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  1. This episode was so fun and I just love Joe and Rob. I wish the dinosaurs interacted more with that hole, but the mud pit, and Rob's glee at the mud pit, were great. The side 'saddle' joust: those contestants using this method do not stand a chance. lol Loved all the new holes, ad I just laugh so much during this show.
  2. I *think* its because the plaintiff has the burden of proof and had nothing that actually proved the defendant had taken (tooken since this is JJ after all lol) the items in question. She denied, so its he said, she said.
  3. He won his full $5k but the judges were so condescending it made me want to puke.
  4. I was so pissed at yesterdays episode with the 'playful' pitbull biting the delivery dude. I wanted to bitch slap both defendants repeatedly as they laughed and smirked about their dog biting the delivery guy even after seeing the really nasty hematoma that he received from them not controlling their dog. Oh, and puncture wounds. And the judges smiled along with them. That old fart going on about 'if he (plaintiff) had gone through what I had to go through he wouldn't be here' crap. How the fuck do you know what HE may have gone through in the past? Such an ignorant comment. Hated both
  5. My parents house had a ton of color, as my Mom was an artist and she chose the color schemes. It all worked imo, but after my Dad passed and we put it up for sale, it did not sell. As soon as we changed out the color for a pale beige, it sold. So dumb. My home has it. Its annoying af lol. I have changed all of it out except upstairs which I have not yet renovated. Because of the texture it catches dust, making it harder to clean and to me, it looks dingy even when it is clean. Yuck. But I (obviously) did not let it impact my decision on whether or not to buy the home.
  6. Regarding the dueling b-ball players: I was in agreement until the dumb ass plaintiff was mouthing off in the halterview. I wanted to punch him in the mouth so bad, so my sympathy reverted to the defendant. The timing of the old episode with the saddle fitting is perfect: my new saddle has just arrived, yay! My saddle fitter is coming to the barn tomorrow morning and will make any small adjustments right before I have my lesson with my trainer. My fitter had me try various saddles in December, and took numerous measurements of my horse so that the saddle is made specifically to my horse'
  7. While I have no issues with P losing the case, what if it had been a pedestrian walking against traffic (which as far as I know) is allowed? Doesn't the driver have some duty of care to look both ways? I always do because we have pedestrians all over the place and even if they are in the wrong, I would prefer to take the few seconds to look rather then hitting someone with my car.
  8. I disagree: I thought he was a complete, lying tool. Pretty for sure though! lol
  9. lol stranger things have happened! I would have preferred her as a contestant versus a host.
  10. I love him from these parodies, but was pretty meh about his when he was on The Voice. I think My Corona was the first one (first one I saw anyway) and it gave me such a much needed laugh! I was planning on not watching because of how the show runners treated Tom B, and I think he really makes the show, but I caved in and watched. While Tyra was not as horrible as I thought she would be, she didn't add much either. Jeannie is my favorite for the moment: I love her personality and just finished watching Holey Moley with her as host.
  11. When Ivar was giving his lecture on the haves and have nots, I want to punch him in the throat. I don't dislike the guy, but that speech rubbed me the wrong way, given who he is and all. I hope Irene and Morag reset the iguana trap...could very useful!
  12. Same here, although Cat is growing on me as well. I am really liking this show. I am very interested in seeing if the 'keep the money to ourselves' crowd changes their tune over time.
  13. What network or streaming service is this on? Sounds like something I would like! Discovery. I found the first 2 episodes on demand.
  14. All I could think of was that the P in the Miata engine rev case could have played Prince Joffrey, so I instantly loathed him. LOL
  15. Bali woman drove me up a wall, which granted, isn't too hard to do during these stay at home days! The ing that had my eyes rolling, besides her changeable, fake voice was when she squealed at the rat, stated she didn't want mice or rats in the house, yet in the next scene was commenting on how the men were making a much bigger deal of the critters then she was. Err...lady, you just squealed because you saw a rat scurry through your roof. I mean I would have squealed too, but then not make fun of the others. I doubt she will be there for long.
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