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  1. It was "shocking" to see how Wendy-centric she was. In her mind, she didn't understand how "this kid" who has done "nothing" relatively speaking, in his short life, has/had MORE followers than MISS WENDELL WILLIAMS. She does NOT understand social media beyond a cursory knowledge. Her point was that some unknown kid was murdered, btw, and how is it that MORE PEOPLE "care" about HIM than WENDEEE????? She is so far up her own ass, it is gross. I actually blame her staff for letting her put her take out like that. For Norman to teehee along was worse, imo, because we KNOW Wendy is awful. That is h
  2. I used to hate watch. Now I don’t watch. I still like to keep up with this thread, because I have grown fond of this group. Much like the Wendy Williams group. Some good snark. I did watch the other day will on vacation. It was the day Kelly came out and about the first thing out of her mouth was how she would rather be doing any number of other things than doing the show. Ryan barely flinched, like this was normal talk from her. It felt like a hot mic moment between two coworkers, except Kelly said it like No Big Deal, I’m Over This Job. They didn’t miss a beat moving on to whatever inanity t
  3. The Skinnygirl fans can mosey over to HSN today as the "Today's Special" is a "Skinnygirl Sundazed Mouj Sweater Cardigan" ... which IMHO is just a tad on the, er, Uglygirl side, featuring wide horizontal stripes that nicely accentuate the hips. I clicked on the video presentation, gamely hosted by a somewhat unenthusiastic gal who tells us that while she would normally wear an XL or a 1X, she was able to size down to a Large, which is the oldest trick in the designer market - vanity sizing. She explains that Skinnygirl isn't about being skinny - it is in fact about embracing your curves, and t
  4. I remember being surprised how much I enjoyed his show, the first time I tuned in, and how quickly it became "must see TV" for me. Growing up, I barely knew of him, but as we know, he achieved greater fame in his later years. The timing was right, as I was home with newborns, and watching TV at nine AM on a weekday was a new experience. He had me hooked. Sure, he could be "corny," and sound old and crotchety, but more often than not, he would be entertaining just talking about his daily experiences, especially when Joy was there. Kathy Lee, I could take or leave, (mostly leave), and I remember
  5. What is Meghan wearing on her head?? A cross between a pink bathing cap from the '60s and a pin cushion??
  6. Meghan: Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Shoulder pads?? The irritating glasses are back. I’m no makeup guru but it looks like an odd shade of under eye highlighter/concealer. Sort of yellow? The glasses frame acts like a border between the blush and her eyes and that’s all I see. “Blah, blah, blah. I know I sound crazy.” ”Marriage on acid.” (????) I’m in upstate New York, so I get half an hour of the show until Governor Cuomo comes on. Half an hour is plenty.
  7. "So, Meghan, how did you spend Mother's Day? Thoughts about soon becoming a mother? How about your own mother?" Meghan: I watched the Real HoWives Atlanta Reunion. It was Amazing. (And, hey - I am not above watching the Housewives.) Could she be any more self-centered and sour sounding? And with the slightest smirk that is supposed to tell us how "ironic" or something she is. And those STUPID glasses. I am irrationally enraged by them. Partly because I am struggling with the glasses/mask issue on those rare occasions that I venture out for groceries. I know she has shared some
  8. Wendy has angered Amie Harwick's brother and he has demanded an apology. No, Wendy has not yet apologized for her "joke" which used the "Come on down" phrase. She mentioned today that the paparazzi were hanging outside and took her picture when she was out with her niece buying some lightbulbs. This included a side rant about plastic bags and what will she do when the bag ban in New York takes place on March 1. She wraps each piece of trash in a plastic bag before she puts it in her trash can. She showed a picture of herself and her niece on the sidewalk. That "Come on down" phrase wasn't
  9. Wendy apologized online for her "out of touch" comments about gay men wearing heels and skirts. She posted a 2:22 minute apology. What surprised me the most was her claiming she watches the show every afternoon when it airs again in her area, and that she critiques the show, all of the details - she is very particular, she says, in how the show looks, the camera angles, the shots of the audience, how she comes across …. she looks at herself and likes what she sees, for the most part, I guess. Except when she watched yesterday, she realized she messed up. I'm guessing she heard from the Twitter
  10. Nothing "earth-shattering" today!! It seems like at least half of "Hot Topics" is taken up with talk of the food Wendy eats. Today she spent a lot of time discussing a trip she made with Suzanne, Brendon, their son Jack, and some others to a restaurant in Queens that is in danger of closing because the landlord doubled the rent. Wendy was watching TV Saturday morning and the news channels were discussing the situation at the restaurant, and Wendy decided to call Brendon to see if they wanted to show support and go eat at the place that night. Suzanne got there early to secure seating and check
  11. Yup. She said she was trying to put the kitties in a carrier to take them to a pet hotel (because she is leaving for California tomorrow) and the cats ran and hid. So she left only enough food for one cat and “a few licks of water.” Wendy has a mean streak. She was also pissed because Lil Kev missed the flight to New York. Sounds like she is taking him and her nephew and niece to Hollywood tomorrow for her big ceremony on Thursday.
  12. I watch most days - partly to catch the little bits of info she tells about her new life. Like suddenly talking about her boyfriend in the middle of whatever "hot" topic she is discussing. She does that all of the TIME and it is super annoying. I didn't even know what the eff she was even talking about, but gathered it was about her man meeting Suzanne and Norman. I think she has been seeing this guy for a month or two. She said one other time that she was seeing more than one guy, but I think this guy has probably been the only guy she has slept with, and he is the front contender for the nex
  13. Wendy comes out in a sort of bedsheet wrap. "I'm pushing through!" She congrats "Little" Nas X for breaking the Billboard record for most weeks at number one with "Old Town Road." Wendy seemed surprised, because she never hears the song on the radio. She thinks he may be a one hit wonder like "Gangman Child." She shows a picture of her wearing some "panty shorts" "Little" Nas sent her. Cardi B is being criticized for getting into politics. Wendy defends her, but snickers at Cardi sitting down with Bernie Sanders. At the Wendy Show, it's all about Hot Topics, Ask Wendy, and twerking
  14. She was upset about it. Outraged. I think she was talking about after her show in the Oakland/ San Francisco area. Google shows it about an hour and a half away? I would believe she may have entertained the idea of going, but did she exaggerate to garner some extra attention and have a “story to tell?” She calls herself a Storyteller.
  15. Yes!! She sounded thankful, of course, that she didn't go!!
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