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  1. Mary Matalin is so very unpleasant. Cannot stand her. There is a way to make your point without being nasty and having a constant nasty look on your face.
  2. I flove this show in general and especially enjoyed this episode. The Scottish vote for independence is very interesting, though I am curious as to what has happened in the past couple of months. I remember an NPR segment back in July and the "no" vote was at that time polling in the mid-50's, with a comfortable lead over the "yes" vote. Quite the opinion change in a short period of time! And LADreamr, I had the same thoughts on the statements from the English leaders, especially the Queen! Maybe they just cannot believe that the "yes" vote could prevail.
  3. Count me in with those who loved the "sestras" road trip. Season 1 Helena creeped me out, but Season 2 Helena has really grown on me. That bar fight was awesome. And Alison in rehab is comedy gold. I continue to be amazed at Tatiana's performance(s). She is a truly gifted actor.
  4. I'm wondering if Tyrion is going to fight for himself or name a champion (or are the rules different here than they were in the Eyrie?). If he names a champion, Jaime would be an interesting choice, ramping up the Lannister family dysfunction to nuclear levels. But personally I would love for it to be Brienne - would be great to see her kick some ass! (I say this thinking she would win and save Tyrion. I know this show is fearless on killing off major characters, but Tyrion - as played by the awesome Peter Dinklage - would be just too much)
  5. Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore continue to excel. Their weird and creepy but undeniable chemistry is something to watch. Definitely looking forward to season 3. On After Hours, Nestor Carbonell must be so tired of the guyliner questions. It was a constant refrain when he was on Lost. It's natural, people! And who knew Emma (can't remember the name of the actress) was British?
  6. All of the excellent Jaime scenes this week (with Brienne, Tyrion, Bronn, Cersei) really highlight how badly the show screwed up last week by having Jaime rape Cersei. It seems to have been done just for shock value, as there was no fallout, no discussion. I would have no problem believing the Jaime of Season 1 capable of raping his sister, but the Jaime of Season 4 - who gave the sword and armor and squire to Brienne and who is trying to keep his oath to protect Sansa - not so much. On the topic of rape, enough with it already!! The scene at Craster's was horrifying and, after last week, it is becoming way too much. Lady Oleanna and Margarey are the best.
  7. If this show comes back, they need to trim the fat. Mopey Drew and his skanky girlfriend are so boring and unless Max and Sydney are entering a "worst brat ever" contest, don't need to see them again. I like the way they wrapped the Ryan story (choosing to pretend the pregnancy test scene didn't happen), but they could have done more with Annabeth Gish. It is frustrating that I still have no idea what Joel wants. It seems the writers don't know either. First he walks out, refusing to even try and work on the marriage, which was completely out of character. Now he seems to want back in, but why?
  8. Not a big fan of Wil Wheaton but he was ok here. I found the piece on the technical stuff fascinating (clearly I know nothing about "technical stuff") and would have liked to have seen more of that - along with more of the cast. I do hope more people watch this season and that the Emmys would get over their anti-sci-fi bias. There are a number of actresses doing great work on TV now, but nothing can compare to Tatiana's work on this show. Patton Oswalt's comment about his mind being blown when she is one clone playing another clone was spot on. It is incredible how she pulls that off.
  9. Finally got a chance to see this episode. For the love of all that is holy, Shonda, stop with the bad 80's covers. I love Sister Christian and my ears were bleeding.
  10. Monica Potter knocked it out of the park in her scenes leading up to and reacting to her friend's death, especially the scene between Kristina and Adam. She captured the grief and anger of loss beautifully. But that doesn't make up for how much I generally dislike Kristina and her storylines - first the stupid mayoral run, then this so, so ridiculous special snowflake academy. And, above all, the fact that Kristina and Adam are the worst parents ever who've turned a supposedly high-functioning, mainstreamed kid on the spectrum (or at least that is what we were told in season 1) into a horrible, increasing violent brat. I also think it is sad that Mae Whitman is so underutilized. She is very talented and all she is given to do is cry and scream. Not that it wasn't warranted in this case, but I'm so over her constant crying it is hard to care.
  11. Skeevy is right. Ted and Robin together are skeevy. Barney long ago went from funny to skeevy (sleeping with a different woman every day for a month? that is just gross). I hate-watched most of this season and wish I hadn't wasted the time. Cristin Milioti was the best thing that happened to this show in years - how could they screw up the ending so badly???
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