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  1. I haven't watched the show the last few years. It was entertaining to watch the kids when they were little and they were doing what little kids do. Now it is all staged and I don't find it entertaining at all. They use the kids for a paycheck. How many times can you drag out the Hazel eye story or Danielles latest illness? I never could stand Adam and Danielle is right there with him now. Both are so materialistic.
  2. IMO they haven't looked good in years. They look like cartoon characters and the cousin of Betty Boop and Jessica Rabbit. Nothing appealing about them in looks or personality. They both come off as so desperate. I stopped watching the first year. Is Darcy still crying?
  3. They do. I remember posting that they had already bought the new house and them going back to the mold house was just a story line. The fan club all attacked me saying I didn't know what I was talking about when you could look it up in the property assessments that it was purchased already. Unnbelievable to me how gullible some of their followers are.
  4. On her Discovery + she is no longer on speaking terms with Shannon, the blonde friend who did her hair and makeup. She doesn't address it when people ask.
  5. You are not kidding. That pool is dangerous for Hudson and it sits on a ledge with no fencing. Thank God Ant does have him most of the time. Now she has this guy living in her house and it appears he has no job. It has to be confusing for these kids.
  6. There are no words to explain that horrendous backsplash. I can't figure out who would do that and think boy that looks good, It looked like little flame shapes coming from the dark backsplash. It was so awful and an eyesore.
  7. According to the Sun the new boyfriend was still living with his wife until the end of Feb and then got some quickie divorce that went through by May. Yeah thats a catch Christina. Now it looks like he is back in California with her and who knows if he even has a job. The wife had to vacate the home they shared in Austin, Tx and it sold just recently.
  8. Seems she bought a new house in Dana Point for 10 million. It looks like an adult house but no play area for kids. The pool looks a little scary as it is risen off ground level with no fencing and an edge around it on one side that kids could fall right off of to the ground below.
  9. And he seems to be always around now so it looks like he left that job in Austin, so who knows what he is doing. His family lives in So Cal.
  10. I think she got rid of the dog already. She deleted all the pics of him and she had an insta page for the dogs and she deleted that also.
  11. I saw pictures on HGTV insta. It is a hard pass for me.
  12. Her new insta post today is how Taylor knew she had a bad day so she made her breakfast. All her fan girls ran to her rescue to tell her how wonderful she is. SMH. Taylor is 10.
  13. I like Jasmine Roth and can watch her. I don't like all her designs but she can actually do something and I find her to have a nice personality. I never liked watching Christina. Totally useless and very strange with her crystal wearing and hocus pocus crap she is in to.
  14. I find her to be so immature. They are fathers and are actually very involved with their kids, and not baby daddies. Does she want to be called a baby mama? I saw her last post where she wrote "ride or die" about the new bf with horrible tats, that she has been dating a few months. What is she 12? And then putting out there she smoked toad venom. I can't watch her or any show she is in.
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