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  1. bookrat

    S04.E16: ... I Lose Myself

    Why didn't AL just shoot poor zombie Jim when she had the chance? He and crazy lady were so close to her I am pretty sure the bullet would have gone though Jim and killed crazy lady.....but no. Al just starts to talk, crazy lady gets the upper hand and AL somehow survives this. That is when I turned the channel. Al should have been turned. There was no reason crazy lady should have let her live.
  2. bookrat

    S04.E16: ... I Lose Myself

    I really hate all the characters on this show. I hope they all turn into zombies. 10 minutes in and I'm switching to Halloween Wars.
  3. bookrat

    S04.E15: I Lose People...

    So much for beer being a cure for a zombie bite. I can't believe that aren't some people immune to the zombie virus.
  4. bookrat

    S04.E14: MM 54

    Finally a character I like on the show, Jim the beer guy, and he's bit. I'm back to square one where I don't care if the characters live or die. I would find it ironic if it turns out Jim is safe from walker bites because of his beer, they made a big deal about all his supplies were lost whend the truck exploded, but alas, I think his is toast.
  5. bookrat

    S01.E08: Rad Fatties

    Who was the guy who raped Plum?
  6. bookrat

    S04.E08: No One's Gone 2018.06.10

    So just why did Charlie shoot Nick? Did I miss it? Was there a reason? And yes to everyone who stated they were disappointed with June's only crime was running away. I don't know, I think I'd shoot Charlie for actually murdering my brother that try to chase someone down to kill them because.....eveyone thought she was dead? Did Alicia think she was a spy? Didn't get the hate. And why didn't Madison try to climb the fence when the walkers were closing up on her? I swear, some of these character are just too dumb to live.
  7. bookrat

    S04.E06: Just in Case

    Why did Alicia shoot John? It made no sense....or was she trying to shoot Laura, but missed.
  8. bookrat

    S01.E09: The C the C the Open C

    Who was shot at the end of the episode, the person the captain told to join his brother?
  9. bookrat

    S08.E14: Still Gotta Mean Something

    Turned in late but why did Rick and Morgan kill the guys who untied them when the herd came and did trash lady let Negan go?
  10. bookrat

    S03.E06: Red Dirt

    I wasn't paying attention at the end. Who was on the ground that everyone was standing around?
  11. Am I supposed to hate Madison because I do.
  12. bookrat

    S03.E09: Fall

    I think the irony would be that Irene and the old ladies figure out Jimmy has been playing them and turn all the Sand Castle residents against him. Aren't they are big part of his current clients. So he gets the settlement money but loses most of his loyal clients.
  13. bookrat

    S02.E12: Ramifications

    I expected Julia to shoot mom god because, damn, your son has been murdering and raping people who are trying to summon you, and you don't seem to care. AT. ALL. I was hoping she would shoot both of them.
  14. bookrat

    S01.E08: Trace Decay

    So did Mauve kill one of the techs? The other was trying to close the throat wound, but still, wouldn't the guy die...unless he was a bot? If there are cameras every where why aren't these guys being discovered. Wasn't another caught having sex with a bot because he was on tape? Shouldn't these techies also be on tape? Very confused here. How is Felix going to explain his dead or wounded co-worker and how did Mauve get let back out into the park after that?
  15. bookrat

    S15.E09: Project Pop Up

    I hated the one blue team look. God, it looked like something I would make trying to sew, the horrid skirt made of all the different types of materials and different lengths and the top with the patches slapped on...and the judges loved it. It won. I don't get it. I just thought it was so ugly. I cant see anyone ever wearing that in public.