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  1. We’re you able to see any of it? Before the poof? Topic?
  2. Hey Midas, you’re losing your touch. Seeing her does not make me want to buy, but it does make me think of cleaning.
  3. She’s very close. Just when you think you’ve made yourself look alluring and relaxed, you never know what could happen…
  4. She might want to consider working behind the camera.
  5. I knew those slightly contorted selfie positions would get her eventually.
  6. I tinkered. And yet, she still looks Stephen King-esque. I like to see what she’d look like with less distraction of colors etc
  7. I can’t get beyond these lines @Watcher25 without giggling about the “10 pound ham in the back of her pants” and “no way that rump is a size 2”. I guess what we have here is a rump roast!! 🤣
  8. Oh my! What a comparison!!! Her notes are even typed.
  9. Oh my 🤣🤣🤣! Having just mowed the lawn, I didn’t think I had enough energy to take a nap. Then I clicked on @Booney’s installment of TBT fashion pics. I laughed so hard and am totally reenergized. Are they kidding? The Q is trying to sell clothing, right?
  10. I have to ask- If you had somewhat thin lips that looked like an old cobblestone path, would you choose a frosted pink or whitish lipstick to put on???
  11. And then the camera pulls back…slowly…and ack!!!
  12. Ya think she wears those readers to drive? Ya think she wears those readers low and in her field of vision in order to cover her upper lash line to hide the fact the fact that her natural lashes are gone? 🤔
  13. Uh huh. I like your style of restating the the resume doublespeak. Oh! I have a question for Mr. C., why don’t you apply some of your “expertise”, as described on your LinkedIn page, to your wife and her job?
  14. Someone mentioned that they didn’t remember hearing her announce what size she was wearing in the NYDJ pair of jeans from the other day. I was watching and also noticed that she didn’t state her size. My thought is, if she can’t say “s, xs, 0 or 2, she’ll abstain from saying her size, rather than utter certain numbers.
  15. “…she says too much without saying anything at all…” She yammers on and on and she’s reckless with those words. Overly-uninhibited. If that’s a word.
  16. Time for a shower Time to size up Time to change into clean clothes Time to launder your clothes Time to toss your old makeup Time to update the makeup application Time for a real cut and color Time for contact lenses or LASIK, pick one Time to toss old shoes Time to grow up a little, it’s getting late
  17. I’ve heard her relay the same stupid story about the image in her mind of her abject poverty and the fragrances on the back of the toilet. I’m sure the Estée Lauder company’s Image Consultant Team is thrilled with Shawn Killinger and QVC for painting that image in the mind of their potential customer.
  18. It’s also interesting to note that how no matter how bad it is to watch Shawn one day, she is more insufferable to watch the next day as she was the day before.
  19. Isn’t that earring dangerously close to ripping down and out of her lobe?
  20. Isn’t it interesting how Shawn’s hair can look dry and greasy at the same time?
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