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  1. Both Art Institute and Field are awesome so you can't go wrong with either one. But Art is right downtown and you may need to Uber to Field. Their Egyptian stuff is pretty cool though. :)
  2. Looks like Lana is doing a signing at Comic Con on Sunday. Not really sure why although NBC is doing a Timeless signing as well so... Perhaps they're trying to sell DVDs? Although it looks like she may be the only one so far.
  3. There are many, but I would start with this season. We could’ve had a wonderful new starting point and another season after this if A&E had done it right. And of course they didn’t. I didn’t mind the new curse, but drop all the Cinderella/Anastasia nonsense and start with the relationships, which is what this show is supposed to be about. KnightRook has so much potential. An organic lesbian relationship had potential. Hooked Queen, in whatever twisted form, could’ve had real potential. But they just totally botched it. Also, A&E seemed to act like men who get really awkward around
  4. I'm realizing I at least like this finale because, as a fanfic writer, it's opening up alot of possibilities about what can come next. You know, Killian and David adapting to having Rogers in town. The potential for confusion when WHooked Queen becomes a thing and are seen out together and people think he's Killian. And then what's it like for Alice to be in a town with a man who looks like her father but isn't. And whoa, there's a whole lesbian storyline that doesn't seem completely forced. And ALL THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN COVERED IN SEASON 7! Instead, we got a whole front half about stupid crap
  5. A&E confirmed that Ginny really was crying in that final scene. I don't totally get it but it is what it is. Yes and yes. It was like Gwyneth Paltrow's pink dress when she won her Oscar. All these years later and anytime I see it I just think "You were an Oscar nominee at the Oscars and then you won the Oscar and they couldn't fit that dress any better?" But geez, Emma's wedding ensemble -- especially the hair -- still bugs me.
  6. This was the first time I really thought "Oh, Rumbelle. I get it!" And I honestly think Gold deserved his happy ending, but alot of it had to do with how he interacted with Alice and WHook in this last season. If you just came in for the finale without seeing everything that led up to that, I can see why it would feel weird and wrong for him to get that ending with Belle.
  7. I'll have to unpack this later when I get my head around it more. Overall, it was a very satisfying end to the series. I got weepy watching those characters together and then that final shot that said Leaving Storybrooke. Ugh, the feelings! I'm really going to miss this show. But what a hot mess Regina was in that coronation scene. Are you kidding me? That was how you end the show? With a dumb monologue going waaaay too long about hope while Emma stands in the front row? Blerg. I'll just rewatch that scene with the sound off, thanks. That all being said, something is wrong with
  8. I hope it's awesomer now -- at least awesomer enough for people to buy. ;) As much as we bitch about this fandom and this show -- and there is alot to bitch about -- I've been so lucky to get fandom support. The fans that you do like you REALLY like!
  9. So I took a fanfic story I wrote three years ago and did a complete overhaul on it. And then I published it! So yeah, I'm a self published author. :) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CLKR6RD And with that, I'm headed back to working on my Captain Swan Big Bang for this year.
  10. Tumblr also usually has some good live activity. I'll be posting there, but I have to catch up on the past three weeks. I can't believe it's reached a point where I'm a few episodes behind and not really bothered by that.
  11. Well, the writers did actually know what was going on from episode to episode. They would plot out the entire season at the beginning and then assign writers to episodes so they knew what they had to write and how it fit into the overall story. And the writers room did help each other once the initial script was written. The bigger issue was A&E. Bosses are supposed to be leaders with a sharp focus of where a project is going. A&E had that the first year because they had Damon Lindelof helping them and years to really form their ideas. But with season 2, they were on their own. It
  12. Maybe it’s a re-coronation. Perhaps there’s a portal open between worlds and Regina decides to stay in the Enchanted Forest while others like Emma and Hook remain in Storybrooke.
  13. Canadagraphs throwing some shaaaade on Twitter: “#OnceUponATime shooting a scene with Pongo, Raphael Sbarge Lee Arenberg and 2 other dwarves that most definitely aren't Michael Coleman.”
  14. He also was probably advised by his lawyer or publicist to delete them and keep his damn mouth shut. Not really the sharpest tool in the shed on several levels.
  15. Is something wrong with me for wanting Hooked Queen? Something is wrong with me, isn't it?
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