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  1. The year Stephanie Heymann was a rookie, who were the other people called into the office and warned about weight?
  2. You don't think she deserved to be cut for her "explosion in the locker room"? Notice that she's the only one mouthing off and all the rest of the vets that were called in were seen crying.
  3. Could you post a link? Not finding anything with her singing by searching. Thx
  4. There's not a way to delete the post entirely is there? I usually just clean out the text box and put "Delete" or a period
  5. I know this is the wrong forum for this but I can't figure out how to move it. Which 5 vets got cut Cassie's rookie year? I've forgotten.
  6. Oh OK...I thought it was the NFL in general. I still doubt very seriously there'll be a football season until there's a vaccine for COVID19
  7. With the NFL preseason cancelled I would highly doubt there's going to be a MTT season. Especially since they ended TC early.
  8. It was Kenley. Lacey was the one Kelli called plastic and manniquin like
  9. Huh??? Call me behind, but this is the first I've heard of this. Now I'm glad I went ahead and cancelled the CMT portion of my cable bill
  10. Do we know who? Did they have to quarantine the entire team? How did I miss this??? I got a "conditional" job offer this week (waiting to hear if it's for sure) and more than likely wouldn't have been able to watch the show when it aired on TV so maybe this was meant to be 🙂
  11. They never "officially" announced a team either did they? Remind me again why TC was cut short? I'm glad I went ahead and cancelled my cable package that included CMT. At least I can still watch the Pluto episodes with my Google account.
  12. IIRC it was. She showed up to rehearsal without her "proper rehearsal attire" for filming night then Kelli asked Ally T who told them and when they were told what to wear that night. Ally said both she and Judy had told everyone twice what to wear then Kelli called Kaitlin in and cut her then went out to the practice field.
  13. Can someone please post how to watch CMT.com stuff again please? I just tried to figure out how to get a day pass and can't find any way to do so. Thanks. I'm going to http://www.cmt.com/live-tv
  14. Sounds good. I think we were friends on there at one point but we're not now. Pls PM me your real name if you wanna be friends again.
  15. I think I'm getting a taste of what it's like to be a DCC privacy wise...I just got hired at a local Dollar General store and decided to go through and check all my privacy settings to make sure only "friends" could see what I post on Facebook. Can you guys go to https://www.facebook.com/l.scobee1 and tell me what's visible in each section of my profile to the general public? Thanks! PS - Also did I properly get rid of the option to send me a friend request? Thanks!
  16. How is it that I can watch CMT live TV on the website if I'm no longer subscribing to CMT on my cable system???? I just went to CMT.com and told it to "watch live" and it's letting me!?
  17. Are there no full episodes of MTT up on CMT.com? Trying to watch there and only finding "clips". Thanks.
  18. Or maybe Judy has retired and just doesn't give a shit anymore? It's all good 🙂 I've seen worse
  19. Don't remember the last time I actually had my TV ON.....I got a really nice flat screen tv when I had my apartment remodeled while I was @ my Mom's recovering from a broken arm in 2018. I bet I haven't had the new TV on 10x since I got it!!!! **Gets back on topic**
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