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  1. 9 minutes ago, scorpio1031 said:

    Looking at my emails from last year, it was usually downloaded after midnight on Amazon, usually by 12:30 am

    UGH I just accidentally purchased Season 14.....grrr o well....

    6 minutes ago, debmoore00 said:

    You can watch free here. 


    Thank you!!!


    Watching now.  This is sure strange...not sure it's gonna keep my interest all season.  Thanks yall!

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  2. 1 hour ago, scorpio1031 said:

    The girls would sign up for challenges, not knowing until the day of, what the challenge was.  That's why Megan Fox probably looks sick when she finds out she has signed up to skydive:)

    I'd probably look sick too if I found out I'd signed up to go skydiving.  I've grown up around our local airport and been up with my Dad or another pilot many times, but that's something I would NEVER EVER do.  There was a fatality during a jump here locally a couple months ago.  I heard it was an experienced skydiver and just a tragic accident.  My Mom's 79 yr old fiancé says he wants to skydive for his 80th birthday the end of this month but I'll believe that when I actually SEE it...

  3. Watching season 4.  Couple comments/questions:  #1 Rainer was the "Salon director".  Did he actually DO any of the girls haircuts?  #2 that "nothing but net" challenge:  Mia Greenhouse was screaming that "I don't want to do this!!!!!".  Were they MADE to do that challenge?

  4. On 10/30/2020 at 12:08 AM, Holly85 said:

    So sorry you had to resigned 

    I didn't "have to", and in hindsight I probably shouldn't have, but it was just a bad situation.  They expected me to figure out how to answer and handle incoming phone calls by just watching the lady I'd be replacing over her shoulder while I was busy trying to pass all their "E Learning" crap.  At least I got paid for the one day @ the job site and the several hours I spent on my own time at home doing the "E Learning".

  5. 16 hours ago, jlc said:

    Several years ago a job I applied for required 6 references and thier email address. All six were sent a form to fill out, and at least 3 HAD to fill it out for you to even be considered for the position. By the way, I got the job!!😊😊😊😎


    I got the job with the survey questions too! Problem is they didn't wanna train me well enough and insisted I work alone before I was ready so I resigned.

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  6. 23 hours ago, Route66 said:

    It's probably closer to gossiping than it is to giving a reference like you would for a job.

    I know this is a little "off topic"...sorry.  I applied for a job earlier this month and all the references I gave were asked to answer a "survey" at a link that was texted to them.  I know for a fact that one of the ladies I put down never even attempted to answer the survey (she's 93).  Has anyone else ever heard of or seen reference gathering done this way?

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  7. 4 hours ago, Route66 said:

    I've always felt that's one of the nastiest bullying tactics, saying, "this is what others think/say about you." If Kelly had gotten that feedback from other coaches, she'd had all of training camp to determine if she agreed. It can be incredibly stressful and confusing to be told that others are talking smack or expressing negative opinions when you are unaware of it.

    Who was the one TCC that was brought in the office and told that? For some reason I can't think of her name.  Also do we really believe that the "former dance directors" have said those things????

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