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  1. I recently was urged to listen to Tom Waits. I've only been familiar with his later, raspy stuff, but I listened to his first album, Closing Time. My word, it's wonderful! His writing is so good, and a few of the songs just wreck me each time I hear them (Martha and Grapefruit Moon, especially).
  2. I like books set in the Regency period. For some reason I really like the descriptions of the clothing.
  3. I've had Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" on heavy play in my car lately. It's a perfect album, except for this remastered one I have - they added Silver Springs to the lineup, and it was engineered very poorly compared to the rest of the album - low volume, somewhat muddy. But small complaint when the rest of the album takes me back to the hot summer of 1977.
  4. Jack did die at Plum Creek - before the family moved to Silver Lake. Laura had been neglecting him during the illnesses, and gave him fresh water and fixed up his blanket. The next day, before Pa left for his new job with the railroad, Jack was found dead.
  5. Soundhound works better for that. I've used it and hummed to it, and it's told me the song.
  6. When Elvis Costello sang it, it was an angry anthem; when Nick Lowe (who wrote it) sings it like this, it's gorgeous and sad:
  7. Talking Heads - Making Flippy Floppy: Right lyrics: Doctor doctor, we have nothing in our pockets.... Wrong lyrics (but hilarious to sing): Doctor doctor, we have nothing in our codpiece....
  8. I'm addicted to Making Flippy Floppy by Talking Heads right now, from that same album. So fun!
  9. "Girlfriend Is Better" by Talking Heads: Right lyric: I got a girlfriend with bows in her hair, nothing is better than this. Wrong lyric:I got a girlfriend with balls in her hands, nothing is better than this. I still sing it the wrong way, it makes the girlfriend sound more kickass.
  10. I was around during the original run (I was 8 or 9) and I distinctly remember the theme changing between seasons. So maybe it was an original you heard, just not the one from Nick At Nite.
  11. Neil Finn and Friends (including Johnny Marr) covering There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sije12JaKdA
  12. Once upon a time (on a) Road to Nowhere I Found a Boy Now We're Getting Somewhere!
  13. I especially hate that with the National Anthem. Please, just sing it.
  14. Eddie Rayner and Brian Baker have been collaborating on music for a long time. (See: The Makers, from mid 80s.) This is one of their more recent ones, and I just love its easy jazz feel.
  15. Oooh! Oooh! *hand shoots up* I absolutely hate with a passion songs that employ a key change. And by this, I mean the anvilicious ones where it's used for manipulation of emotion, or to signal that the end of the song is nigh. I first noticed it with Barry Manilow's songs (when I was younger, much younger) and then realized that every Whitney Houston song has a key change. Once I noticed, it was hard to unnotice, so now I listen to see if songs are using a key change gratuitiously. It seems like a cheap copout.
  16. Oh, definitely, Delurker! One that makes me smile and sing along, every time I hear it - Wild Wild Life by Talking Heads:
  17. I haven't finished watching, so I lost interest about halfway through. I did think the opening massage sketch was good. Short and with a funny twist. I laughed out loud. The football sketch went on way too long. I do like how they keep the one football team , the Rhinos. And reuse the East/West Bowl names.
  18. "Dunder Sheep" would be an awesome name for an AC/DC tribute band!
  19. And how he watches leaning away from them. But they still all seem to really love each other too.
  20. "Mark my words, Marilla. That's the kind puts strychnine in the well." Oops, wrong thread. :)
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