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  1. That's all the Black people who liked Downton Abbey and longed to see ourselves in those types of costume dramas. ' Long live Shonda, queen of TV.
  2. Boston, NY and a very old pic of her in Paris. I don't see any product promotion on her IG but I love when racists who are trying to repair the reputation post #BlackLivesMatter. It's hilarious.
  3. I said the same thing. Twenty-one years of depositions and trials has show me that the way Erika acted at the dinner party is not the way innocent people respond to being questioned and challenged. She's a lying bitch and her behavior at the party was abominable. And Kyle sucks for browbeating Sutton while she was in the middle of talking to Erika. She's such a duplicitous piece of work. But how do innocent people act? Innocent people go to jail all the time. I don't know what Erika did but I know a lot of people are gonna make a lot more money than she will off this
  4. I rolled my eyes so hard when Dorit said she's in her element. Girl shut up
  5. I hate kids in drama series and they were no exception. This series is really good so far, but I have a question. Are people really so naïve about dealing with police given the proliferation of cop shows and legal dramas? It's annoying to watch the same tropes play out i.e. the demand to be involved in the investigation.
  6. Dorit had a real person chasing her around a pool for the money they're owed so she should shut the fuck up forever.
  7. What brand in the world would want a well-known racist to promote them? Stassi isn't some random Karen yelling at Black people because of a Tigger flag; she tried to get a woman arrested for a reality TV storyline. She should NEVER be allowed to live that shit down. To quote one of the greatest "There's rules to this shit" Get a goddamn job like the rest of us.
  8. I screeeeeamed when Teddi said there have been lawsuits in the group. Haha come thru accountability coach! Make Dorit squirm--self righteous clown.
  9. Was I the only one hoping Shane and Armond would end up in bed? ::shrug:: okay. The world would be a better place if the plane carrying these fuckers back crashed into the ocean. None of these people have any redeeming qualities. Olivia is the same girl that flirted with Paula's boo and made Rachel feel small just for wanting a little human interaction. Nicole's pontificating about the plight of the straight white male-narcissistic, entitled claptrap. I'm so glad Belinda didn't give Rachel any energy. Rachel needs to stand on her own two feet but I think that's a by-product of mommy-iss
  10. Poor Diamond. I'm mad at myself for being shocked that Carlton is still a jerk. I don't understand why they spent so much time on Gigi and Damien. They could have been made in a reality tv factory--answered my own question I guess. I really, really can't stand Amber and Barnett. I didn't realize how shitty Amber was. Why would you sell a house to pay off student loan debt when Amber could just get a job? If he made enough money to buy a house on his own at that age, Amber could get a job and her salary could be solely devoted to the loans. Not my money but it seems weird. What
  11. Is Bao terrible or is it still too soon to tell? Edited: nm she's got a great laugh and the tea ceremony tradition alignment was really sweet.
  12. If Rachel is a good journalist how come she doesn't know her husband is an asshole. I agree with the person above about Nicole's reaction. In her reaction she laid out exactly why she thought the piece was bogus. Rachel agreed she said "rode the wave of MeToo". I think any woman who survived the bad old days takes exception to the idea that we haven't worked hard and suffered much to get to where we are now. If we get the big title because a company is covering their ass, that's the company's deal for not recognizing talent prior to MeToo. Nope that's classic magical negro energy
  13. I'm just here for the Sutton dragging. Crystal delivers better than any new housewife in a long time.
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