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  1. For the life of me...I cannot figure out WHY she chose to wear a tube top. She had to keep tugging at it. I just chalk it up to youth and poor judgement. Same 😉
  2. Kelli and Charlotte were totally Team Yuko (and I'm glad they were because I LOVE Yuko!!)during finals deliberation ....I honestly don't think they would have cut her. Judy was the only one of the big 3 who wasn't completely sold on her at finals and we all know how much her opinion doesn't count if Charlotte likes someone.
  3. Agreed...the light hair washes her out and makes her look older. She's very pretty and I wish they'd let her go back to dark brunette.
  4. That's surprising...because honestly she barely looks old enough to have auditioned once....and especially not multiple times. I wish I had her genes 🙂
  5. She is cute but has a long way to go...Had a good smile though and looked like she had fun. Maybe 2-3 years she will be ready.
  6. I've actually seen a few HS dance teams doing them over the years...but what I see most are the dancers coming from the competition focused dance centers doing it. The past competition for UDA (HS level) the jump splits these girls do are amazing...better the what the DCC do. I have several friends with daughters on dance teams so they had tons of videos posted. My 13 year old niece does jump splits in a group routine they do.
  7. well if she'd stop with the fillers, she might not feel 45 🙂 That crap ages you. She's beautiful without it. My bf has a cousin who has had so many fillers done on her face that it's frozen in one perma smile. She's 30 but looks 40. 😞
  8. I LOVE Briana!!! She is one of my faves from her rookie class 🙂
  9. No she shouldn't have...she was a hot mess from day 1....Kaitlyn was another that season that shouldn't have made the squad....she was a dingbat and had a habit of not listening to what she was told. I'm not surprised that she was gone before the end of the season, nor was I shocked when Morgan was cut the next year.
  10. I always liked Kalli...she seemed like she would have been a good team mate and ambassador for the team had she made it. Dance wise...she just wasn't quite there. 😞 Well it would have been my decision at that point to cut her...and tell her to not bother trying out again.
  11. Agreed! I love Lacey, but her choreo isn't a big WOW for me 😞 Also...I am still hoping Sydney Reinacher goes for DCC. She's adorable and I've been following her for a couple of years now.
  12. I would say they do...they may not "want" to invite them all...but don't want to seem like they are singling out people as being liked more or less than others.
  13. I think Alanna and Lily were in RI...something to do with Rebel Athletic Wear.
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