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  1. AlleC17

    S38.E11 Fasten Your Seatbelts

    lol I wish just one of them would tell her to f- off though.
  2. AlleC17

    House Hunters International

    I saw two in Malta, one in Crete and another on the French Riviera...beautiful!
  3. AlleC17

    House Hunters International

    I love Mediterranean Life because the scenery is just so gorgeous.
  4. AlleC17

    Caribbean Life

    I didn't see a topic for Mediterranean Life, but I am loving seeing these locations. So beautiful!
  5. AlleC17

    House Hunters: Buying in the USA

    I think its about 45 min-1 hour plus each way depending on traffic etc. Some days could be longer I would suspect. That would be a bit too far for me, but I liked the house.
  6. AlleC17

    S38.E02: One of Us Is Going to Win

    Every time I see Dan "War Dog' written down, my mind transforms it to 'Warthog'. I liked Keith until we see his pleading to God/Jesus/Whoever about deciding to stay or go. Seriously dude, I doubt any god gives a shit if you play on a reality TV show or not. However, it was good to see a weaker MALE player get the boot. They are always kicking off perceived weak female players super fast.
  7. AlleC17

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    This defendant frustrated me no end with her constant refusal to see that SHE was in the WRONG. I wanted to just kick the crap out of her in the hallterview. What an asshole.
  8. AlleC17

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I am pale (but it has olive undertones as I also have Italian), red headed and green eyed. If I know I have to speak out somewhere (board room/meeting etc) I also do the turtleneck/jacket combo. lol But it seems most of the court tv litigants opt for the plunging neckline...hey they are on TV!
  9. AlleC17

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I am NOT defending her at all, but my face and neck FLAMES when I am nervous (speaking in public) or if I am having a conversation that is upsetting in any way. Part of my Irish heritage, or so I am told. And if I am pissed, it is even more red. lol So, she might have been nervous. However, since I know I have that reaction, there is NO way I would go on court teevee with a case, ever.
  10. AlleC17

    Hot Bench

    I really hope the idiot boss did fire him after this. It would serve him right. Such a despicable person all around.
  11. AlleC17

    Hawaii Life

    Real estate here is ridiculous. If I hadn't bought my place over 20 years ago, I would never be able to afford it now. I am tempted to sell up after I reno the upstairs and move back to the Mainland. Its probably the only way I could afford to retire. Too bad I don't like Mainland living. lol
  12. AlleC17

    Hot Bench

    There was something odd to me on yesterdays case featuring a 20 year old driving without insurance and with a suspended license. She even gave her sister's license to the cops after getting into an accident. WTH didn't she get reamed by the judges? Pissed me off. They gave a slight lecture and that was that. Meanwhile, doting mom smiled at her lovely, lying suspended license daughter and was all 'if the plaintiff had just TOLD me he wasn't going through insurance, we would have paid' bs. I wanted to punch her in the face sooooo bad. She is the one who let the insurance lapse but let darling daughter use the car anyway. Judge DiMango got a little confrontational, but not nearly enough. Face punching in what I wanted.
  13. AlleC17

    House Hunters International

    I don't recall Toby as I am still somewhat new to HH, but I loved him, and his dog too! The places they viewed were all really nice, and hipster dude didn't bother me too much with his record player nonsense.
  14. AlleC17

    All Episodes Talk: All Rise

    I was continuously flipping off the bride, her dumb, devastated groom and the mom. They were beyond ridiculous.
  15. AlleC17

    World Of Dance

    The fact that they couldn't just SHOW the judges dancing without all the dumbass slo-mo bits pretty much ruined this for me. So cheesy and off-putting. I FF through the great majority of the show and just watch the dancing. I am okay with The Lab winning, although the world peace song was far from their best, but would have liked Charity and Andres 2nd and Michael 3rd, even though he is very talented and seems like a nice guy.