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  1. magenta

    S07.E15: Angela's Story

    Well I know Angela was making thousands of excuses I do feel that the rental apartments in Houston are not adequate for these people If I was a contractor in Houston I would try to find a location within a block or two of doctor now offices I would build efficiency apartments and have a full-time person who could do shopping and help them with walking I would make a iron fence around the whole property and have the gate carded like in a hotel I don't want to know what it is called in Houston but in Iowa it is called Section 8 and the rent is very good I'm not saying it should be like a Ronald McDonald House which is free but it should be reasonable for these people The thing that has just bothered me on every one of these people is that this stuff always falls to their parents who are elderly to try to figure out where they are going to stay
  2. magenta

    S12.E11: A New Food Network Star

    Rather watch Tyler in the food trucks at least they cook
  3. magenta

    Property Brothers

    Okay I'm very superficial where did they get that for $4,000 dining room lamp I am in love with it.
  4. magenta

    S32.E12: Now's The Time To Start Scheming

    You go home now you eat too much
  5. magenta

    S31.E14: Lie, Cheat, And Steal / S31.E15: Live Reunion

    Did everyone just to watch the live Green Room on Facebook Will and Spencer we're doing some kind of Tai Chi or karate Woo
  6. magenta

    S31.E12: Tiny Little Shanks To The Heart

    wow I really hate AbI
  7. magenta

    S31.E12: Tiny Little Shanks To The Heart

    Keith is the one you have to watch out for I am amazed at all the challenges he come so close to winning
  8. magenta

    S31.E12: Tiny Little Shanks To The Heart

    Ie liked Joe but when he Was talking to his dad he sounded just like my grandson. that aWe that his dad said something nice like that
  9. magenta

    S02.E06: Rhinoceros

    I know the show is not real but a lot of times they refer to real things that happened
  10. magenta

    S02.E06: Rhinoceros

    According to wiki the massacre at St Sioux Falls Took place in 1973 or if you want to go really far back in 1862 according to the show right at the beginning it says this all took place in 1979
  11. magenta

    Love It Or List It

    The wine cellar was a dead give away. 2.2 for a house and no mention of needing a cellar for all that wine. They weren't going anywhere.
  12. magenta

    S04.E09: Sketching With Sharks

    OMG I laughed and laughed. Hes an idiot. Shes not. Much better. They only have x ammount of time and are arguing over the Moon. Lol
  13. magenta

    S29.E14: This Is My Time / Live Reunion

    Yeah nat you go girl
  14. magenta

    S29: Natalie Anderson

    Yeah. Love her