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  1. Jeff and Steven hit the wall with the cold. Jeff had not wanted to work on the shelter, acting like he was at Bay Scout Day Camp. While I don't wish them ill health, I am happy to see them uncomfortable. I guess their third grade education did not include the Ant and the Grasshopper story.
  2. I fail to understand why they allow people with previously serious medical issues ( 35% heart function!!) compete on these shows. Tim with prior heart attack as a young man makes him a poor choice to survive in a difficult environment. He built an entire log cabin in a day, so he had the skills, but not the stamina. Naked and Afraid has had tapouts with prior medical issues (ex: Amber). I hate that it takes away a space from someone who could go all the way.
  3. I usually don't get too worked up about the characters on these shows, but these women guests are the worst! I don't watch any of the Housewives shows, but I imagine these women would fit that mold. "Does the boat always lean to one side when we sail?"
  4. Thanks for the article. It gave good insight into the ridiculousness we all see. I prefer the format of this version of MAFS to the American version, but the Aussies seem to have more over-the-top characters. The women spend a lot of time and money on personal grooming, make-up, plastic surgery, injections, and image, while many of the the men are mostly sloppy and unconcerned about the impression they make.
  5. I may be watching this season alone. I love Shawn's optimism. It seems he and has dad have been able to work together towards the old man's retirement plan. Shawn has made and lost more money than any of us will ever see, so I hope that he really is successful with his grand plan. He has matured since his first seasons when he could hardly stay sober enough to work. Emily is the same with bad equipment and iffy divers. I am glad she didn't knuckle under to Darrell's demands, even though he was her best diver. Her dad is still a disaster and I hate that the show is trying to
  6. I have to grab it straight from the channel guide-it never shows on my DVR search. Another point about Martha I hate is when her husband tells her she looks gorgeous and she says, "I know". She is training him to stop complimenting her.
  7. Quick thoughts: I find it hard to believe that Ning is only 32. Martha is the real shit-stirrer of the whole group. Her teacher husband is too nice for her.
  8. I had never heard trout pout before! I love it.
  9. Jenna was dealt a bad hand in the parent department. Fortunately for her, she seems to have the guts to tell them all to go to hell and the desire to be a good parent to both her baby and goofball boyfriend, who is working to support his family. I can't blame Heather for wanting to kick her ex-husband's ass every time she sees him, even without knowing all the details. I don't even know him and I want to kick his ass. He is the gold standard for abusive exes everywhere. Lily has a dangerous situation if she ever leaves her parent's home with Lawrence. He dislikes her older child and
  10. I really loved tonight's episode. The genuine family moments shown tonight were the season's best. I tried not to cry when Bobby and Danielle's baby was born, but I was so happy for them. I think Doug's idea of being a stay-at-home dad is a good idea, since Henley needs a little help to understand not to hurt the baby. As much as we criticize some of the terrible couples matched by the experts, this group is a real success.
  11. These staged scenarios on Couples Cam really bother me, especially Jamie and Beth. I am too lazy to fast forward a segment in which I am uninterested, but I am a proactive FF when it comes to their scenes. The pot brownie thing---so fake.
  12. I actually said that she was into beauty, not that I thought she was beautiful. I agree with you that she is not beautiful in any way.
  13. Ines reminds me so much of the women who come from Eastern Europe on 90 Day Fiancé.... Very much into beauty, entitled-acting, and unpleasant when they don't get what they want. Anfisa, Lara, Natalie
  14. The only thing worse than the Susan Banks character is TWO of them:(
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