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  1. Oh. I thought she was getting busy on her phone lines.
  2. Here I am, just a few weeks ago on my quest for some new products for my beauty regimen. I search high and low. And I don’t return home until I have found what I was looking for. Greetings from the remote Island of Aisle 5!
  3. They can both go and search the world over for exotic ingredient$. I’m going on safari to Aisle 5!
  4. I’ll bet it’s just too much for her, when she’s doing show prep, to commit it to memory not to say the brand name Velcro and that the hair spray is not (not) on auto-delivery. She does it all the time. It’s embarrassing.
  5. I’ll bet her “I have to give an update”, interruption could have waited until he finished his sentence! He was almost there.
  6. It’s not really helping sell the product at all. And it’s laughable because she’s the one who itches and scratches her way through her on air duties - all the time!
  7. Am I the only one who can’t stand her husband Joe stories, especially when she calls him “Babe”? It bugs me like there’s no tomorrow.
  8. She is always scritching and scratching at something. Always. She just raced through the upcoming show’s items and mocked the way Denis says Mohm for Mom. That’s nervy. She quickly added, he’s from Canada. I mean, we can do it here, but she can’t do it there. 😉
  9. I tend to think she wrangled Dennis Basso somehow. Once committed, Dennis probably sent an assistant to a distant storage unit with the instruction to find that wedding confection from several seasons back - and he added, search the files for the sketches of it! 😅 🥂
  10. I know she must be working on a line of “Hear My Soul Speak” flasks.
  11. Does Tova not impress you as a woman with many beautiful scarves? If so, why not accessorize with them. If not, then she should invest in some. If for no other reason than, her neck and hands can be so distracting because both areas look almost painful.
  12. I don’t know why she does this. I do know I don’t want to carpool with her on her emotional hamster wheel. The struggle is real, yeah we get it. Buy a diary with a lock and key, and keep it that way.
  13. It happens but, nice stain on front of t-shirt over the “a” in “what”.
  14. That was all so awkward. Good for Dennis for holding his ground. He said, “I want to hear how many (of the blanket throw) have been sold.” Nicely done.
  15. I’ll bet there’s a better sofa out there somewhere. This one, IMHO does not look great. No one looks great when sitting on it because it’s a little distracting. And products don’t show well at all when placed on it.
  16. And she had a major scalp itch session going on. It was her typical itching mixed with a sneaky attempt to lift her hair. Ya know… She can’t stop mentioning her fire pit. Or her couples dates.
  17. I was fooling around with pics of Amy’s picture. I started to darken and trim her hairdo but I stopped when I saw how the image looked only half done.
  18. Have to admit, I was startled when I saw Lori and Amy today…
  19. I don’t know if that’s a cashmere sweater or a garment made recycled water bottles, but it really looks like an off the shoulder, modern day hair shirt. You know, medieval garment of the penitent with that sexy look.
  20. Wow, Caro. She is really closing the gap between The Unwashed and herself. The gap is closing significantly-
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