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  1. I saw pictures on HGTV insta. It is a hard pass for me.
  2. Her new insta post today is how Taylor knew she had a bad day so she made her breakfast. All her fan girls ran to her rescue to tell her how wonderful she is. SMH. Taylor is 10.
  3. I like Jasmine Roth and can watch her. I don't like all her designs but she can actually do something and I find her to have a nice personality. I never liked watching Christina. Totally useless and very strange with her crystal wearing and hocus pocus crap she is in to.
  4. I find her to be so immature. They are fathers and are actually very involved with their kids, and not baby daddies. Does she want to be called a baby mama? I saw her last post where she wrote "ride or die" about the new bf with horrible tats, that she has been dating a few months. What is she 12? And then putting out there she smoked toad venom. I can't watch her or any show she is in.
  5. He literally takes that kid everywhere and does expose him to all different adventures. Often times when you see Christina doing things with the older kids, Hudson is nowhere in sight. I really do think she didn't want to go through the baby age again once she had him.
  6. You are so right. The kids are barely together as they are being sent 2 different directions. You wonder what they think about it. Taylor is 10 and she is old enough to see some of this online.
  7. I suppose she could have invested in real estate and rents them out. They didn't really say where they were.
  8. And now her new post is "Ride or Die" with someone she has dated a few months and is a retired cop turned realtor in Austin Tx. What is she 12? Good grief she is immature.
  9. It almost sounded mutual with TLC and I never thought Eric liked it but he went along with Courtney.
  10. I am taking your word for it. I didn't watch.
  11. I saw pictures and the before design was better. I didn't like anything. The water closet was like Alice in Wonderland and I didn't care for the counter tops either. Looked like a weird animal print to me. The whole thing was awful.
  12. He has him the majority of the time, for sure. I saw he bought a house in Laguna for them. I think once she had the baby, she had no interest in raising a baby again and that caused real friction. And both fathers have the kids alot of the times so she gets lots of free time other mothers never get. It is sad the kids are never really together and are shipped off to separate homes.
  13. Yep. It is insulting to think the poor want to live in those other weirdo designs when they wouldn't live in them themselves., like a headboard full of branches, a room completely color blocked, spray painted gold cabinets, and on and on. They hurt their credibility. They can make nice designs without making them cringe worthy.
  14. So tonight they end up buying the last house they did. Did you notice it didn't have the crazy designs Keith normally does.
  15. Agree. Some of these designs are insulting. You can still add originality without making it a clown house.
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