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  1. I hated Rachel so I was happy when they shoved her off to New York and it made it easier to fast forward through her scenes as I didn't really care about any of the other NY characters apart from Santana
  2. I didn't realise that Nicki was as high up as she was, and I didn't realise she was a first line master either. I knew about her being in Mexico, marrying Allison for a green card and her dancing outside the prison, but she seems to have escaped a lot of the scrutiny and legal troubles.
  3. Rachel Caine has died Best known for her Morganville Vampires, Weather Wardens, The Great Library and Stillhouse Lake series.
  4. I was just coming to post this. So sad. I really liked her books and she seemed super sweet, and there's so many lovely stories about her, especially from other authors.
  5. Steps new single: What the Future Holds. I love it.
  6. This is a really random one (and at the wrong time of year), I've got a song stuck in my head that we sung in a UK Nativity Play about 20+ years ago, and I'm trying to find it to actually listen to the thing, but google isn't turning up anything with the (heavily paraphrased) lyrics I can think of: "Get out, move on, and leave us alone We don't need no scruffy neighbours moving in next door Take all your […] and your […] instead Go ahead get out of here there's no place here for you" Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm not sure if it's from a specific play or a normal song
  7. Been rewatching from the beginning and I forgot how much I love Britta and Troy. I always wanted them together from the 1st season, but I completely forgot they actually did become an actual couple - it's such a shame they never did anything with them. They were so cute together and I loved when she called herself the worst and he told her that she's the best
  8. Ugh Scorpius, another annoying character with far too much screentime. It's funny, because I always forget he exists till I'm reminded, I feel like I block him out. I rewatched it for the first time last year and I completely forgot about him till he appeared and it all came flooding back.
  9. I always thought Farscape was overrated and I HATED Crichton - I just found him really annoying. I did love Aeryn though.
  10. I loved Breaking Bad but I couldn't get in to Better Call Saul. I watched the first season and just didn't... care
  11. I think Lily's taking a break after her transition was outed before she was ready whilst filming Season 2 of Sense8
  12. So I just finished Teen Wolf and here's a couple of Teen Wolf opinions: I don't like Stiles - I think he's an annoying little shit, and I hated that even though he was gone for a half a season it was still all about him. Allison and Liam (and Derek but that's not unpopular) were my favourite characters, and I liked the 'puppy pack' from the last couple of seasons. I also liked Malia and I liked her and Scott together I didn't like Lydia for the first couple of seasons, but she grew on me, but the writers never knew what to do with her.
  13. I recognised Charlie in the film, but I could not place him at all until I saw his name in the credits. It was definitely the hair. I loved him in Red Band Society
  14. Hee, I said to my friend afterwards. "Never trust a guy who wears a full suit to a hippie party"
  15. So I watched it again and he wasn't as bad as I originally thought, and I've had Honky Cat stuck in my head all day. I hope Taron and Richard play a couple in something else in the future because I thought they had great chemistry.
  16. I think the poster was talking about the 2007 remake with Michelle Ryan
  17. It came out today in the UK, and we had advance previews Wednesday and Thursday
  18. He's not bad, he just sounded very auto-tuned, especially compared to Taron - and I say with this affection because I love him
  19. I saw it tonight and I loved it. Taron was so good. I was really excited for Richard Madden and he was great.... apart from his singing
  20. The new Hellboy movie was terrible, but I did like Daniel Dae Kim as the hot eye-candy character
  21. Sort of off topic, but a happier post. Someone on ONTD posted a collection of videos of "Wade Robson Choreography/Dance/Directing Over the Years" https://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/114523937.html I didn't realise quite how young he was when he accomplished so much. He's an amazing dancer and choreographer
  22. Oh no, Luke Perry. I loved him in the Buffy movie. RIP
  23. I loved Darkest Minds, and I've been a fan of the books for years
  24. So I saw it earlier and I was unimpressed, and I really liked the first one.
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