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  1. Portae

    S07.E20: Brittany and the Beast

    I don't see Scheana as freaky, but I do think that she's the type to be game for anything that a guy wants to do, if she thinks that it might land him in the long run.
  2. Portae

    S09.E14: Heroines in Heels

    Say what you will about Jennifer, but it's really refreshing to hear someone offer a genuine and appropriate apology, rather than the typical "I'm sorry if you were offended..."
  3. Portae

    S09.E11: Whine Country

    I thought that Jennifer was being sarcastic with her "what a dump" comment. I've seen her do that before. Marge is annoying. She likes to make provocative statements that often lean towards being personally or culturally sensitive (personally, I always raised an eyebrow at why she used the Hitler reference in relation to Siggy). It's part of her schtick. Then, when called out on it, she gets indignant. An arranged marriage is not the same thing as a mail order bride, and even if Marge was confused, her condescending attitude toward it was narrow minded and insulting. If she really thought about it, Jennifer's matchmaking for her brother isn't all that different from Teresa attempting to set up her brother first with Joe Giudice's sister and then one of her friends (was it Dina, or Jacqueline?). If you're part of a culture that believes that the families are just as invested in the relationship as the individual couple, then it makes sense that family members play a heavier hand in matchmaking than in some other cultures.
  4. Portae

    S07.E05: Ice Queens

    Random thoughts. James's mother is a mess, but her referring to Lisa as his "mother figure" (not "mother") didn't bother me, if only because that is exactly the role that Lisa herself has taken up. She actually calls herself that in Season 2 when she's mediating a conflict between Stassi/Kristen/Katie/Lauraleigh. Lisa's problem is that she wants to be a mother figure when she wants to be all in their business, but then a boss when dealing with them gets too complicated/boring. There are lots of women who don't want marriage or kids, but Ariana strikes me as someone whose politics are more for show (hence her repulsion toward Stassi, someone she found to be transphobic and ensconced in white privilege last season, followed by this season's bff status). I fully believe that she's just not that into Tom, and won't be surprised when she gets married to and pregnant by the next dude. And she will totally be that hipster "too cool for school" mom, too: "I don't dress little Bowie in baby clothes - only all black skinny jeans." Lala is insufferable. Katie is gorgeous. Lisa isn't a veterinarian. Sorry to hear that the poor little bird eventually died. The guys' friendships are so toxic: they're constantly undermining and ratting each other out. Also, Tom Sandoval is a type that I despise: pays lip service to all of the right things but is deeply petty and nasty.
  5. Jackie can kick rocks. This is what she does: uses incredibly personal and sensitive issue related to the people in her circle as "objective examples" in a case that she's making about another topic. It's a jab packaged as logical argumentation. Do I think that Teresa is a hypocrite and generally unlikable person? Sure. But Jackie using what is clearly a sore subject for her as an example of "how wives can't control their wives" was unnecessarily inflammatory. True, sure. But not everything that is true needs to be thrown in people faces, especially if you expect to want to be invited to film with them throughout the season. Does Jennifer spoil her kids? Sure. But using Jennifer's parenting (because it was a jab at Jennifer, with her kids as collateral damage) as the "bad object" in your article -- literally, the entire fucking article is about the problems of the "wrong" way of parenting -- is super shitty. Jennifer thinks that just because she can string a few words together (because homegirl is not nearly as intelligent as she believes herself to be) and because she doesn't scream, that somehow her argument style is without fault. But she is shady and nasty and, personally, I prefer the "honest" emotion of Teresa yelling in anger over Jackie's condescending and chickenshit practice of throwing a rock and hiding her hand.
  6. Portae

    S09.E07: Brunch Gone Bad

    From what I read, they used the IVF to try for a boy but it didn't work. After that, they decided to abandon fertility treatment and then conceived Audriana.
  7. Portae

