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  1. That whole thing was such an anticlimax. I thought the set-up for his mysterious activities was done really well, but the resolution was very "that's it?"
  2. Sharon being the Power Broker has some logical inconsistencies and plot holes in-universe. I think that most people who guessed she was the PB did it for Doylist reasons: with both F&WS and WandaVision, they've taken two main-line characters from the MCU movies, but otherwise limited themselves to tertiary characters (Darcy, Jimmy Woo, Sharon). They weren't going to introduce a new character for the Power Broker, or bring in anyone major from the movies, so Sharon wins be default. Wildly speculating that she realized Super Soldiers were more trouble than they were worth? I don'
  3. My immediate reaction was "Teddy Kennedy wearing a neck brace". I thought the arm in a sling was for show to the press/congress, but he was still wearing it at Lemar's family's house. That was so random. I thought it was a hook for season 2. Hopefully she's NOT the Power Broker, because (as I mentioned last week) introducing your main villain with 20 pages left to go in the novel is bad writing.
  4. Great episode! I loved Zemo's comments on Super Soldiers. Also loved Sam telling Karli she was behaving like a supremacist. She seemed to be processing it, like maybe considering he had a point, before Walker barged in. I'm about 58.3% (roughly) convinced that Sharon is the Power Broker. Barring that, it'll be one of the following: Not revealed at all A Big Deal reveal at the end of Ep 6, either as a cliff hanger or post-credit. Shows up next episode and plays a part in the conclusion of the Flag Smashers' arc Kevin Feige has stated that you don't need to wat
  5. Given the current status of nobility in Germany and most of eastern Europe (i.e., virtually irrelevant), it is quite surprising that he has loyal staff, money and access to both. Exactly. He's sitting on a fortune and it hasn't been confiscated to pay for, I dunno, reconstructing the buildings he blew up in Geneva? All of the stuff with "Baron" Zemo is such an implausible retcon I'm having a hard time swallowing it. Even his motivation of hating super-soldiers is a retcon. His motive in Civil War was to get revenge on the Avengers. The super soldiers were a means to an end.
  6. Wow, what an episode of conveniences bordering on contrivances. Zemo happens to be wealthy and able to fly them where ever they need to go. Zemo knows who to start with in Madripoor despite having spent several years in prison. Sharon happens to be in Madripoor and happens to be in the area to save their asses when things go south. Zemo again happens to have a place to go in Riga. Bucky happens to see the Wakandaball lying on the ground and knows to follow the breadcrumb trail. Having lived in Indonesia for 2 years, every single scene set in Madripoor t
  7. I'm much more interested in the Flag Smashers than the main protagonists. My guess is they'll turn out to be actual Robin Hoods, stealing from the Power Broker (?) and giving to the refugees, and our good guys will have to team up with them at some point. The moving trucks fight made no sense to me. Bucky jumped onto the lead truck, opened the back, and had a good look around inside, and the trailing truck had NO REACTION. Did the driver of the second truck not see anything? Also, Walker and his buddy should be dead. Neither is a super soldier, so falling off a truck moving t
  8. I was having a hard time following the sequence of events with Drummer's betrayal: She pulled a gun on [Smug Marco Toady whose name I forgot] and fired a torpedo hitting another ship. Not sure which one. She blamed it on a malfunction and requested immediate help. Another crewmate tried to free Smug Toady, who then got cracked in the skull Drummer lured another ship (the MCRN frigate I think) in close and blasted it with all weapons, destroying it. The Roci attacked the heavy destroyer, and with assistance from another Belter ship destroyed it. Right?
  9. Second to last episode of the season and I'm wondering how they're going to wrap any of this up. Then I remembered how lazy the last episode of S2 of The Boys, was, so now I hope they don't wrap very much up at all. Filip's ignominious death in a space-toilet related accident will be sufficient. I noticed in this episode that the aspect ratio kept changing, so Earth / Luna was in wider screen than the belt. Have they been doing that all season, and if so, why? Artistic reasons or budget? That scene surprised me, since I had assumed that Filip knew Naomi made it to the other sh
  10. Out of universe, they put the tampering sensors on there to increase the drama, since otherwise Naomi would quickly retake control of the ship. In universe, I don't get it. Why put anti-tampering sensors on what was supposed to be an unmanned ship? It's set to have the reactor explode when another ship is in proximity, so there wouldn't be any opportunity for someone to get inside.
  11. I get what they're doing with Marco / Filip, the emotionally abusive parent who thinks the child is just an extension of himself. Add that Marco is leading a murderous cult (I keep thinking of that group that set off sarin bombs in the Tokyo subways), and it could be an interesting story. Unfortunately, the acting is sub-par and it's just gone on WAY too long. I am glad we got to hear why Naomi abandoned Filip -- she really didn't, which is much more in keeping with her character. Marco reacted to the destruction of the Zmeya like they really lost the protomolecule, so I'm guess
  12. That had to have been a deliberate visual reference, right?
  13. I saw this on Twitter so I can't verify because I don't speak German: “Do you remember the day Frederick, Chloe put her hands out of the car window. we found the perfect place at the river, in the shadow of an apple tree. it was the first time that Chloe ate fresh apples.” So, flashing back to when she and Fred Vought went for a drive with their daughter.
  14. Also, where did she keep her phone? In a previous episode Stormfront complained that Vought didn't let them have pockets in their costumes, and her costume has twice as much material as Maeve's.
  15. Up until the denouement, the entire episode took place in one day. Hughie and Annie visited Maeve, got the info from A-train, returned to the lair and published it during the "gearing up" montage. Simultaneously, Homelander and Stormfront were taking Ryan to Planet Vought then to the cabin. While at the cabin, the shit hit the fan about Stormfront. The show itself never showed any of Stormfront's supporters expressing those views. They did show that she was immediately and universally despised. You can assume it was a lot more divided than that but the show didn't include any su
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