just didn't want to say so. Caro is obnoxious but will make good tv. Kyra is beautiful, and I like her style in how she is getting to know everybody. I think she'll pick Cowboy because pink bathing suit is kind of a dud.
  4. The only wedding that looked like fun this past week-was the first. The bride looked great too. The two brides who wore the same dress- the sleeveless dress was over accessorized. Thought the flower wreath headpiece on the sleeve bride was too big. My interest in this show is waning-never thought I'd feel that way. Thank God for DVR. I can fast forward through the interminable stories. When is the wealthy, tacky group gonna show up? Can't bring the snark because it would be meanspirited. The show is too long- a ruthless editor is needed. The concept of strangers rating your wedding was key to the success of the previous shows. It's now too easy to skew the results for each other. This season has been a failed experiment- too bad.
  5. Gosh, I am so glad I am not the only one who thought it! All I could think was if the nurse and her husband procreate, they'll have to mortgage the house for orthodontia! I hate this format. There has been nothing to recommend any of these shows, but this one was a new low! The wman who came in last-what a snob- were those real dishes for the buffet? I can almost smell the cow manure. I am not interested in people who wear jeans to a wedding and/or are morbidly obese. Why did anyone think this show was a good idea? It boggles.
  6. When I watched this show, I felt these women settled (with the exception of Maggie LOL). Certainly the women were far more attractive than their counterparts (with exception of Maggie). Kat's husband looked like a monkey! Loved the first gown- hated that she named it. Got the feeling she always gets her way, thus, the sore loser tears at the end. The next dress I liked was Kat's- loved the little bolero for the church- grossed out by the kiss though. Then Lexi- fit well but over accessorized with the veil and the jewelry. Lastly Maggie. Now if there was ever a day to go the opposite way- pull out the stops- it's your wedding day. The dress with it's sad little strap hanging down, the makeup was spackled on, and the grab ass on the groom (did Ashley cut his hair??), was unsettling to say the least. Honestly, the only thing I was sure of was Lexi was not gonna win! The premise sucks IMO- better to have stranger brides critique your wedding- they can be vicious (Hello Danielle), and that's where the entertainment value lies! There was nothing about any of the weddings that made a positive impression on me- raving about mac and cheese? Please.
  7. I watched the first show and the couple was cute, but this guy from last night? What's wrong with this girl? I half expected him to say "I've already picked out my dress-but don't tell her!" Didn't really care for any of the weddings, but if I had to pick- #1! Themes are for children's parties! Special shoutout to the human wine bar- so tacky!
  8. I have always thought the Mother did it. I think once the Father dies, Burke will spill the beans. I saw a preview of his TV appearance, and just the fact he's going on Dr. Phil leads me to believe he's more than a little nutty. The FBI guy was right about everything. I can't imagine in a million years that these people thought the cops would target them or ever get any kind of indictment after the crime scene was mismanaged. Going on TV and talking to CNN, writing books, they ought to be ashamed of themselves. The family actually believes their version of events now. I only hope the knock out blow killed the child and she didn't suffer.
  9. What's the problem with OJ getting 33 years? Did he not have access to the appeal process? Just because you might not think it a crime, the law does. As for Fred Goldman, his son is viciously murdered, pretty much forgotten in the blinding light of this celebrity driven trial- and he's suppose to get over it? I don't know about you, but if I were in his shoes, what happened to this kid would be the first and last thing I'd think of each day. Yes, there are a lot of innocent people that have suffered at the hands of law enforcement, and nowadays the police are no longer blindly believed as .they once were, but, OJ had nothing to do with that evolution, He was a rich man who bought his way out, the handling of the evidence was shoddy, and the prosecution was vastly out lawyered. I think the use of jury consultants by the defense won this case from the get go as well-was surprised it was so briefly touched on. I thought this was a well done documentary, my only complaint is the score was very close to Spike Lee's, " When the Levees Broke".
  10. I really was looking forward to the Washington couple- I just thought they were nice guys, both with a great sense of humor. I did get a flip vibe though. I mean seven bedrooms and six bathrooms for two people? I didn't get a feeling that the place was lived in either- seemed off some how. Also, that couple with those ugly chesterfield couches bugged me, I think lofts are good for singles/couples without children. As for the name Kensington- I work on a maternity dept. do you know how many little girls are named Mackenzie? Or Sidney? At least Bella and Ava dried up. For little boys-Hunter, Cole, Zack, and Joshua. We had a Mary and a Glenn a few weeks ago, I think those parents were overwhelmed with our compliments!
  11. I was so happy to read that Dr. Petit remarried and had a child. The crushing depression and horror of what he lived through- I admire his strength and faith. If anybody deserved the death penalty, it's these two guys, but, I live in the south. I don't know what it's like in the rest of the country but we have quite a few convictions overturned because in their zeal to solve cases, the police pinned it on some poor person. Now I don't mean some victimized person, I mean a guy/gal that doesn't have family to put their house up for mortgage to retain a decent lawyer who will get death taken off the prosecutorial table so to speak. The death penalty is not fair and frankly I believe that life in prison without parole is a pretty awful life. Yeah, I guess you're alive, but is that really living?
  12. That design job was just awful. If I knew that "designer", and didn't like her, I would be positively gleeful about now. I think the one guy can stop calling himself a preservationist. The tile concept in the kitchen did not lend any aspect of coolness or whatever they were going for- it just looked dumb. The minute she showed that "reclaimed wood" for the kitchen cabinets, we sat back and waited for the disaster we knew to be coming, and they didn't disappoint. On a more positive note, it was nice to see Buffalo in the 3-month period where it is absolutely gorgeous. That Wright house is not far from where I grew up, and it's good to see someone taking care of it-though probably a museum now. One of Frank Lloyd Wright's earliest benefactors was a Buffalo businessman. Wright also designed a beautiful downtown commercial building which was tore down so a parking lot could be put there. So much for preservationists.
  13. I am originally from Buffalo, it is extremely cold in the winter, with costly snow removal and astronomical heating bills. it's a great city- the arts, food, and beauty of the parks (Olmstead designed some) are outstanding. Couldn't live there though. My occupation enables me to work anywhere, so I choose to live where the weather is mild with easy access to mountain or beach life. The house this HH chose had some beautiful features though, and I would hope that she is on the renovations show.
  14. I really don't like that light colored laminate at all, but it must be the thing right now because this is the second show it's been featured. I enjoy the show for the little things, like how the stagers used a mattress on a couple of cots for a bed. I think that they do a great job on the bathrooms, the tile, flooring choices always look wonderful. I would like to see an alternative to the sod lawns though. It must be so expensive, (not to mention prohibitive); to water those lawns. I am curious about the timeline of these episodes. Christina always looks flawless, but there was awhile there that Tarek didn't look so hot, and now he looks great. Who knows. Anyway, I think an hour would be too long, but I would like more shows. They're a likable pair, and it is refreshing to watch a couple who appear to be true partners in the business.
  15. That was a good article, I didn't know that he was involved in taking down John Edwards. I'm from Chapel Hill, NC and there had been rumors about him for years(Edwards), being a terrible womanizer. I do agree that calling the media conglomerate purveyors of porn has probably opened up a floodgate of cash to refresh people's memories of this clans history. Good. I do feel sympathy for these girls, because they are lost souls in my opinion. Also, Anna Duggar and their children. I do hope that CPS steps in and follows this family for awhile.
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