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  1. NICU nurse and I'm crosstrained to PICU....same here!
  2. From what I have seen, these are my faves: Kelly Long, Claire Wolford, Jaycie Seta, Jada McLean (my top 3), Dani McGinnis (top 3), Elli DiGiovanni, Armani Lattimer (top 3), Darian Lassiter, Sheridan McDowell, and Sydney Hawthorne.
  3. What I hated seeing them show regarding Karissa was Judy leaning over and telling Kelli that she took some of their moves and made them look bad. 😞
  4. Lives in Germany and is currently visiting Rome 🙂
  5. It's actually funny...because several years ago my dad, said "now don't you all ever waste your money on one of those fancy iPhones or iPads for us...we won't ever use them" well of course we didn't listen and got them for both of our parents. It's been hilarious to watch them become the tech junkies they now are. I think my dad would go into withdrawl if he were to ever lose his ipad/phone 😉
  6. She earned that favoritism 🙂 She's my fave and I've made no bones about that either!! 😉
  7. I know but the apostrophe error irks the heck out of me!! 😉
  8. My mom....if she doesn't "like" the appearance of a post... (ie: I'm too sarcastic...or post something that has a "naughty" word in it...) she will post "you were raised better than this young lady" she does this to her granddaughter as well. I'm 51 and she is 27 😛 It's nothing major...but it's like "mommmmmmmm....stop". My daughter and I are also both very agnostic and my parents are hard core Southern Baps... so they are CONSTANTLY posting religious stuff on our timelines. Like I said...nothing major at all...but it drives us nuts!! (as my bf would say...short trip babe" 😉 it's also the same cocktail I get every year for my bronchitis. So maybe it's that 🙂
  9. I agree 🙂 I would SHUT my parents down!! My parents (in their 70s) recently joined Facebook...OMG they are driving me and my daughter insane 😉
  10. I liked her when I first watched her rookie season of MTT. After rewatching the season, I just developed more of a "MEH" attitude. I think she was a little soft looking, but a good dancer.
  11. I love him! If I could keep up...I would love to take a class from him 🙂
  12. Lol...someone who monitors this site and that one....because the point change got switched back pretty darn quick 😉
  13. Again... if people watch the show and know girls get cut for these types of photos ... even if they're professional ... get it off of your page. 🤦🏻‍♀️I can see these killing her chances regardless of her dance skills. Although, she could have been taken to TC as an easy cut ... who knows🤷🏻‍♀️
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