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  1. 🙂 I just didn't want people to get upset with Kat for something she didn't do (as far as the WTF mark up that was put on the screen shot).
  2. Kat didn't put that WTF on the photo....the person who took the screen shot and posted it did.
  3. I think she would have. She was easily the best dancer on the team at that time and had the sass/sparkle to keep the crowd engaged. I would have had Holly at point, with KaShara and Jenna as the triangle.
  4. This is a sick and vile human being!! I hope Taylor reported her and good for her for calling them out!!!
  5. I detest the over the head armpit shots...I wish they would do away with them. They had SO many of those poses last season. I thought Kelli didn't like that "derrrrr I'm a cheerleader" pose...I know she made some fun of it one season. Also...this was not a flattering figure photo for Kristin.
  6. It was almost unfair for them to put anyone else in the row with Holly 🙂 Her kicks were even prettier than Lacey's
  7. I lost what teeny amount of respect I had for them when they cut Hannah and Brennan.
  8. I think you are correct...the one little girl he fostered, was subsequently sent to the family that had adopted her other two biological siblings, which makes perfect sense. As he stated in his post, however, the parental rights were not terminated as they had been with the other two siblings, and she was sent back to her biological mother. This hurts my heart because she was just adapting to being with her actual siblings. Now...if mom has cleaned up her act, then she needs to PROVE that she has in order to be able to get the child. My opinion, since I work with NICU babies and we have many that go into the foster care system, is that she have supervised visits with the child, mom stays clean for a minimum of a year, while building up a relationship with the child and ONLY THEN does she get the child back. That's just my opinion though...and I can't tell you how many times I have made that statement on documents when we are asked to give statements about the child's placement. I don't know how things are in Texas, but in KY...our child welfare departments, are incredibly overwhelmed, under paid and understaffed, and so many children just fall thru the cracks. 😞
  9. I have a 60 year old friend whose given name is "Barbie". That is what is listed on her birth certificate.
  10. Kelli said she'd "pull her kicks up herself if she had to" (or something close to that).
  11. Elli reminds a little of Carisa McMillan...and I thought Carisa was one of the most naturally pretty girls on the team.
  12. I agree with this (bold) 110% about Kelsey! It makes me sad to think she felt that she needed to "fix" her looks. Oh well...if it is what makes her happy then so be it.
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