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  1. There's a lot of negativity on this forum, so I'm not really enjoying reading it. Crazy-ex Girlfriend brings me so much joy and I loved the finale and have enjoyed every episode of the three seasons (to varying degrees). It's a fairy tale and I have no problem going along with some of the farfetched plots. I love that Rebecca found required love with Nathaniel and yet has grown enough to realize that it isn't the answer to all her problems. She has to finally accept responsibility for her actions and will hopefully do so in Season 4. In related news, I just bought a ticket for the Crazy Ex Gi
  2. I'm right there with you in the unpopular opinion. I don't care that Nathaniel is rich and white- their relationship and interaction feels very sincere to me. I was sobbing when Dr. Akopian was trying to convince Rebecca she deserved love. Rachel Bloom's acting was incredible in that therapy scene. I'm actually glad Trent is back next episode. Need an episode of silliness as a palate cleanser after all that emotion.
  3. Yeah that makes sense. Scott Michael Foster definitely doesn't have the abs that David Hull and Vincent Rodriguez have. But he's just so damn pretty and so tall. The Nathaniel character really does it for me. Le sigh! Funny how much tastes differ. In any case, I really enjoyed that number as it was sexy and hilarious at the same time.
  4. Wow, I find Scott Michael Foster to be far better looking (times 1000) than David Hull. And David Hull is attractive too, he just doesn't do it for me.
  5. So I agree that Peter is a bit boring, but those are his actual friends. My co-worker was friends with Peter when he lived in Madison and those are his friends. It wasn't made up for the show.
  6. When Nick was having his sobbing drama fit at the end of the episode, I saw Kristina staring at him, emotionless. She was probably thinking, Are you kidding me? I had to eat fu**ing lipstick when I was a kid and you're the one crying over which woman to pick? These are not problems, dude. Call me when you have an actual problem.
  7. So on the subject of sizegate, I just saw Rachel Bloom's comedy show two days ago in San Francisco. She was amazing, incredibly funny, energetic, and talented. I recommend seeing her in-person if you can. But one thing I noticed was that she definitely is real-sized. It made me happy because I thought that she was going to be tiny in real life. She's probably a large 8 maybe a small 10 in real life. My weight fluctuates a lot so I know the difference. The reason any of this matters is because the show is so body-positive. I don't understand why they would add a line of dialogue about a size
  8. I looked through Selma's Instagram postings (pathetic, I know!) and she seems genuinely happy to me. He's only 15 years older than her. But he also seems very rich.
  9. Caila does have some people that like her in the franchise. Sharleen has spent time with her in New York and said she enjoyed her company in one of her Flare recaps. Also Catherine Lowe, Lauren H., Amber, and Jami have supported her on social media. I still tend to think something is a bit off about her as I believe where there's smoke there's fire. But perhaps it doesn't come out with everyone?
  10. I disagree. I think Daniel was into Sarah although he was not as serious about it as she was. If you watch his face after he gives the twins the rose and goes back to stand with the guys, he looks straight up for a long time as if he's holding back tears. I think he was into her, but decided they didn't have enough romantic chemistry and were better off as friends. You can't fake the looks he was giving her in previous episodes when he explained how she understood him. I don't think he went on the show to find a serious relationship, which is what being with Sarah would entail. He wants
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