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  1. Episode 1006: Who thinks Megan B pulled the Anatomy and Physiology card out of her @$$ when she realized she was about to be cut?
  2. That explains why I didn't know. Just not into following the NFL/Cowboys/Football this year like I have been in previous years.
  3. Ohhhhhhhhh gotcha. Hadn't heard this. Was it just Cowboys or a bunch of players from different teams?
  4. Huh? As in the same kind of thing as sneaking out to the stands and taking pics of yourself drinking?
  5. Episode 607: During the office visits I thought I saw Abigail Klein on a calendar cover. Did she ever make one that any of yall know?
  6. Don't know about anyone else but I just can't get into watching this season. I didn't watch the episode live when it aired and couldn't make it through the entire episode online just now. Don't know if I'm just so over the season/show already or if stuff going on in my personal life is making me just "not care" about the season.
  7. If that were the case, WHY on earth would Kelli have not cut one or both of them on the spot? Ratings? Drama? And the night that she called both Jenna and Holly in the office, she was WAY too lenient on BOTH of them. What's the point of even keeping Jenna if she were going to demote her from point? Is Kash still working for the DCC?
  8. Hey yall when this episode pops up on Amazon or iTunes can someone please post links? I can't find it on either platform yet (Mods sorry if this is in the wrong forum).
  9. UGH I just accidentally purchased Season 14.....grrr o well.... Thank you!!! Watching now. This is sure strange...not sure it's gonna keep my interest all season. Thanks yall!
  10. How soon after the show airs on tv does it usually show up on Amazon or iTunes? I think I've decided to go with Amazon since I'm already a Prime member. Thanks.
  11. Question about buying the season(s) on iTunes. Once you purchase the season(s) do you have to DOWNLOAD each episode to your computer to watch it? Still trying to decide the best way to go without having to get CMT back on my cable package.
  12. I'd probably look sick too if I found out I'd signed up to go skydiving. I've grown up around our local airport and been up with my Dad or another pilot many times, but that's something I would NEVER EVER do. There was a fatality during a jump here locally a couple months ago. I heard it was an experienced skydiver and just a tragic accident. My Mom's 79 yr old fiancé says he wants to skydive for his 80th birthday the end of this month but I'll believe that when I actually SEE it...
  13. Watching season 4. Couple comments/questions: #1 Rainer was the "Salon director". Did he actually DO any of the girls haircuts? #2 that "nothing but net" challenge: Mia Greenhouse was screaming that "I don't want to do this!!!!!". Were they MADE to do that challenge?
  14. mods please delete these 2 posts. Tried to edit them out and can't. Apologies.
  15. Yep. Now if I could just remember the episode title (I know what season) Sarah was in. Her character (Bridget) was selling a house and Reba Hart (Reba McEntire) was her realtor.
  16. She also played Cheyenne Hart Montgomery's (Joanna Garcia) high school acquaintance on the "Reba" sitcom (that's the only place I've seen her besides DCC).
  17. What's everyone's favorite way to watch the show if they don't actually get CMT on their cable system? Still debating which route I want to go or if I even want to bother watching this season. How much does it cost to BUY the season on iTunes? TIA.
  18. Does anyone remember what year the Cheerleaders danced to "She's Country" by Jason Aldean? My Amazon Alexa just started playing that and it got met to thinking about the Cheerleaders.
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