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  1. 🤔 Searched this product, and now I have Nicer Dicer on the brain. As in, I can’t stop thinking about it and owning one. Seriously.
  2. Hahaha. I had to go look for Jane and her oven presentation. Wow!! I bet she thinks (if she actually has time to form thoughts) that everyone else in the world speaks very slowly and that people never fill the dead air adequately with more speaking, like she does. Probably really frustrates her.
  3. Quick observation… I noticed too, that they’re sitting closer together now. But it was interesting to see Leah seated with her body facing away from her co-host.
  4. Watch this clip and silently say the nursery rhyme, Pat a cake, Pat a cake, Baker man. It’s quite amusing and will help you get through it.
  5. She knows her mic will pick it up if she doesn’t hold on
  6. Comin’ atcha. Boofetti! Toilet Brush Tempting, isn’t it?
  7. The whole place seems discombobulated. And you’re right about the OAPs and the hosts. Or is it more appropriate on some level to say the OAPs vs the hosts. Having both has resulted in over doing it for a while, long before Covid. More fluff and less substance and/or more confusion and less focus.
  8. Noooo! I thought it was the boofetti toilet brush holder, sans brush. 😅
  9. From last night, an assortment of over-aping for the camera to hold her audience until she returns on Friday? She was acting mighty strange.
  10. Hmmmmm 🧐 … seasonal toilet brushes. Why not? That could be the next big thing.
  11. And while we’re at it, if she would stop the madness of changing her clothes all the time, then she would have less problems with her audio. Not as much chaos, but she would not have to shove her hands down her own shirt and wrestle her mic pack into place.
  12. Someone with better skills than I can attest to this moment of hilarity (not really) last night. They we’re all talking over each other. The word “chaotic” was used. Shawn springs up (see upper left of photo), points her finger and in all seriousness says, “Chaotic?! Chaotic is good for ratings.” Hmm hmm…
  13. Hey, maybe after all her inappropriateness last night…maybe the umpire had to eject her from the game. That could explain her abrupt departure. It would be good if she was gone before the playoffs.
  14. Oh - there was a note. Is that real, I wonder. Does privacy hold meaning anymore? Pick one… Fantasy themed, equestrian, Rose blush colored with key and simple, bright red and simple with combination lock or solar system themed for the science-challenged.
  15. Oh. I thought she was getting busy on her phone lines.
  16. Here I am, just a few weeks ago on my quest for some new products for my beauty regimen. I search high and low. And I don’t return home until I have found what I was looking for. Greetings from the remote Island of Aisle 5!
  17. They can both go and search the world over for exotic ingredient$. I’m going on safari to Aisle 5!
  18. I’ll bet it’s just too much for her, when she’s doing show prep, to commit it to memory not to say the brand name Velcro and that the hair spray is not (not) on auto-delivery. She does it all the time. It’s embarrassing.
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