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  1. I think whoever is piloting the Charlotte bot had that information but had to access it. I imagined her internal thought process was surprised and took a second to open the files. The dude was stroking Nathan's hand while he pet the dog, so it was pretty obvious he was a creep. Charlotte removed an object from his pocket and thanked him for already disabling the cameras. Presumably it jammed the CCTV in the area so he wouldn't be recorded perving out on kids.
  2. I saw a theory that Caleb is inhabiting Charlotte's body, and there is more timeline fuckery going on this season. I'm having a hard time believing that, since all the events involving Caleb would have to occur before any of the Dolores / Charlotte scenes. I think the chronological order would be something like: 1. Dolores-as-Charlotte (Charlores) escapes the park with 5 pearls 2. Charlores masquerades as Charlotte at some of the Delos meetings. 3. Charlores builds a host body for someone (unknown Helper, possibly the scotish guy) 4. They build a Delores body and put her control unit inside it. 5. All of Dolores / Liam and Dolores / Caleb interactions occur. 6. Dolores refurbishes the Charlotte body and puts Caleb in it. Since he already appears to have some cybernetics (fixing brain damage from that time he alluded to getting shot in the head) maybe he already has something equivalent to a pearl in his head. 7. All the scenes of Charlotte interacting with her ex, her son, Serac, etc. My problem with that is step 5. Dolores spent a good chunk of time cozying up to Liam, and for the duration of that time there was no one in Charlotte's body. How does one explain her extended absence from Delos during this time, a long vacation? I hope not, because "some or all of what you've seen was just a simulation" is such lazy writing. It's a cop-out to cover over inconsistencies and plot holes.
  3. My head-canon is that other people would have seen the injury and might wonder how it disappeared so quickly. I dunno. Ooh, good point. Also Charlotte / Nathan were facing right and Dolores / Charlotte were facing left, so another mirror image... uh, image. Dolores handed Charlotte a mirror. And lots of mirrored figures in the opening credits too, I'm sensing a theme.
  4. Serac said the decryption key to Delos's data was in Dolores's brain. Does that track with the end of season 2? I thought Bernard shot Dolores at the Forge, and he opened the path to the Valley Beyond. Wouldn't the key be in his brain-ball? Maybe I'm misremembering but I don't what to rewatch S2 to figure it out. The frequent fade to black scene transitions were jarring at times. Caleb and Dolores walking to the diner [black] Charlotte waking up in bed [black] Caleb and Dolores arriving at diner. Why? Was there some artistic reason that I missed? I think there was supposed to be some symbolism with Charlotte spooning her son, then Dolores spooning Charlotte, but while I'm good at seeing symbolism, I'm lousy at interpreting it sometimes. I'm surprised (but kind of happy) that they didn't have Caleb react to Dolores's miraculous healing after she rescued him, since she'd had a fatal gunshot wound a couple of days earlier. Future medicine might really be that good. That's my guess, and yes he had a whacko storyline prior to becoming her father. He was The Professor, leader of a cult of cannibals.
  5. I think they were going for an homage to another Star Trek episode when the computer was possessed (just roll with it) and Kirk asked it to compute pi to the final digit just to tie up the processing power. I wish they'd actually just copied that instead of trying to be clever, because "what is the square root of -1?" is a relatively easily answered question.
  6. I liked how the aspect ratio changed when Maeve realized she was in a simulation. I think Lee should have frozen too since he was part of the simulation (whereas Maeve is running inside her own hardware). I'm a bit bummed that Stubbs is a host. S1 he was firmly human, to the point where he slept with a gun because he was afraid of the robots. S2 was more ambiguous since he hinted at being a host but left it ambiguous enough that he could be either.
  7. I agree with that. The list is pretty short for Dolores since she didn't interact with a lot of other hosts 1. Peter Abernathy (assuming his brain wasn't scrambled) 2. Angela (who got blowed up with the CRAD-L) 3. Lawrence? 4. Lawrence's daughter? The only other named hosts with much of a personality are Clementine, Hector and Armistice, but they were with Maeve mostly. I don't remember them interacting with Dolores at all. They might have to go with purple-shirts like the sheriff
  8. Teddy was a two-pump chump. That's the real reason why Dolores tried to reprogram him (at least in my head canon)
  9. After Episode 1 revealed the existence of Rehoboam the AI, I wonder how much of this season is going to be spent on questions of determinism vs free will for everyone, instead of just teh hosts like season 1. Just how good is the AI at predicting / manipulating people's actions? Is there going to be a reveal that the AI set up the Westworld massacre as the means to some other end?
  10. The opening credits included a 3D printed bird that flies too close to the sun and loses it's feathers... so who is playing Icarus -- Delores I assume?
  11. I'm intrigued enough to watch next week, so that's mission accomplished I guess. It's almost like this is a new show with some characters borrowed from a previous one. The futuristic setting is pretty meh. I realize this has a TV show budget, but it looked as shitty as the "advanced" technology in the DIvergent movies. If the twit at the party was right and this all turns out to be a simulation, I'm going to scoff loudly at the hacky writing. (Took me a minute to recognize that his date was Haley from The Originals using her real accent.) Speaking of "all a dream" BS, did anyone notice if the aspect ratio was different for Maeve's scene, thus indicating that she's in a simulation? Because I'm having a hard time believing one of Delos's actual parks was Nazi World. Sure there are some sick sadists who would enjoy that shit, but the negative PR would be tremendous. I don't think CC would have helped. They were speaking in the future!!slang language of petty criminals. It was meant to be incomprehensible by someone who isn't a part of that subculture. If done right, that can add some verisimilitude to a future setting. If done wrong (like this was) you wind up with a garbled mess and audience disengagement. All I got out of his SEVERAL scenes in the underworld is that he's a low level lowlife and he doesn't do "personals;" whatever that means. They honestly had too many new characters and concepts introduced this episode, so adding this patois on top of it was off-putting. Sweet jeebus I couldn't understand him. I hope his replacement!bot tones down the accent.
  12. I semi binge watched on Amazon Prime (like 2-3 episodes at one sitting). Running theme for the season was Victoria doing questionable things to get the love and approval of her subjects, and Albert being hyper-judgmental about it. This episode showed that Albert was wrong, because he finally got the adulation of the populace when they started chanting "God Save Prince Albert!" outside the exposition. I thought Albert was being stupid about it. Does he remember what the Brits did to a couple of unpopular kings in the past? Charles I, James II... Hell, they had the whole Chartist movement this season. Vic wanting her people to like her was pretty rational.
  13. I was coming here to ask if the Bobbie, Avasarala, and Ashford plots were from the 5th book. I read 1-4 but stopped after Cibola Burn because I absolutely hated the book. Book 3 was pretty bad with the disaster porn, and Book 4 took it up to eleven, plus Murtry was SO implausible his every action kept taking me out of the narrative. The show made him much more plausible, mainly because he adjusted his behavior based on the current situation. I wonder if I should read book 5, but based on your comments I think I'll skip it.
  14. I don't think it was spelled out explicitly, but I assumed that was the spacecraft bearing Gold!Statued!Veidt back from Europa.
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