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  1. What is the soonest a girl has ever been made point? 2nd yr? 3rd yr?
  2. Makes me wonder if she was brought in for "ratings". Pls remind me who that was again. Thx.
  3. Does she always go by seniority? That's the only thing I can think of for such a bad decision (even though I have absolutely NO problem with either of the ladies - which is probably an unpopular opinion).
  4. I forget ...how many years did Christina try before making it as a rookie?
  5. I was just looking at the DCC Barbie doll and wondering...don't the girls actual official boots have at least one blue star on them? Barbie's don't. And is it me or is the doll's uniform rather unflattering to her midsection?
  6. This is true and I really should have phrased that differently. Should have expected better from the photographers. I've actually taken some pretty hideous pictures myself lately.
  7. Ack! Doesn't look a thing like her to me.....geez. I honestly expected better from her but I guess stuff happens with photos.
  8. Haha cool! Do you know who I'm actually talking about?
  9. @ShellyB any chance you could talk Kelli and/or Judy into coming on here? 🙂
  10. What are there...like 10 episodes a season? Fun topic....everyone post what they'd "like" to see covered in each episode with length of episode. I'll start: Prelims - full hour Semis - full hour Finals - Full hour (Interviews, practicing for solos) Finding a place to live/relocating to Dallas/ 1st meeting(half hour) Weeks 1-2 (half hour) Weeks 3-4 (half hour) Weeks 5-6 (half hour) Weeks 7-8 Squad Announcement (half hour) Squad Photo and Calendar shoot (half hour) First football game (half hour)
  11. Are you talking about the Asian/Hispanic looking Kim? Wasn't she a physical therapist/PT Assistant?
  12. I personally hope this is the last season and at least a couple years ago (for me)
  13. Who is that on either side of Rachel before it stops and asks you to watch again on IG?
  14. Couple questions about the hiphop halftime.... Where is Amy in this formation and Who sings this/what's the name of it?
  15. Thanks. Was she in the process of separating/divorcing Kitty's son at the time or did that come later or do we know?
  16. This. I was a bit bummed a few weeks ago when I realized I was going to have to miss most if not all of the live airing of the episodes this year but now...Meh... I do just fine catching up here afterward (and I haven't watched a single entire episode this season).
  17. That means it was a veteran so not Julia. Hmmm the plot thickens....
  18. Thanks. I wish I could watch in realtime but I made a commitment to something back in the Summer and can't ever get home before 10pm local time.
  19. Did the previews show who went down in the rehearsal? PLEASE PM ME SINCE THAT MIGHT BE A SPOILER
  20. Is there a preview anywhere online yet? I didn't turn the TV on until almost 10 minutes after the show was over. Thanks!
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