    S07.E01: A Decent Proposal

    Jax hasn't matured or changed. He is infatuated with women when they cater to his bottomless need for emotional support and validation. That's exactly what Brittany did when she dropped everything to attend to him when his father died. Note that he doesn't say anything about her innate qualities that he finds to be lovable. He only talks about what she did for him. She is his "soulmate" because she comforted him, arranged his plane ticket, and took care of him. Jax is always a loving boyfriend when he is in a low place emotionally. It's when everything is fine that he goes off the rails. Once she begins to have some basic level expectations from him, he'll turn sullen, resentful, and then redirect his affections to someone who focuses uniquely on him, whether emotionally (Reiki lady) or sexually (Lauraleigh, Faith, etc.).
  8. Portae

    S11.E05: Tatted Tales

    Eva revealing that she is the only girl in a family of brothers explains so much about her personality. She likes to throw rocks and hide her hand, a trait that I can only imagine developed as a result of having brothers to fight for her. If you're going to throw shade, at least own it instead of pretending that your intentions were misinterpreted.
  9. Portae

    S11.E05: Tatted Tales

    I thought that Shamari pretty much said that the party was (at least partly) a makeup for the baby shower that she never got to have? So I thought that she basically acknowledged that it was a party for herself and for Ron in addition to the kids. And yeah, all first birthday parties are really for the adults. But I just can't bring myself to be judgemental when you want to celebrate kids that you weren't sure were going to live. Also, I believe that the party cost $10,000, but I don't think for a second that Shamari and Ron spent $10,000. I have to imagine that the bakery comped those cakes in exchange for being featured on the show.
  10. Portae

    S11.E05: Tatted Tales

    I don't know. I think that after the fear of losing one baby, 2 months on bedrest, and then babies in the NICU, Shamari and Ron are entitled to have a big party that is as much about celebrating the overcoming of obstacles as a family as it is about the twins' first birthday. It's probably the first time that they've been able to truly enjoy their babies rather than feeling terrified about whether or not they would survive.
  11. Portae

    S09.E02: Easter Wives Hunt

    That very well might be true, but it will still be Joe's consequence to live with, not Teresa's. You can't make someone feel a way that they don't feel, or prioritize what you think that they should prioritize. All you can do is work out a system of shared burden/responsibility if that is one of your concerns, but you can't legislate another person's emotions.
  12. Portae

    S09.E02: Easter Wives Hunt

    I think that Teresa is conflating two related but different issues. I think that she wants Joe to share some of the responsibility for caring for their father, which he absolutely should. But she's also saying that Joe should want to spend time with their dad, which he isn't required to do. If Teresa could separate those things, then she could solve the first issue by coming up with a visitation/call schedule. But she is never going to be able to fix the latter, because it has nothing to do with her. Teresa is also shouldering the emotional responsibility for her dad's feelings, which is why she's acting as her dad's soldier in this fight. If Nonno's feelings are hurt by Joe not visiting, then that's between Nonno and Joe, not Teresa (even though I recognize that men often have issues acknowledging and expressing feelings). Because she's doing that, she's resorting to counterproductive methods, such as bringing up a sensitive issue at the dinner table in front of everyone, which is something designed to back Joe into a corner and essentially force him to comply, rather than find a resolution that he feels comfortable with.
  13. Portae

    S09.E02: Easter Wives Hunt

    I get the sense that Joe and Melissa have set some healthy emotional boundaries with Nonno, and that work is just the convenient line that they spout. Honestly, if Nonno is a hurtful and emotionally abusive man towards his son, why should Joe be subjecting himself to that kind of treatment more than at a minimum?
  14. Portae

    Basketball Wives LA

    Allegedly, Cece was Byron's mistress while he was still married to his wife of 29 years. Apparently the ex-wife is calling Cece to testify about Bryon's finances in their ongoing spousal support battle. https://hiphollywood.com/2018/04/new-girls-revealed-byron-scotts-alleged-mistress-and-daughter-in-law-added-to-cast-of-basketball-wives/
  15. Portae

    Basketball Wives LA

    I’m wondering how Cece and Byron got together, and if Malaysia and Kristin feel a sense of loyalty to the first wife.