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  1. Meghan was practically playing a role. Big glasses, slicked-back hair, lecturing voice. I expected her to have a pencil stuck in her hair. And of course the "word-a-day" vocabulary. She was funny to watch.
  2. Meghan goes on and on about how much she can't stand the English and the monarchy. Then she tweets a valentine to Queen Elizabeth (much deserved). She's been similarly flip-floppy many times. I have to wonder if she is simply playing a part and has no deeply held beliefs.
  3. Me: "Oh, no Sara today." Suddenly Sara appears on the screen interviewing the doctor. No explanation or intro, suddenly there's a blonde woman doing the interview. Me: Okayyyyyy Show ends, no Sara. Just ... weird.
  4. You know how a few weeks ago, Meghan had her hair extensions put back in (and re-started her habit of stroking them like a puppy)? I bet it was because she can't have her hair dyed since she's pregnant. Just my Quarantine Thought Of The Day.
  5. Except she wasn't losing while on campus, either. Someone her size should have been losing tons of weight with the exercise and diet. And she wasn't.
  6. Yeah, this was supposed to be the kinder, gentler version of TBL, but it was the Walmart edition as well. No makeover episode, and their entrances tonight? It was like introducing the bridal party at a small wedding. I fondly remember them descending the staircase in whatever tacky glamorous clothes the show chose for them, Spanxed to the max, in former seasons. This was so ... low-rent. I had the opposite thing happen when I lost over 100 pounds. People talked about "former me" in the most repulsive terms. I was like, Hey, guys, that person you're dissing is standing RIGHT HERE in front of you. I have to wonder if Phi has an underlying disorder that's preventing her from losing weight. At her weight, she should have lost much more. Even at the ranch, if memory serves, she was only losing a couple pounds a week. That's not right, either at home or on campus. Gotta think there's something else going on that is preventing her from dropping large amounts of weight. That has to be so discouraging for her. As an older person, I was glad to see Jim win. But this was such an anticlimactic season. Throw some more money this show's way, Powers That Be!
  7. Me too. That was brutal. Smart guy answering the questions with some real knowledge. And the balls were just not cooperating, from the first drop that got them $3. Tough to watch.
  8. Obviously I don't know what kind of building Joy lives in, but a lot of old New York multi-unit buildings were built to last and are very hard to get a good internet connection in. Thick walls and brick are great for living, not so great for telecommuting. It may be that Joy simply can't get a fast enough connection to keep up. The Talk was horrible, made me appreciate The View. Too many people, bad screen layout.
  9. I watched The Talk today, all five hosts participating from home, and it was pretty much a train wreck. I like that The View has some semblance of the real show, including the announcer and the studio.
  10. I enjoy that they're still doing the show. It's one bit of normal life left.
  11. Sunny's son Gabriel got into Harvard. I guess the kid of a lawyer and doctor isn't a dummy. Congrats to him!
  12. He's of the "the economy is more important than saving lives" mindset. (Tweet later deleted) So, basically, I don't need to see him on Bill's show, or any other show, ever again.
  13. There is a booming segment of Catholic churches here in Chicago that define themselves as Black Catholic churches; St. Sabina with activist priest Father Michael Pfleger is the best known. Dan Abrams looks so gaunt to me. I know he is a cancer survivor, but I wonder if that's the reason for his thinness? He used to be so handsome, but now he looks drawn. Talking about politics is fine. Sponsoring a non-partisan political forum is fine. Endorsing a candidate or party and showing political partisanship is not. Meghan's? vocal fry? and uptalking? was just unbearable during the segment when she? was taking to? Dan Abrams about Live PD?
  14. Meghan has said plenty of times that she loves politics because it's winners and losers. Well, to be a winner who beat the enemy, you have to have an enemy. If there's no real enemy -- if you're cruising right along the way you want -- then you have to create an enemy, because in MeghanWorld, there must be an enemy, dammit! So, Meghan must have strong passions and hate! HATE! Tom Steyer, or "Crooked Hillary," or whoever she feels her candidate vanquished. They lost, and they are wrong, and they are the enemy.
  15. Yay! Ana, Andrew Yang, and Sara as co-hosts!
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