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  1. My coworker is a good friend of KaShara's and no... they are not dating anymore. Haven't been for a bit.
  2. My eyes go straight to Alanna... I may not "like" her position BUT that's a definite plus to me 🙂
  3. I wish Melissa would disappear ... never to be seen again in DCC land.
  4. I really like Jada, Armani, Dani, Claire W and Elli...the rest I can take or leave... except for Marissa ... I do not like her looks or her dancing.
  5. Do any of these girls have an power or pizzazz??? She is pretty (albeit with that typical over processed blonde colored hair) and she's not a "bad" dancer but her leaps are very weak...Even Jada, who is one of my faves, was soft. Claire W has probably had the best video, and even her video was lackluster 😞 I want to see some power.
  6. I love Skai as an actress...but I have not enjoyed her nearly as much as I had hoped I would. 😞 Johnny and Britt are my faves along with Justina 🙂
  7. Ughhh...MRS and her snarky sniggling (sorry...what she does isn't cute like a giggle). If I never saw her on screen again...it would be too soon. 😉
  8. I hope to God that that IS NOT their version of a Covid test. Because unless they are scrambling your brains with a q-tip, a sputum (spit) specimen won't cut it.
  9. Well...she's cute and seems to be a very sweet young lady...the cows are precious...but ummm so far, dance wise...I'm meh on all three of these young ladies' abilities 😞
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