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  1. wallofsound

    Season 7 Discussion

    GG looked awful at the wedding. I don’t find her face attractive on a good day - too ratfaced, but she looked particularly harsh this episode. Whoever told her that she looked like “ten million bucks” was blowing some serious smoke up her ass. Nema is absolutely adorable - both in looks and personality. He should move on from that mess. They have nothing in common. Vida is crazy. How many times did she say, “I have a gift”. Damn, full of yourself much. Every word out of her mouth is driven by the fact that she thinks she is one hundred percent right. I can’t imagine having that much of an opinionated mother breathing down my neck at all times. But, damn, she wasn’t wrong about the make up. She was dead on. MJ did look like Chinese wood. I was expecting MJ and Tommy to French kiss or get to second base during the ceremony. Two pigs, together forever. Is it really necessary to get fucked up before the ceremony portion of the wedding? And the cursing? Just way too casual for me. I was annoyed seeing Mike’s mom. She didn’t do or say anything particularly offensive tonight, but I’m just so sick of hearing from Mike how amazing she is. She is just another overbearing, opinionated lady from what I can tell. I get an ALF vibe from her, sorry to say. Agreed that Mike’s narration was on point “Has MJ ever been to a wedding?” Apparently not
  2. wallofsound

    S15.E06: We Love Chicago

    The clothes Kim gave to khloe for her baby .... so awful. Was the string bikini intended for a newborn to wear? And that dumb bomber jacket for a baby in Southern California. Just no. Khloe said Kim has been helping her, “look her best & feel her best”. They are truly only concerned with appearances, as if I didn’t already know this. Kim probably advised her to wear a long duster over skin tight clothes to hide her deformed rear end. Khloe needed a duster in those skin tight white pants. That thing was huge - Like someone wrapped a commercial printer in white fabric.
  3. wallofsound

    S04.E04 Episode 4 2018.07.08

    Cole and his walkabout .... so ridiculous. I can’t stand Luisa, but I laughed out loud at how quickly she agreed to that suggestion. She’s packing a bag to go where? ... her mothers apartment in Queens or back to Equador?? Sure, Cole, take your time ... I’ll be here in the mansion. The druggie kid looked exactly like the blonde guy from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure when he was walking into rehab with his colorful outfit and sideways hat. But, I like the Spiccoli comparison too. I’m sure Bill & Ted, and every other stoned character since Fast Times, was modeled after him. I doubt we’ll ever see him again Served his purpose to put Cole and Ben together and get Cole auspicious I was waiting for something to happen on the boat too. The clip at the beginning with the car ride to nowhere put it in our heads. I thought Ben was going to attack her right before he kissed her. Allison walked across the boat for no reason and looked really shady (shadier) all of a sudden. Her falling back into the water was stupid. So, I’m confused about Gabriel’s death. Is she telling a new story or just leaving something out. Aside from the dry downing detail (or whatever it’s actually called), didn’t she bring him home to bed and he passed away later? I always pictured a swimming pool when she told the story previously, not sure why.
  4. wallofsound

    The Last O.G.

    I have been loving this show every week and am so happy to be watching Tracey Morgan again, but ........ the thing with Josh being an NA sponsor ..... wouldn’t he have done this same thing before with other people in the program? It just seemed like a easy way for the writers to make Tiffany Hadfish go nuts on Josh and possibly lead to a Shay/Tray reunion down the road, but realistically, if she knew he was a recovering addict, then this type of behavior wouldn’t really set her off. Surely, he’s sponsored people before.
  5. wallofsound

    Jersey Shore

    I love Pauly D, but ........ he needs to stop with screaming in peoples’ ears to wake them up. So annoying. So annoying to watch him to do it, let alone being the recipient of that nonsense. And his legs are disproportionately skinny compared to his jacked up upper body. They’re skinny, tan and extremely smooth looking. Possibly hairless. I am continuing to love Mike. The Situation speaks the truth, is reasonable, has a positive outlook .... I love him. Whose room has all the sneakers lined up? Are they Ron’s? How dumb to have that many white sneakers. It’s like if a woman had 100 pairs of black heels. They’re all the same kind of shoe. No one notices the difference. Vinny and his yacht outfit. Barf. I really don’t like him. He thought he looked upscale for the boat ride - His shirts were way too short. His tank top, which I realize is their uniform, was just a piece of cotton meant to be worn underneath another shirt. Do they only wear tanks or tee shirts? Do any of them own a collared shirt or something with buttons? Ron totally got a blow job in that bathroom. I’m sure he told her at some point where to go to avoid the camera and that’s why she asked for a tour of the house at the end of the last episode. He’s been around cameras enough to know where there are no mics. Dry humping in the Club was one thing, but I guess he draws the line at blow jobs on camera. Pig.
  6. I’ve always heard that Kevin Lee was the inspiration for Martin Short’s character in Father of the Bride, but that movie came out in 1991. It was probably in production for two years prior to that. Who the hell heard about Kevin Lee in 1989?? Was he seriously a force to be reckoned with on the Beverly Hills event planning scene thirty years ago? I highly doubt that. He probably modeled himself after Martin Short.
  7. wallofsound

