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  1. Episode 705: I just started watching it about halfway through. Judy and Kitty ran the rehearsal. Where was Kelli? Sick?
  2. If she had that "thutt" when she was going through auditions, why the hell was she even taken to camp? Seems like there are a few girls each year that are taken to camp solely to be cut for the show.
  3. Episode 606: The infamous Cassie/Taylor confrontation. I wanted to slap Cassie back into last week. I think it was wrong and mean for Judy to let Cassie embarrass Taylor in front of the group. Then Kelli telling Taylor she had "diarrhea of the mouth"...I wanted to slap Kelli as well. Who were Taylor's GL/2ndGL? The Kaitlin LeGrand situation: once she missed a rehearsal and her uniform fitting size up she should have been let go. And who's gossiping or reporting to Judy that Kaitlin was working, going to school and doing TC at the same time? And why should it have been anyone's business what Kaitlin did outside of DCC unless it was (in the case of Karissa and the photos) something that could damage the precious DCC reputation? The social media seminar: Does anyone know if the girls are required to give TPTB access to their social media accounts or if Kelli just has someone "checking up on them" to see what all can be seen and maybe friending/following the girls just to try to catch them doing something wrong/stupid?
  4. I hope they make up their minds soon. Trying to save some $$$$ with my cable bill and that means dropping CMT (other option is decreasing my internet speed and that ain't happenin')
  5. OK I wasn't gonna ask this and sound stupid but I have no clue.....what is a MLM?????? *hides*
  6. Someone remind me please....Brooke Sorensen's friend Stephanie Heymann....did she get cut going into her 2nd audition or did she retire after one year?
  7. Someone remind me pls. Who did Lauren Parker cheer for pre DCC? Dolphins?
  8. Episode 1210: Does anyone know where Kelli was during the performance with Aaron Loy Band? Looked like just Judy and Katie Aldrich were there.
  9. She is drawing some sort of US disability so wouldn't she at least have to have "dual" citizenship? That's pretty much the extent of what I know about her even thought she lives across and up the street from me. I never see her unless she comes to my Mom's cookouts.
  10. Where'd you hear that???? I don't see it on the DCC website (and haven't looked on IG or Twitter)
  11. I have a question about visas and citizenship. I know the girls that come here on student/work visas have to travel back to their home countries to renew every so often. What about if someone just wants to come here to live? One of my Mom's neighbor's elderly mother came here last year to live, supposedly permanently, from Germany. She's in her 60s (at least) and has to have dialysis every other day. The Mom lives in my apartment complex and the daughter and son in law live behind my Mom a few blocks away. How will the visa stuff work for the Mom/MIL? Would the Mom/MIL have to already have dual German/US citizenship for this to work out?
  12. Just seen on TicTok (Random guy doing a decent rendition of "Thurnderstruck")
  13. No clue Probably Charlotte, or Jerry or both.
  14. Episode 1105: That attitude from Judy when she was correcting Kelsey L for "marking it". Whenever she's correcting someone is it me or does she always nod her head??? What was so special about Yuko that she got permission to miss rehearsals to fly back to Japan to take care of her visa??
  15. I hope she can handle the heat. Literally. I visited LV for 4 days back in August of 2018 and the heat was ridiculous!!!!
  16. I thought Cersten Bradley was doing her entire Medical School in Mexico or something? https://www.instagram.com/p/CCtxVX6h6YRsPjmtnZhhP4anyg5-j2pCmV_R6w0/ I tried to embed the Instagram post but all it'd do is link it.
  17. Question: On the application for DCC do they list stuff like where they go/went to college or anything like that? Watching Season 9 and it seems like because they featured Melissa Wallace that Kelli was impressed with her for studying Mechanical Engineering with a Pre Medical specialty and a minor in dance. Side note: The only other person I know that has gotten a Mechanical Engineering degree is my MALE cousin.
  18. Episode 1008: How in the world do the girls on the top row of the Squad Photo keep from falling off the back of the risers?????
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