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  1. I didn't "have to", and in hindsight I probably shouldn't have, but it was just a bad situation. They expected me to figure out how to answer and handle incoming phone calls by just watching the lady I'd be replacing over her shoulder while I was busy trying to pass all their "E Learning" crap. At least I got paid for the one day @ the job site and the several hours I spent on my own time at home doing the "E Learning".
  2. I got the job with the survey questions too! Problem is they didn't wanna train me well enough and insisted I work alone before I was ready so I resigned.
  3. I know this is a little "off topic"...sorry. I applied for a job earlier this month and all the references I gave were asked to answer a "survey" at a link that was texted to them. I know for a fact that one of the ladies I put down never even attempted to answer the survey (she's 93). Has anyone else ever heard of or seen reference gathering done this way?
  4. Who was the one TCC that was brought in the office and told that? For some reason I can't think of her name. Also do we really believe that the "former dance directors" have said those things????
  5. I don't even get CMT on my cable anymore. Dropped it to save $$$$$$. Doubt very seriously I'll even bother to buy the season anywhere.
  6. of course they'd announce this right after I drop that part of my cable package. Oh well....not readding it back. IF I decide to watch at all I'll biuy the season on iTunes.
  7. Episode 305: Watching Kitty make fun of Cathie Gonzales(?) doing the across the floor combo....Wonder how much they pay Kitty to make a complete fool of herself doing that shit?
  8. Well make it fast cause soon as I make another post I'm outta here for the night
  9. And HOW/WHY is dancing on the touchdown decks "safer" than dancing on the field? They're barely 6 ft away from the front row of seats on the decks.
  10. Ugh I never saw it. Maybe I was just looking @ the wrong time. Poor Dak. It's trending on Twitter.
  11. Was just coming here to ask about this. Was the game televised? I never could find it.
  12. Apologies if this has been posted. Mia Greenhouse Pruitt is expecting her 2nd child.
  13. What year was Holly Powell's wardrobe malfunction?
  14. They've danced to "Baby I'm A Star" before. I've seen video but don't remember where.
  15. Well I'm behind once again: https://dallascowboyscheerleaders.com/ . When did the new site go live?
  16. Where do I try that? I can't find any link but the one that has all the cable providers on it. Thx ETA- WOOHOO! I got it to work! Thanks!!
  17. Someone pls refresh my memory. Was the disaster where Holly Powell's top popped off at solos her last audition?
  18. I got lucky and found her insta (https://www.instagram.com/briannawilhere_/) Wow she's changed (for the better)!
  19. Ahhhh ok I wasn't sure if it was her or the current DCC Brianna. What's her last name/insta name?
  20. Whatever happened to the NY Brianna that learned how to cook Broccoli in the hotel room?
  21. Apologies if this has been posted. Didn't take time to check http://www.cmt.com/news/1824894/cmt-renews-dallas-cowboy-cheerleaders-making-the-team-for-15th-season/
  22. Problem is once I dropped CMT from my cable package I can't watch MTT on CMT.com either. Somehow when I log into CMT.com with my cable provider's info it "knows" I don't have CMT in my cable package. The only things I can watch on the CMT MTT page are the extra/bonus videos. Definitely NOT going to re-add CMT to my cable. I went from almost $180/mo down to an estimated $95/mo (I haven't received a bill since changing packages) dropping the package that includes CMT.
  23. Of course they did AFTER I cancelled that part of my cable package 😠. What're my other options for watching and which do you guys think is the best? Of course I more than likely wouldn't have been home on Friday nights when the show aired anyway. Just started a new job (very long story).
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