    Jersey Shore

    Jionni must be super controlling and constantly getting angry at Snooki based on her behavior. She’s walking on eggshells a million miles away from him.
  8. wallofsound

    Jersey Shore

    Ronnie’s facial expression when Vinny reached his 10,000 steps was the highlight of the episode for me. It’s like he closed his eyes for a few extra seconds, exhaled and thought, “enough about you and your diet and exercise program”. I have a toilet to clog.
  9. wallofsound


    I keep checking this page every week. Is no one watching this??
  10. wallofsound

    Jersey Shore

    I’m thoroughly enjoying this, although they all bug me in some way. Vinnie is gross and just skeeves me out, always has. Something with his eyes. And his relationship with his mother, the way he eats pizza and the dumb shit that comes out of his mouth doesn’t help matters. Pauly D had the best line of the episode - “it’s pizza, you fold it in half and stick it in your mouth.” Yes, Pauly, that’s exactly what you do. The Sammi doll ... endlessly breaking her balls because she didn’t show up is what would happen in real life. Doing it with this doll is the reality show version of that, so in that sense, I find it funny. No one seems to have any contact with her other than Deana, so I don’t even understand why they want her there. As if ratings would explode if Sammi Sweetheart showed up in Miami. I doubt that. Not that I wouldn’t prefer Sammi to Deana and/or Angelina. They bring nothing. Snooki ... every scene is her just over reacting to something. Laughing too loud, screaming at the club, tripping over something, crying to her Daddy about her missing ring. Take it down a notch. And her constant use of “it’s happening” ... stop trying to make fetch happen Poor Mike is still as pigeon toed as ever I do honestly hope he stays on this sober, positive path in life. It’s a good look on him, despite the pigeon toes Ronnie is a pig in every sense of the word His mentality on being a good father having nothing to do with how you conduct yourself in other areas of your life baffles me As if your relationship with your child exists in a vacuum and the way you treat people, including their mother, has nothing to do with that Clogging toilets on the regular would be enough to poison that relationship permanently
  11. wallofsound

    S05.E01: The Break Up Bunch Part 1

    Does Craig only have one font size on his sewing machine? Whether he is embroidering a tiny onesie or a giant apron, all the lettering appears to be the same size. Naomi definitely had a big nose, but she was a really beautiful, striking girl. Her new nose is so generic and completely brings her look down. She had an interesting look before and now it’s gone. She could literally be anybody ... you could tell me a pic of her was Aubrey O’Day and I’d believe you JD ... everything I’ve ever suspected of him has come to light. What a complete a total pig. Him and Thomas are just absolutely grotesque to me I wouldn’t last five minutes down south if the expectation is to model outfits for your letch of a boyfriend and ask for his direction/approval before getting dressed.
  12. wallofsound

    Season 4 Talk

    Junior killed me when he said, “It’s a 9 XL”, in reference to the butterscotch Pelle Pelle. So ridiculous. I love him.
  13. wallofsound

    Sneaky Pete

    This was convoluted as fuck. I’ve always enjoyed Giovanni Ribisi as an actor and he was great in this, very compelling. The supporting cast was also great. The storyline, particularly as this season progressed, was absurd. It just kept making less and less sense. So, what do we think that letter Carly had revealed about her parents’ death? And is Shannon sticking with that dickhead for the money permenantly? Was she seriously suggesting she act as the Bernhardt’s spy? She would suck at that. I’m only commenting on these side storylines because the main one made no sense and I couldn’t summarize it to someone if my life depended on it. On a total shallow side note, I found Colin very attractive
  14. wallofsound


    Was that supposed to be Haitian Jack in the barbershop? I didn’t catch his name.
  15. wallofsound


    I wish more people were watching and there was a discussion here. I’m enjoying this so far. The MGM beat down scene was pretty accurate looking. Tupac in his silk button down speed walking through the casino floor. One thing that I never quite understand, and I’ve seen the real footage a thousand times, is why Orlando Anderson was just standing there by himself. I’ve always heard that his uncle Keefe D had a ticket for the fight but that Orlando did not and he was just waiting for his uncle. I get that. But these aren’t normal people. Orlando was a full fledged crip. Standing around solo without your crew just always seemed odd. I would assume these guys are always in groups and plenty of them were there. From what I’ve heard, Vegas during a Tyson fight back in the day brought in tons of gang members from LA. There’s just so many questions with the whole thing.