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  1. Impromptu

    S17.E07: Elegance Is the New Black

    Ugh, Garo, what a smug jerk. Shoving a curvy girl into a corset (which she won't even be able to get into or out of herself!) is not "celebrating her shape." It's reshaping it to your needs.
  2. Impromptu

    Figure Skating

    No, it's not on Wikipedia. Ice-dance.com keeps links to their older events coverage. Here; https://www.ice-dance.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/2014USNationalsProfiles-Novice.pdf (Scroll to page 2)
  3. Impromptu

    Figure Skating

    Sergei and Marina never coached Carreira and Ponomarenko -they've always been with Sphilband. They did coach Anthony and his former partner, Sarah Feng (who is now a pairs skater and is competing at Junior Worlds this week).
  4. Impromptu

    Figure Skating

    180 cm (5'11") might be a magic number: Previous Olympic Gold Medalists... Alexei Urmanov (5'11"), Robin Cousins (6'), Brian Boitano (5'11"), Ilia Kulik (5'11"), Evgeni Plushenko (5'11").
  5. Impromptu

    The Masked Singer

    The Bee's voice is the only one that sounded really familiar - my guess would be Roberta Flack.
  6. I just looked up his bio, and discovered he is from the same town I am from. Parkersburg WV... and we had grasshoppers there. (And also, aside, the horrible 17 year ciccadas, which could be inspire a whole line of creature make-ups).
  7. Impromptu

    S02.E08: Derek

    But Stone Cold Steve Austin isn't dead. No, but that wouldn't be an obstacle for a demon to take the form of Stone Cold Steve Austin and tell Eleanor that he was the real Stone Cold Steve Austin who had just died.
  8. Impromptu

    S16.E09: A Little Avant Garde

    What probably happened is that PR sent copies of all the patterns to Dixie, but not the final designs (you'll notice there wasn't a Dixie person there judging the runway). Dixie looked at the patterns, and picked Claire's and possibly picked Brandon as their second favorite. So when it came to the runway show, the judges had to pick Claire and figure out some way to justify it, but since they were also judging the final clothing, they didn't need to have Brandon in the top 3, they could pick their other two favorite actual looks. When Claire was disqualified, Dixie could say, ok, we still need a pattern, so we'll take our alternate print, Brandon's. At that point, they could either go back and re-shoot the top 3 judging and include Brandon as part of the top 3/or 4 - and by doing so, lose all their precious drama - or just announce that there was no "winner" but that Dixie would use Brandon's pattern. Dixie probably decided later to give Brandon the cash, but that may have been a decision that happened long after the episode was edited, so the announcement wasn't part of the final cut.
  9. Impromptu

    S02.E04: Team Cockroach

    While we know that due to the reboots have taken place over a couple hundred years, that doesn't mean that that same amount of time has passed for those still alive on Earth, because time could run differently in the "/not Good Place." Even 300 years of "/not Good Place" time could be the equivalent of five minutes of alive time. Of course it could also be equal time... but it doesn't have to be. (Which gives the show's writer's all kinds of options for later seasons).
  10. Impromptu

    S01.E01: Burnt Food

    There were a lot of things in the pilot that bugged me (that have already been pointed out), not to mention the patient being prevailed on to consent to the operation was a huge issue for me .... but... Freddie Highmore was amazing and I'm still thinking about the pilot today. Which means I'll be back for the next episode, and hopefully they'll get the bugs out of their system once they've finished world building.
  11. Impromptu

    Orphan Black in the Media

    Looks like there's a nice coffeetable (? I think coffeetable size.... it's defintiely coffeetable book priced) book tie in that was just released yesterday: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/orphan-black-classified-clone-reports-delphine-cormier/1126273457?ean=9780062663962 "From the secret files of Dr. Delphine Cormier, comes this ultimate guide to all of the characters, conspiracies, and shadowy organizations in the smart, innovative BBC America television thriller Orphan Black. Designed to resemble the classified files and notes of Dr. Delphine Cormier, this in-world compendium chronicles the inner workings of the mysterious people and organizations at the heart of the acclaimed hit television series Orphan Black. "
  12. Impromptu

    S05.E10: To Right the Wrongs of Many

    I thought it was wonderful that we got a 30 minute coda to the story (although I need to watch it again without the worry that that someone with a gun was going to jump out of the woodwork at 9:40 pm) - I hate it when a story ends with the death of the bad guys and everyone smiles, then fade out. I always want to know how they lived after that, without a mission. And here, we found out. It made sense that Allison would continue to be the nurturing mom, who wants everyone to just relax and enjoy being together, and Helena to settle into a home that she never realized she needed, and that Cosima would continue to make crazy science as she and Delphine go forth to find and cure the Ledas... like Sarah, she needs a mission. Even Rachel's ending made sense - it's probably not going to be a happy life for her, but it's the life she wants. I can imagine that Krystal may pop in, with another weird mystery for Art and "that Australian" to solve, and even Tony may visit his sestras, now that it's safer for him to do so. With Sarah, we saw that when the mission- her fight- ended, and she had time to stop and breathe, she now was mourning S. I thought that her walking out on the test was not that she hadn't changed, but that she hadn't accepted she had changed. She was used to S. picking up the slack for her, and without S., she thought she couldn't do it alone. Her plan to pick up and run wasn't because that was still her character, but because she was afraid it was her still her character. She's been fighting the conspiracy for (2? years), and now that she's not, she hasn't yet figured out that her new battle is internal, not external. Without S. as a rudder, she's scared, and a scared person first tries to behave in what worked before. But that scene with her other sestras helps her realize that not only will Cosima, Alison and Helena (and Felix, and Art, and even Delphine) be her rudder, but they give her the encouragement to trust her own rudder. It was a beautiful ending, and I loved it. I loved how it showed that for some people, the ending of the war doesn't mean they can immediately adjust to the new world, even if it's a world that they fought for. I will really miss this show, but for me, it went out on a perfect note. (Which is not to say that I won't be the first in line if there's ever an Orphan Black movie... there's certainly enough potential for great stories to be mined in this new world).
  13. Impromptu

    S05.E09: One Fettered Slave

    Or, as Felix called them, "The Fish People." ( I think my all time favorite line from the show -and non verbal response is Felix's, "Helena, did you burn down the Fish People's ranch?" and Helena's big grin in response.)
  14. Rachel said "alternative facts" ... she was describing the role of one of the board members.
  15. Impromptu

    I’m Dying Up Here

    I'm watching and appreciating... I guess it's just that I'm doing it quietly.